Claw Machine – SoCal Honda Dealers – Long Form

Claw Machine – SoCal Honda Dealers – Long Form

HONDA: Who wants to play the Helpful Claw
Machine? HONDA: Alright, and drop me down. Alright! HONDA: Ah! [CHEERS] MAN: Appreciate it. HONDA: It’s our job to be helpful. HONDA: Who’s next? WOMAN: I think I’m going for the TV. WOMAN 2: Let’s do the luggage. MAN 2: Looking for a guitar. HONDA: Pick me on up. Woohoo! HONDA: Alright, drop me down. HONDA: Drop me here. HONDA: Today we helped people win. And we can help you win too with a great deal
on a reliable, award-winning Honda. Right now you can lease a 2019 Civic LX for
just $189 a month plus tax. And people buy Civics more than any other
car in California. WOMAN 3: Do you want me to put you down? HONDA: Oh no, I’m good right now. Thank you. Who’s next?

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