Classic Car Restoration: Body Work : How to Tac Weld New Parts for Car Restoration

Classic Car Restoration: Body Work : How to Tac Weld New Parts for Car Restoration

Hi, I’m Doug I work with 20 great guys in
Saint Louis at Doug Jenkins Custom Hot Rods and we are going to do some work for you today
on Expert Village. In this next step Alex is going to take the piece that he has cut
and formed and it fits very closely. So he is going to tack it in place and use the shape
of the car to do the last little bit of fitting. He has done the priming to this piece inside
and out so it is completely rust proof. He would tack it in place and then finish the
last of the little bit of the shaping. So a little bit of pushing and pulling and he
would get it all to the right shape as he is welding it there, in the car there. Now
he would go ahead and stitch it in bit by bit as he gets it fit. Using the compressed
air to cool it off, if he just weld to one end to the other without stopping you would
warp things and they would not fit correctly. So he would do short welds and cool it off
with the compressor.

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  1. Nice video, I need to change the rear fender on my car because of the rust.

    Since I never welded, and I will weld only for this project, maybe other later, can I use a Arc Stick Welder (cheap one)

    # Power: 120V
    # Output current: 50 – 70 A
    # Metal thickness: 18-gauge to 1/8"
    # Duty-cycle: 10% at 70 A; 20% at 50 A
    # Electrodes used: 1/16, 5/64"
    # Two heat settings with 1/16¿ or 5/64¿ welding rods
    # Thermal overload protection

    This will able to do the job I need to do?

    Thank you!

  2. Hes welding an interior structure piece. It just has to hold the panel together so things don't move around after he puts on the exterior panel patch piece. He is doing everything correct. You cut a shape that is close, you tack it in, you tweak it with a hammer, you weld a bit more. He should have some galvanized spray paint on there thought to help hold back rust. I guess he figures that panel is so deep, by the time it rusts the rest of the car is going to be all rusted through again anyway.

  3. Good work on a structure panel, Doug. It's always fun to see technical videos. I've been neglecting to post some work videos on youtube of my restoration work. This may just inspire me to!

    And shame on all of you for being self serving trolls. Keep pissing on the same wall that millions of others do, every day. I hope the puddle of communal urine between your toes reminds you of just how special you are for becoming a stereotype.

  4. @oldford65 Hey if you all really want to know in detail how to restore Cars and boby work and paint all FREE explain with alot longer Videos. This Guy been doing this stuff for 30 years and knows his stuff. He has two channels His username is SWRNC and DIYAUTOSCHOOL. he shows you everything no short cuts or part of it I mean everything. Start to finish.

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