Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interior Ever! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing A Monte Carlo

Cleaning The Dirtiest Car Interior Ever! Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing A Monte Carlo

if I could give you three thumbs up I
would welcome back to Stauffer garage guys
today’s detail is of a 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS that is in need of a huge
interior deep clean I’ve never had a car that was heavily smoked into this amount
there is literally ashes covering everything there’s ashes like literally
caked into like crevices and corners and there’s just a ton of dirt in this car
it is a need of some serious help not only do we have a work cut out with the
amount of dirt involved but we also have to worry about deodorizing which I’ve
already told the owner that the headliner will do our best with kind of
help and deodorize some of it and I will definitely shampoo the carpets wipe down
the seats use the ozone generator to try to get rid of as most of smells I can if
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all right so the first thing we’re going to do on today’s detail is we’re going
to detail the trunk and the door jams within the trunk area taking my
all-purpose cleaner and spraying down those surfaces using my brush to agitate
that dirt to get it moving and then using the hose to rinse it off and get
that dirt off the car now when it comes to overspray from the water or from the
all-purpose cleaner itself it really doesn’t matter because at the end of the
day we’re going to be vacuuming and carpet cleaning it inside the trunk so
it’s okay if there’s a little bit of water that gets in there just make sure
it’s not excessive if you guys do the same thing now one of the most commonly missed
places when you’re vacuuming or detailing a car is inside that trunk
wheel well where the spare tire sits that is a common place for dirt to
actually accumulate more than you would think so go ahead and remove everything
out of there all the tools of spare itself clean that area out all-purpose
clean wipe it down everything just to get all of that clean so that way the
next time if you’re ever in there and you need to get to your spare is not
covered in dirt and really really nasty stuff and that spare tire wheel well
like I mentioned it can get really really dirty in this case was no
exception all of the tools and the holder for the tools itself had caked in
dirt so I’m just using the all-purpose cleaner to get that dirt lifted off and
setting them off to the side to dry before we put it all back into the car
at the end of the detail now using my sprayer I’m spraying the
entire interior carpet and using my drill brush to agitate the carpet
but when it comes to extracting I’m just using plain old hot water and the reason
why is a lot of you guys mentioned that this is a better way to extract all of
the dirt but also getting that chemical out of the carpet itself that we use to
clean it now when it comes to the spare tire
cover a lot of these older cars use this fiberboard material and then this thin
layer of carpet that’s just glued on to it so you have to be careful with how
much liquid you put on when you’re agitating the carpet with your drill
brush and also how much you’re using when you’re doing the extraction process
so first I’m going to go ahead and vacuum up the carpet then I’m going to
be using a softer drill brush head then I usually use on carpet this one’s
actually really really soft and I can use it on this particular application
and then also for leather that you don’t want to worry about getting scratched up
with a harder brush now that we’ve gotten the whole rear
trunk taking care it is now time to move to the front of the vehicle get
everything out of the car itself anything out of the door seams anything
out of the front glovebox area and then also getting the floor mats out of the
front I think now you guys get a really good idea of what I meant by the amount
of caked on ash from smoking cigarettes it’s literally in every portion of the
car and in every cavity it’s just caked in cigarette smoke and then in these
cupholders you can see how much ash is in there this one is not going to be
horrible to clean up it’s definitely a huge transformation by the end of this now that I’ve got everything out of the
car in the floor mats I’m gonna go ahead and move to the vacuuming stage and I’ve
mentioned this before that vacuuming is probably one of the biggest impactful
things that you can do when it comes to detail and I feel that if you have a
dirty car and you at least vacuum it I think you’re 80% of the way there when
it comes to a detail it you really makes a huge difference and you guys can see
here that in this car in particular it looks better by tenfold than what it did
when we started once I vacuumed all that ash that was on
the rear part of the back seats I’m going to go ahead and use the
all-purpose cleaner I’m going to be using it on the seats themselves I’m
going to be using on the windows and I’m gonna be using on the plastic panels and
the reason being is because of all that ash and dirt that’s on those surfaces it
really doesn’t matter at this point you’re just trying to get everything at
least cleaned and get a good baseline before you go to your more specific
cleaners this is also a good time to spray your
seatbelts with all-purpose cleaner if they’re dirty and just use a microfiber
towel to wipe o clean now for the center arm Asteria or any
door panel armrests locations you can tell where people usually rest our arms
marques dirt and everything kind of collects on those surfaces in this case
the center armrest was caked and heavily with dirt because of the textured
surface so it is a perfect opportunity to use the drill brush instead of doing
it by hand which will take a lot longer than instead using the drill brush to
make it faster now that we’ve gotten vacuuming done in
the front we’re gonna take the all-purpose cleaner and start wiping
down the door panels using the detailing brush to get into those different seams
of the vehicle this is also a great opportunity to clean the windows as well
to get that done after you’ve done the all-purpose cleaning because then when
you go back with your top coat that part is already completed so I’m just using a
visible glass to spray on the inside and the outside to get those clean and there
