Classic Car Restoration: Body Work : How to Sand Body Filler for Car Restoration

Classic Car Restoration: Body Work : How to Sand Body Filler for Car Restoration

HI! I’m Doug. I work with twenty great guys
in St. Louis at Doug Jenkins Custom Hot Rods and we are going to do some work for you today
on Expert Village. Now Alex is going to sand the body filler he’s applied to the Miada.
He’s going to sand it mostly with a sanding block. He’s going to fold the paper now and
again to get exact curves correct. You always want to have something to force the sandpaper
into the shape of the car rather than just using your bare hand and following the imperfect
shape of the body filler. You won’t be able to get the shape of the car. So you want to
use a good hard sanding block. Alex is going to be checking the body lines as he goes from
side to side on the car to make sure that the two sides of the car look exactly the
same. He’s using a hammer to tap the metal down just a little bit so that it reaches
the same level as the body filler. Nothing better for checking the shape of the thing
other than your hand. Just rub back and forth on it.

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  1. It's funny how while he was saying 'you want a block under the sandpaper rather than bare hands' the dude was using his bare hands…lol

    If you're not going to post useful info for people then don't bother.

  2. lol they should do a show on this body shop similar to shows like "the office" and call it "autoshop" or something cuz this is hilarious!

  3. I agree. These Expert Village videos annoy the hell out of me. Long intro, 50 seconds of disjointed instruction, cut off randomly. Who's brilliant idea was that?!

  4. @stu22aus He also said use a hard sanding block, like the one he was using.
    he's the one painting the impala's, quit hatin.

  5. Its a pity that this whole category has been littered with these videos. Sorting through this lot to find something worth seeing puts people off.

  6. @stu22aus If you watch carefully, he was actually folding the paper to get into the indentation at that point, which was mentioned as well as using a block.

  7. If you think watching these U-Tubes are confusing- you should try to figure out what he has done to your car-try to navigate his invoices and figure out how to get your vehicle back….for me it has been a year long nightmare!

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