Classic Days 2016 Part.2 : Honda Civic. Old Compet

Classic Days 2016 Part.2 : Honda Civic. Old Compet

Hello everybody ! In the 1st episode about the 1st part of the Classic Days we’ve seen that we could really have some fun on the wet And we will see that on dry conditions, it’s the same, except much faster so obviously it’s a bit more impressive A little word about the entry list once again, very eclectic with the Italians, Germans, British, the Americans Cars in really neat conditions, For some of them real collectors, which the drivers didn’t hesitate to whip and that, is really pleasing a little bit like something we can see at Goodwood, at the Goodwood Revival and that’s really really cool to see these very old machinery very old, no… but from another area, really rare, and to see them exploited like this on track it’s really really something pleasing to see A little word about the Black and Gold stripped Mustang driver… we will see a bit later in the video, I really wanted to salute him… I think it’s something cool for the Mustang reputation, and their drivers as well ! because with all the think they lived from the internets, this only can make them feel good ! I hope you will enjoy the video, so within a second Let’s go ! Here we are ! 2016 Classic Days are already done I’ll meet you later with some videos a bit different because this time they will not be bout me, but about other guys, not less… interesting, So… see you later, and “Bonne route !” Ciao !

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  1. Your car is simply amazing, this japanese looking fit just like a glove! Congratulations! Greetings from Brazil

  2. Mustangs were not meant to road race, i admire how you take on more powerful cars with 135 hp. Where can i find more information about your car ? Great job!

  3. What tires and tire size you use? Looks beautiful by the way, I've got a '83 GTI and this car is my inspiration.

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