Classic Car Restoration: Body Work : Sand Blaster with Vacuum for Car Restoration

Classic Car Restoration: Body Work : Sand Blaster with Vacuum for Car Restoration

Hi, I’m Doug I work with 20 great guys in
Saint Louis at Doug Jenkins Custom Hot Rods and we are going to do some work for you today
on Expert Village. The next step that Alex has going here is a little spot blaster with
a vacuum cleaner attached. In the earlier clip where we took the little hand held sand
blaster and blow in there everything was all cut open and it would could not have got this
big bulky blaster in there. If we use that little one again we would end up pouring a
bunch of media in the car in the holes there and would collect in the bottom and hold moisture.
It would cause the thing to rust again so we use this media blaster with the vacuum
attachment. So he is blasting off the little bit of slag from the welding that he did,
the little bit of burnt primer that was hurt by his welding there. Even the primer is a
well groom primer it is best to get any that is burnt that we can off of there. He would
do a pretty careful job getting this clean and he would blow this off. To get any dust
that is left behind from the media blaster and then another coat of the primer. Putting
raw steel in there is not a good idea, keeping everything clean and prime is good idea.

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  1. On Ebay they have many small sandblasters (20gal).Would a small sandblaster be good for me to use at home on my old car?Would neighbors hear alot of noise?

  2. I spent 25k with this asswipe on my RX7 paint and bodywork in 2012. The car had to be repainted upon delivery. The metal fender worked cracked before the car was even driven. Parts were left off or reinstall completely wrong. He is a complete douche bag… No one needs to spend money with scum like this when the world is full of honest people. Just google Doug Jenkins Garage and see the reviews.

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