Classic Car Show Promotes Brain Health

Classic Car Show Promotes Brain Health

So we’re having a classic car show and
men’s brain health fair combined for the first time, here at Rutgers University
Newark, and the purpose is to reach out to men who traditionally don’t come to
health education events. We’ve been working for the last 12 years to bring
health education to older members of the African-American community at Newark, and
by enlarge we’ve gotten about ninety ninety five percent of the people who
show up are women. We think the way we can begin to lure the men out is to
combine these health education with something else, in this case this classic
cars. The initiative was started because we know that in the African-American
community that there is Alzheimer’s and it’s a high level of it and we know that
that community did not have a real understanding of what it is, and how to
respond to it. A lot of men tend to wait until there is a problem, when they have
pain that’s when they start to try to find help, but the reality there are things
that are not painful. Think high blood pressure for example, you don’t know if
your blood pressure is high unless you go ahead and have the blood pressure checked.
The other thing we’re doing is working with the local churches with their men’s
ministries. A lot of the fellas within the community that are are interested in
old cars new cars, they have mechanical inclinations, so we use a little trickery
like the the car show here. And then say “okay well look here there’s a doctor
over there why don’t you go get a blood pressure exam?” Something very simple as
that to get them started. I think what’s important about brain health, is number
one knowledge is important and how do we get that information into the
communities is what’s going to be the biggest challenge of all. Because once
you know you can do something, if you don’t know you just don’t know.

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  1. I attended this car show and it was phenomenal. This is a serious disease that is prevalent in our aging African American Community. We, at the Newark Housing Authority, will continue to work with Rutgers and its amazing team in an effort to educate our residents and hopefully make a difference in their lives. Great Job Mark!

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