Classic Car Seat Belt Installation

Classic Car Seat Belt Installation

In this video, we’ll be installing front
3-point seat belts into a classic car. Today’s lap belts and seat belts are
brought to you by Morris Classic Concepts online at For
ease of understanding in the video, I’ve made the driver’s side red and the
passenger side blue. After unboxing everything, the first thing that you’re
going to need to do is locate the factory mounting points inside of the
car. Take any pre-existing seat belts from the car body out, if applicable. Make
sure you have a completely clear hole through the carpet; otherwise the
threading on the bolts may catch and tear. To make it a bit easier to see, we
use blue painters tape to mark the holes, but you will need to find the
appropriate thread size tap to match the bolt size you’ll be installing and trace
the hole in the floor and into the ceiling. I’ll be including other
information on mounting points and top mounting points as we go through the
video. Find the seat belt reel with the colored rubber band – this will be your
driver’s side. It’s also marked on the back. Put the reel into the floor and put
the flat side of the back of the reel facing the driver’s side. Now, once you’ve
put the bolt through the washer and then through the reel, hand tighten it to the
floor in the mounting points I showed you earlier. We recommend leaving the
rubber band on until you go to put the top mounting bracket in just because it
makes the seatbelt webbing a little easier to handle. Now I’m going to show
you how to use the top mounting point but I’m going to use the blue passenger
side seat belts. Unfold the webbing and take the plastic Eschelon piece and
slide it through the bracket so it’ll cover the bracket at the top of the
mount in your car. It’s important to note GM started installing top mounts in all
of their cars in February of 1966. This video could be used as a reference for
installing in other cars, as there’s going to be similarities to other makes
and models. However, the seat belts I’m using are year and car specific to a 1969
Camaro. Ford and Mopar did not start installing the top mount until January
of 1968 per FMVSS mandated safety laws. Insert the 5/16″ bolt through the top
bracket and the Eschelon piece by following the provided instructions.
You’ll need to put the flat washer and the internal locking washer on first in
each bolt to make sure they tighten properly. Tighten each 5/16″ bolt with an
Allen wrench to SAE standards. Snap the plastic cover down to cover the bracket
and bolts. Now that the top mount is secure, look at the seat belt and ensure
that the webbing is centered to the slot of the middle of the reel. If
it’s not, loosen the bolt and flange nut that holds the reel to the bracket and
rotate it and retorque to 38-42 foot-pounds. Now that your reel is
installed properly, retrieve the female end of the seatbelt. Retrace where the
holes will be just like on the reel installation and ensure that the hole
will not be blocked by the car’s interior carpet. Install each female push
button end with the base of the push button away from the occupant or facing
the tunnel. Install the bolt and washer, and torque to SAE standards. Once again,
make sure you have clean and properly tapped threads to install the seat belts.
It’s so important because if the bolt locks up in an older floor pan, it may
lock in so badly that trying to reverse the bolt will peel the threading right
off of it. It’s a nightmare to try to get it out after that. As you can tell, we’ve
moved on to installing the passenger side seat belts exactly the same as the
driver’s, except mirrored. Tighten all bolts to SAE standards. If you’re
unfamiliar with SAE, there are plenty of charts and guides online. The seat belts
from Morris Classic Concepts come in 30 different colors, 6 different buckle
styles, and you can also buy driver and passenger side mirrors for your classic
cars. Don’t forget the hood, fender emblems, and many more products at And remember, don’t compromise the
life safety of yourself and your passengers.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I have chevelle Malibu 1964 convertible. Can you please guide me how to install it? And from where I can get matching seat belt?

  2. Thanks for a great video! As an interpreter for Deaf & Hard of Hearing students who take automotive courses & utilize these videos, I have a piece of humble feedback should this comment gets back to the video creators: please consider editing the English closed captions so that they are accurate (it takes very little time and once done and saved will help those with hearing loss or hearing trouble from being in a noisy shop). Thanks all. Great work!

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