Classic Mini/Car Restoration Time Lapse

Classic Mini/Car Restoration Time Lapse

November 2016 Sorry , did not start video’s till i started on drivers floor Used Magnum floor + sills combined(mk1/2/3) you can see me trimming them to fit the tunnel masking tape as a guide , sills clamped up Was tryiing to leave 1 mm gap to allow welding to tunnel Spot welder was used allot on this build ! Moving on rear Quarter now Used Heritage panels here Lots of grinding damn doors , ignored them I get bord and distracted , jump about a bit got some gen wheels off ebay for 10 quid Tidy up Rear lower half of rear panel replaced , heritage again rear of boot floor , and rear valance all needed replacing lots of test fitting onto passenger side , door post and door step Passenger Rear Quarter replacment both rear subframe mount areas needed repair Test fitting quarter bulk head painting saw rebuilt engine for first time ,thanks dad car rolled over , prep floor for stone chip more welding , now its on its side onto suspension and building up subframes Boring sorry… now onto subframes doors repaired , and heritage door skins fitted just doing some black before engine goes in sound deadend (silentcoat) heat up makes it sticker dad arrived for few days , helped with radius arms Time to fit the engine , used elec winch he we go … was not that safe its in and fits ! now start re fitting carbs etc brakes next , re built front and back lots of silly bits now forgot about door … masked car up now , time for prep / primer test fit of wheel arches god i am good … Hitting it with some black , watch my paint skills now colour sanding as the professionals call it LOL now last fit , lights etc headlining … grrrr windows in … seats in .. nearly there … rear window … slow work this nearlly there … need a wing mirror wow it takes me a while to fit a mirror done !, we have passed MOT …. But it broke down with fuel issues on way home changed pump , nothing , put old one back .. and ok they are a bugger to do that’s by neighbour bob Add after L2B , hope to see you at shows soon… for hiring me to be at shows : [email protected] lol next … Mk1

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  1. good morning, i liked your job, i would like be there and all about restoration. but im too far for that, mozambique… well done

  2. Good job Matt, well done, my first car in 1966 was MRK 1 mini, never did like it, felt every bump every pothole. it was a bone crusher.

  3. Why You don't paint te Botton of the car with waterproof Pain including all chassis ???
    And Even You do not show the car working on the road …whst hsppen ???
    Why looks so dirty the motor ???
    Oh well it is your car !!! But was a very Big Work and a Lot !!!

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  5. Great job you've done long did it take you? Can anybody do what you did,as i'm thinking of doing a project like this. And how much did it cost you,by the end.cheers j

  6. While watching the whole video in real time without speeding up is not asked here, this kind of frenzied speeding up with time-lapse is meaningless, and does not afford the viewer any pleasure in watching parts of the car restored. It defeats the whole purpose of watching restoration work.

  7. Excellent work ! Can I borrow you for a bit ! What country are you in ? I'm just going to start my 1982 red mini

  8. You done ok, but you still have ALOT to learn yet about painting. I used to paint and decal NASCAR race cars.

  9. I’ve got the bug of restoring a Mini after watching this. That looks like an A+ motor you’ve put in that. 👌🏼

  10. Fabulous video. I don't think I've spent a more enjoyable 45 minutes for a long time. My mum only ever had mini travellers when me & my sisters were kids (used to throw us all in the back!), and I drove a clubman for a few years when I was in my early 20s (until I wrote it off…oops).

  11. With all the welding work how much of the original car would you say is left? I've seen some where practically every part of the bodywork has been replaced.

  12. Was anything left of the original car? From what I can , just about every panel was replaced. Why not just buy a Heritage shell in the first place and save loads of time and work.

  13. Hi there. Awesome video and restoration that you made. I live in Bedfordshire and looking for someone who i can teach me to restore car on my free time and give for free a hand. If you have any contact to help me i appreciate. Thank you! 🙂

  14. Did British factory built cars ever get rustprotection of any sort before the left the factory?
    The gorgious Jaguar E-type was/is notorious for its lack of rustprotection.
    Something one would not expect taking into account the British climate.

  15. You are are expert.I also like to do this type of job.I have indian three wheler and japan fb 15 car.these two are more coroted.I want to it my self.can you help me.I dont have no experiance .can you give some important things you have in pdf or document.mig welding is easy or not???what about gas welding?? Could you please tell me which tools shoud I buy

  16. La parte Monse es que no se puede ver si enciende el auto ni se ve lo más emocionante que es el verlo manejar es decir que ayi tuvo un triste final

  17. Like what someone else wrote already, that was very enjoyable 40-or so minutes I spent. Actually I broke it up over a few watches. Haven't checked your other videos…saw a more recent mini covered in the background towards the end. I guess that you have done this before. I have only 'built' an MK in 3D, so it was a nice feeling to see you modify/weld all those panels and see everything assembled and aligned. In an alternate universe, I would love to apprentice (practice) on a shitbox and then 'touch' my own car one day, as you do …. even just the body work. Nothing on engine/electrical side, but…yeah that was very nice to see.

  18. Nice car. It deserves better wheels, though. Those plastic covers look pretty bad. Some old-school alloys would look perfect.

  19. Mucho work, yet all that marginalized metal left behind. I an understand why my buddy bought a Mexican Beetle instead of a restored one. I guess unitized cars were meant to be built, not rebuilt.

  20. What an awesome work with such a patience and dedication!! I saw some hazardous working conditions though… Take care of your health, my friend! With all my respect, Simon

  21. A few yars ago, I had a 1989 Suzuki 800 that I wanted to restore. I had postponed it to be done after the rainy season. Sadly post the wet season, the car was no more worth restoring. Every inch of the hidden metal metal and chassis was rusted.

  22. How much can i pay for a Mini that needs serious bodywork.. it has rust all over.. interior is not in good shape.. but has a a working engine.. and an OK Chassis.. someone please?…

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