Classic Car Restoration: Body Work : Bending Metal Around Curve: Car Restoration Tips

Classic Car Restoration: Body Work : Bending Metal Around Curve: Car Restoration Tips

Hi, I’m Doug I work with 20 great guys in
Saint Louis at Doug Jenkins Custom Hot Rods and we are going to do some work for you today
on Expert Village. Now Alex is going to be cutting the edge of the piece that he has
roughed in, in the last step. So the contour of the repair panel is correct to the outside
of the car matches the body lines it is a good fit there. Now he is going to shape the
edge of it and bend it around the finder edge. In a earlier step we used a little press to
shrink the edges of a piece that we bent around the corner. But that makes for a pretty rough
finish when you are done. This would give Alex more control over the over all shapes
of the piece. The cut section and bend them around and then weld it all the way around
the edge of the piece. You can see there are many cuts made where the cut is sharp and
few cuts made where the bend is more gradual. This allows the sharpest corner to be made
with the fewest cuts of steel. Obviously we want a few cuts as possible in order to maintain
the structure of the car. Alex would now weld up the cuts that he has made to restore the
structural integrity of the piece and fill everything up so it looks good.

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  1. Let's do the math …half a ton =1000lbs…bondo=7lbs/gal…..your gonna put 143 gal. of bondo in there?…don't quit your day job

  2. Sarcasm of course ,but these videos show real life repairs ,not restorations for concours……5 yrs. this miata will be at the crushers ,this repair is good for 10 yrs plus..good job

  3. I exaggerate of course- This repair is fine to keep an old car on the road a little longer but it is under the heading of 'restoration' I will remove my commernts in a few days..

  4. Some of these videos are somewhat helpful but,I could do without the " hi I'm doug" shit in front of every video?

  5. I'm thinking about welding a steel or aluminum half hard top for my Jeep Wrangler TJ… Could you recommend a metal and its gauge? Should I weld a frame first or can I just weld the sheets of metal together?
    I've never welded before, however, I have soldered some. My brother has a welder and I'm hoping to use it. 🙂

  6. Hey,Doug remake your video or atleast look at your own video.Your video would be helpful if viewer can see what your doing!

  7. I am one of those customers that DaDCustom feels sorry for, I have had the misfortune of using "Hi, I'm Doug" in real time. Wow, we have been in a year long nightmare with this guy. About all he can do its talk…blah-blah-beware!!!

  8. I spent 25k with this asswipe on my RX7 paint and bodywork in 2012. The car had to be repainted upon delivery. The metal fender worked cracked before the car was even driven. Parts were left off or reinstall completely wrong. He is a complete douche bag… No one needs to spend money with scum like this when the world is full of honest people. Just google Doug Jenkins Garage and see the reviews.

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