Classic Cars for Sale: Mercedes-Benz ALL TIME STARS

Classic Cars for Sale: Mercedes-Benz ALL TIME STARS

The Classic Center is arguably the most important part of the Mercedes-Benz Classic unit. We have three focal points here. Firstly the Classic Center restores vehicles for the collection. Secondly it also restores customer vehicles. And thirdly there are the ALL TIME STARS vehicles, which we purchase ourselves for complete restoration. At our workshop we restore Mercedes, Daimler and Benz vehicles dating from 1886 to the present day. Here the focus is on the 300 SL, pre-war, 600 models with eight cylinders, six cylinders, superchargers. We purchase the vehicles worldwide. We have scouts all around the world who offer us vehicles. We take a closer look at the vehicles which interest us most. After delivery of the vehicle, we check that the numbers on the vehicle match and compare these with the original data cards. We use our vehicle archives for this, of course, which are always available behind the scenes. Once we have viewed the data card, we know the exact condition in which the vehicle was supplied at the time, what its original colour was and how to restore it. All our vehicles are restored in full accordance with the data card. The originality of Mercedes-Benz vehicles includes highest-quality materials, of course. And when we restore vehicles, the highest precept is always to protect, conserve and restore this originality. A restoration could be a textbook with over 400 pages. After completing the inspection, we fully disassemble the vehicle and then restore the individual components using the latest technology. A lot of this work is done by hand, too. If a part is beyond saving and we have to make a new one, the basis for this is always the design of the time. We check the drawings in our company archives. We then reproduce these parts in the way that they were originally designed and made. That means the materials, the steel grade, the surface hardness, the leather quality, the paint quality. One key element when restoring vehicles of such high quality is the passion required to do it. After all, these are not run-of-the-mill cars we are building here. They are precious artefact, some of the most valuable automotive legends ever built. You really do become attached to them since you are working on them almost every day for one to two years, depending on how long the restoration takes. Not everything comes to you whilst you are working during the day. Many problems are not solved until the evening, when there is time to think about them. You have to devote yourself wholly to the task in hand and that creates a special bond. Subsequently, when the vehicle is completely assembled, it’s back to the way it was delivered. It is given the “factory restoration” seal of approval and then put up for sale. Our philosophy is that a classic car does not have to be a risk. We want to show that a vehicle bought from us and restored by us brings a lot of joy, the joy of driving and the joy of the vehicle itself.

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  2. My father wanted to sell his W124 260E upon buying a new W204 C300 5 years ago. The only thing that stood between him and his decision was me. I told him I'll take care of the car once I learn how to drive.
    The car remained parked in our garage until I got my drivers license last year. I fell in love with it.
    It still has its original M103 2.6L inline-6 engine almost intact @ 236236 km, with nothing but its distributor cap changed due moisture inside it.
    I want to cling to it for the future, the car that my father drove to his wedding with, that used to take me to elementary school and back.
    It's a dream project of mine, to ship my car to Fellbach and have it checked by the people who made the car into the immortal legend it is today.

  3. Bis jetzt wusste ich nicht einmal das man old Timer noch kaufen kann!
    Wenn ich Erwachsen bin hoffe ich mal das ich mir so ein kaufen kann.

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