Classic Car Restoration: Body Work : How to Grind Away Rust in Car Restoration

Classic Car Restoration: Body Work : How to Grind Away Rust in Car Restoration

Hi. I’m Doug. I work with twenty great guys
in St. Louis at Doug Jenkins Custom Hot Rods and we are going to do some work for you today
on Expert Village. Now, Alex is going to take what looks like good strong metal that has
surface rust and he’s using a small nematic grinder with a roll off pad on it. He’s grinding
away to see if the parent material is structurally sound. This doesn’t look to us like it needs
to be cut away. It might be real thin rust and if he grinds off the surface rust, we
are hoping to have that piece strong enough to keep . The goal is to do as little invasive
work as possible to keep the most of the original steelwork as possible, both for the structural
integrity and for cost. The more car we have to repair and cut away, the more cost there
is involved and we want to keep the repair as cost-effective as possible. And a couple
whacks with the hammer and we find some more rust problems. We’ve exposed enough of this
piece that we’ve condemned it as well. It’s too weak to save, so we’ll cut that out as
well. And I guess we’ll get to make three separate steel pieces here in order to make
this repair. This is more work than the customer was expecting, so he’ll have a phone call
coming here in few minutes to authorize the further work. We use a cut off tool…this
nematic cut off tool for this repair as opposed to the plasma cutter which you may have seen
in other clips we’ve done of other repairs. Because the pieces being cut are so small,
we want the cuts to be real clean. And it’s too dangerous to have a plasma cutter in around
a car that is fully assembled like this. We don’t want to be blowing red hot metal into
little cavities in the car.

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  1. @lowlowfoshow2005 yea but i preffer to pay some extra bucks and get my car well done, and not some rusty metal behind some other new metal

  2. @lowlowfoshow2005 i didn?t missed anything, you missed my point my friend, you will always find some extra work to do in a job like that, there is always rust behind the rust you see on the outside. if you take your car for something like in the video don't be a fool and spect a call telling you there was more rust on the inside, bye.

  3. @puntano85 i didnt miss the point at all considering i own a body shop and several classic cars. the point was, he fixed it before he called the owner. cause in the end its the customers car not the shops. therefore, it is the customers call to address it unless it unless it is a no holds barred frame off restoration.

  4. @puntano85 if they didnt call me before they were going to do extra work which was going to cost me extra i wouldnt pay for that bit because they didnt authorize it through me first, and yes this as happened to me and i have argued the point and won , in the uk before any work or extra work that hasnt been quoted for in the price they phone up and authorise it first

  5. ExpertVillage ?? Gloves dude, especially for those lovely little 'Razor Blade' slithers of metal. I speak from painful experience. Ouch.

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