Classic Car Restoration: Body Work : How to Treat Cutaway Rust in Car Restoration

Classic Car Restoration: Body Work : How to Treat Cutaway Rust in Car Restoration

Hi. I’m Doug. I work with twenty great guys
in St. Louis at Doug Jenkins Custom Hot Rods and we are going to do some work for you today
on Expert Village. Now, Alex is going to be using a little nematic cut off tool. It has
this chrome guard on it so it doesn’t shoot sparks and bits of car in your face when you
are using it. He’s cutting along that line that he free-handed with a magic marker in
order to remove the rusty metal and give us a good, strong surface to do our repairs to.
The reason he’s cutting what looks like otherwise good material is the rust. You can see where
metal is missing; that’s pretty clearly rusty. But, the metal beyond that will be partially
rusty. So even though it’s nice and shiny on the outside, on the back side of it, the
rust has been eating at it a little bit and we’ll want to make sure we get a full-thickness
metal that has as little rust as possible. And Alex has done lots of this, so you’ll
always notice that he holds the tool in such a way that the sparks are going away from
himself. You don’t want to be grinding and having the sparks head towards you. You can
always position the grinder and yourself in such a way that the sparks go away from you
and not towards you.

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  2. I can get a rotten piece of fender restored, with just a sheet of metal, mig welder, some hammers and instruments. Almost no filler or lead tin needed, that's skill;)

  3. I freakin luv it when I click on a Video and its an Expert Village Video.. Coz I know the comments are gonna be hilarious 😀
    Doug you suk lol

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