Classic Car Restoration: Body Work : Metal Shrinking Tool: Car Restoration Tips

Classic Car Restoration: Body Work : Metal Shrinking Tool: Car Restoration Tips

Hi, I’m Doug I work with 20 great guys in
Saint Louis at Doug Jenkins Custom Hot Rods and we are going to do some work for you today
on Expert Village. In order to get the piece shaped exactly right, Alex is using a tool
that we have; one for shrinking and one for stretching steel. Your little press here compact
the steel on the inside radius of the cut and the other tool of the other tool would
expand. It has teeth in there that would pull little bits of the steel and smash it in so
it can make the curve. It makes the steel thicker when you shrink it and it makes it
thinner when you stretch it. Now he has it pretty well matched, he has the shape right
and it is time to weld it in to, actually to finish up the edges. Then prime it and
then weld it in.

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  1. Doug change your starter message and study what your going to say before you record, peope will think your prepared and know what your doing then


  2. I dont understand why are there so many haters, if you don't like the videos then don't watch them. I think this videos are very informative, so I dont see the need to bash on them. You should be thanking that you are learning something, and don't come saying that you already know, cause if thats the case then go upload a video of your own. thanks expertvillage

  3. Hey if you all really want to know in detail how to restore Cars and boby work and paint all FREE explain with alot longer Videos. This Guy been doing this stuff for 30 years and knows his stuff. He has two channels His username is SWRNC and DIYAUTOSCHOOL. he shows you everything no short cuts or part of it I mean everything. Start to finish.

  4. I spent 25k with this asswipe on my RX7 paint and bodywork in 2012. The car had to be repainted upon delivery. The metal fender worked cracked before the car was even driven. Parts were left off or reinstall completely wrong. He is a complete douche bag… No one needs to spend money with scum like this when the world is full of honest people. Just google Doug Jenkins Garage and see the reviews.

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