Classic Car Restoration: Body Work : Welding Tips for Car Restoration Projects

Classic Car Restoration: Body Work : Welding Tips for Car Restoration Projects

Hi, I’m Doug I work with 20 great guys in
Saint Louis at Doug Jenkins Custom Hot Rods and we are going to do some work for you today
on Expert Village. Alex takes the primed piece that he has and he gets it all trimmed in
the edge. Gets everything fitting perfectly and then he welds it in place. The tact weld
because you want to get it in the right shape, in the right place and you want to be able
to make sure that it fits correctly if you weld the whole thing in and try to cut it
out that is a hassle. So tact weld is easier to cut out. Then he stitches it together short
welds so that the metal does not get to hot. If you weld the whole thing all at once from
one end to the other and don’t stop you would warp the steel because it would get to hot
in one spot and not the other. The differential heating would cause it to warp.

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  1. These videos are short and not numbered :/

    interesting though.

    and yes, introducing yourself each time does my head in. 😉

  2. @Bump157 dude most of expert village vids are pretty..amateur? something in that line of words..its like they just read out from a manual and show us the actual..i mean there faces dont show enthusiasm of a real guy who does this as a profession

  3. nice experts with out welding gloves I wear mine to keep my figers plus it realy sucks to ground out you should metion that on here befor some kid goes all free hand and dies due to geting grounded i see for mistake's made by the welder befor :30 secounds of video "YOU SIR ARE NOT EXPERTS" !!!!

  4. Hahah you should see some of the guys I work with (at a machine shop). When they need to weld something quick they point, close their eyes, and weld. No mask, no gloves, just a shop coat and safety glasses.

  5. I spent 25k with this asswipe on my RX7 paint and bodywork. The car had to be repainted upon delivery. He is a complete douche bag… No one needs to spend money with scum like this when the world is full of honest people. Just google Doug Jenkins Garage and see the reviews.

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