is some tape residue that actually came off really easily with that product the next thing I’m gonna do is bust out
my Steam Cleaner which I haven’t used a lot in the last several details but this
one with all the grease and grime that was collecting on the door jambs this is
definitely the perfect opportunity to use that tool again now moving to the driver side door panel
you can see here what I was talking about of where the owner was keeping his
arm and elbow on the door panel and then with that textured surface how much dirt
actually can get caked in there so for this I would definitely recommend using
a drill brush and your all-purpose cleaner to get to those different cracks
without you having to do it by hand and spending three times the amount of time I’m interested in know what you guys
think is your favorite part is it the steam cleaning is it the transformation
of the different panels being wiped down is it the carpet cleaning the vacuuming
let me know in the comments below what is your favorite part of my details that
you like to see the most I think the gauge cluster in the
steering column the whole dashboard in general definitely rivals the work truck
needs love to video that I did I think this one was by far got to be number two
or maybe even number one in terms of Filth if you guys can tell I kind of started
in the trunk got that whole area completely done and then I moved to the
back seats got that kind of area completely vacuumed and wiped down and
then now I’m using moving to the front of the car and the reason being is I
could have done it in all these different steps all one at a time but I
was trying to make progress as I kind of went along to keep motivated through
these details because sometimes it can be hard to keep track of what you did in
a certain spot whereas if you just get it all done in one section at a time
I sometimes have a better ability to keep track of what I’m doing now after I have everything wiped down
on the dashboard in the center console tis time to move to the leather seats
and for the seats I’m using the all-purpose cleaner again just because
of the amount of dust and dirt that’s on them and then I’m using the drill brush
with that soft drill brush pad that I was talking about earlier to get into
the cracks and then all the different perforations and the seats themselves to
get that dirt off so that any way it can be wiped off easily now for the carpets I’m doing the same
extraction process that I did in the back of the car and do this to the front
and the rear carpets and for all you guys I’d like to see the
money shot here is the money shot of the dirt that was pulled out of just the
front and the rear carpets in the main cockpit the next step will be the floor mats
which the good news is about the floor mats is they actually took up most of
the dirt except for that driver side wheel will and when it came to the floor mats the
front passenger in the driver’s side floor mats I don’t know if they came
from different cars or if they were attempted to be died at one point but
there was a bit of discoloration on the passenger one that I couldn’t get
removed that made me think that it was trying to be died at one point or had
been bleached or something happened to it to the point where I couldn’t do much
more besides just getting the fibers on there clean now the driver side floor mat was
definitely the dirtiest so I had to do several passes with the extractor in
this case this floor mat already has a hole in it and you can see that the
fibers already matted down and worn away so I would recommend replacing them or
if this owner is going to continue to use this vehicle as much as he is with
the amount of dirt rubber floor mats are definitely a viable option that he
should consider and for anybody else that has car that they’re going to be
getting in and out of in the winter time or in a muddy environments from work
rubber floor mats are definitely a much better choice in those situations and
they’re a lot easier to keep clean now that all the extracting part is done
and the cart is actually clean it is now time to use the top coat which you guys
know I love The Chemical Guys silk shine I’m going to be using that to coat all
of the interior panels and the leather seats and as the final step I always like to
do the windows last because you never know if you’re gonna have any overspray
from your topcoat which is just gonna make the window look greasy and spotted
and I’m using an invisible glass which I’m actually spraying on the towel
directly to do the first wipe down and then I’m using a second clean towel to
do it again to get make sure there’s no streaking on the inside of the
windshield and once I’m done with all of this I always try to do one last quick
spot vacuuming because getting in and out of the vehicle and wiping everything
down you always end up with a little bit of dusty remnants and you’re always good
to just follow up that last time before you give it to the customer like I
mentioned I was saving the wheel wheel on the back for last this is the time to
put all that back in now that the carpets all dried because the owner is going to continue
to smoke in the car I didn’t use any odor bombs or go over the top when it
came to the odor removal but I am using the ozone generator to try to remove as
much as I possibly can before I give it back to the owner for
this job I use the ozone generator for 60 minutes and I made sure that the a/c
was turned on full-blast with a recirc on to keep that ozone circulating
throughout the vehicle once done I opened up all the doors and
let that ozone escape the car itself try not to breathe it in if you ever try to
do this because it can cause some nasal discomfort as you guys can tell from the owners
reaction he was thrilled with the outcome the car turned out amazing and
actually the panels and the seats and just the actual richness of the black
interior was amazing to see the before and after shots of how far this car has
come and if you guys like today’s video and
you want to see more disaster deep cleans make sure you guys check out all
of my previous videos I do all these disaster cleans all the time and if you
liked the video make sure you give it a thumbs up and you subscribe if you’re
new and I will see you guys in the next detail thanks guys

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