Classic Car Restoration: Body Work : How to Shape Body for Car Restoration

Classic Car Restoration: Body Work : How to Shape Body for Car Restoration

Hi, I’m Doug I work with 20 great guys in
Saint Louis at Doug Jenkins Custom Hot Rods and we are going to do some work for you today
on Expert Village. Every body man has his own technique that works best for him. Alex
puts more filler on the job then is necessary so he can have good control and good shaping
when he gets it to a sure form. Sure form is the brand name for this tool. If want to
sound cool like your season body man call it a cheese grater. They make different fixture
for them to hold them as tools, they make different length of them, different coarseness,
different angles, different shapes of them. So Alex puts on a good bit of a body filler
even more then what I usually do and then he gets into it with the cheese grater and
carves it into the exactly the shape that he wants. You want to make sure that the body
filler is pretty well set up. If you get on it to early with the cheese grater you end
up clogging the cheese grater, getting a bunch of goop on it. You can peel the body off the
car if you get on it to early. If you wait too long it gets too hard for the sure form
to cut it. If the body filler sets up really hard you will not be able to get it to cut
with the cheese grater when you shape it. You want to cut just deep enough not to deep,
if you cut to deep then you have these cheese grater holes that you need to fill.

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  1. he shouldnt cut the rust, he should fill the rust with oxy and metal wire and give it hammer straighten, that is all. he did it hard way and couldnt do properly, filled with body filler, that is completellty wrong. jesus christ

  2. Mr.KnowstoMuch that thick body filler not even last 6 month it will bubble up, i work for Peugeot offical service since age of 12,i fix bend chaise, bodies, rust, any panel damage and fixed thousands of cars never used body filler that thick, never welded extra metal peaces for a small rust. i am 42 years old and i am into this work for 30 years, and u telling me what to do. if you become body restorer age of 25 of course u cant have hammer and welding experience, u make me laugh only,

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