Classic Car Restoration Isn’t Easy….But You Should Do It Anyway!

Classic Car Restoration Isn’t Easy….But You Should Do It Anyway!

no one ever said that classic car restoration is easy and for me that challenge is the fun part so many times I hear I’m not sure where to start what if I mess up there are too many specialty tools required I want to quit the truth is a car project like this one can be very rewarding if you’re willing to do the research and learn how and that’s what I hope this channel can do for you the name garage time came about because it’s those aha moments that are good for us makes us feel good about what we’ve done and you know moment by moment those can add up to become something new and actually quite therapeutic then and the art of motorcycle maintenance talks about how gratifying wrenching and understanding can be never mind that the character has split personalities and goes off the deep end but in the beginning of the book that connection that strong connection between man and machine is really what this is about I feel that YouTube is an amazing place to share how-to information so please consider subscribing if you are a DIY car guy and just want to learn more or maybe learn a new skill you want to know what’s involved in a full restoration before you dive in on your own saving money with DIY makes you feel accomplished that built a not bot mentality you wonder why restoration shops are so expensive quality takes time you’ve completed a similar project and want to be part of this community here you would rather watch me slog through this than subjecting yourself to it sometimes the journey is more fun than the destination and what I want to show you is how something that’s home-built can give you that exciting feeling of victory every time you turn the key leave a comment below and let me know what you are working on I would like to build a community here that we all can help each other out thank you guys and I will see you again on Saturday

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  1. Just recently found your channel….it’s good to know and see someone is going through same things (good and bad) I am with my ‘88 3.2 backdate. Keep the vids coming….please!

  2. have done  56 ford f100, 63 super90 coupe, 64 e type fhc, 72  pantera, 87 911 all restoration less intimidating than your project   current project 88 928 love your approach and skills   keep the vids coming

  3. My 911 is finished and is alot of fun todrive on weekend. Im a few years in to restoring a Ferrari 308 and yes i feel like quitting all the time. Its a love hate relationship..

  4. Great motivation for when i can finally start on my own 70'ish 911. Keep it up! Maybe I should hire you to come build it and drive it afterwards in Germany on the autobahn 😉 haha

  5. Welcome to my channel! Please share what you're working on the comments below. I hope your subscribed so you don't miss out on the many upcoming videos. Thanks everyone for watching!

  6. Wow dude. I don't have the capacity either physically or space wise to do what you're doing but I love to watch such passionate work. I absolutely agree – quality does take time. There is no way around it. Found your channel through your comment on Janko Lind. Thanks for letting me become a little involved in your passion and art. Cheers. ZF 🙂 Oh BTW new sub.

  7. just ventured to your channel from a comment you left on mine. Love your idea and content, I got a lot of catching up to do. Currently I am working on an ae86 coupe project, that I am trying to restore from the ground up. Its been an extremely long and exhausting project, but I have learned so much along the way. Their are days I just want to give up but I know the final product will be something I am proud of. Keep up the great work and goodluck with your project!

  8. I've got a couple of 67 Camaros that need quarter panel work from previous repairs, both badly done. Trying to decide on keeping original replacement panel or not. Keep me motivated!

  9. I just came across this channel while I was looking for some info on TIG welding. It looks great and somewhat similar to what I'm doing on my Alfa GT 🙂 Keep up the good work!!

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