CLL Motovlog – New Bike.. YZF-R15 First Impressions

CLL Motovlog – New Bike.. YZF-R15 First Impressions

Hello folks .. Good morning welcome back with me Catur on CaturLifeLive today, on this morning i’m accompanied by Blackjack ( my bike’s name ) Ya This name I give this name after a long time thinking Thanks also to SenorAsssHat for his advice to help me find the best name for this bike this’s my first motovlog by using YZF-R15 and you can call it Blackjack Today is Sunday morning okay emm The first time that I feel when riding this bike is the riding position changes so riding style so changed at a previous time I rode Suzuki Shogun SP created by Suzuki and the Type of Shogun sp is Moped bike what’s going on in here ? This is what I don’t like, riding while being jammed I really hate the traffic jam huh #$^I#$%^&*(*&^% emm The first time that I feel when riding this bike is the riding position changes and than I also like some of the features on this bike “Blackjack” emmmm The features among others this bike comes with multifunction screen display so I can see some information on screen when starting the engine on this bike also comes with temperature indicator so it will be very helpful when the engine starts to overheat if overheating happens, the screen will give you the information that you need to stop your engine because this bike is new, i can’t ride too fast because still in “inreyen” mode. so I should keep my distance so the tachometer needle does not touch the red line at high rpm red line on the tachometer to avoid damage of components inside the engine Oh ya The capacity of the gas tank on this bike sizable 12 liters it may be able to spend my money when at the gas station ** LOL ** :3 I touched the red line , oh no … **screaming like a girl hehe the beautiful sunday i also felt the gearshift is really smooth this bike is amazing … but, maybe because i’m new ride the sport fairing bike I feel a small sore on my hands **singing** The suspension on this bike is very good, I don’t feel the vibrations that are too large so it does not scare me Previously I get a trauma caused by accident some time ago so if I rode over 40 or 50 km/h my head getting dizzy and I began to fear but I hope I can remove that trauma with this bike as you can see, at this time I riding at a speed of 60km / h and I doesn’t feel the trauma it appears as I said earlier, the suspension on this bike very comfortable really different with my old bike Here are some features that doesn’t exist on moped bike on the right side there is a kill switch (same as other motor sport) on the left there is a long distance light switch turn signal switch and than horn passing light switch previously I’ve done some test with this bike to make the transition so I’m not nervous when riding it Wuh I’m not afraid of speeding again without having to be careful that rider makes me startled ,
lucky I did not crash again Okay Guys , Thanks for watching my motovlog. we will meet again on next motovlog with Blackjack If you are not Subscribed , lets click subscribe please give this motovlog thumbs up or share if you want share it emm,, okay see you next time have a great time

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  1. Hey man, hopefully Blackjack is treating you right! Since it was in your local language couldn't really get it. But it looks nice 😀

  2. Save Catur nice bike congratulations, now has the translator to know more or less what you say kkkkkkkkkkkk.It looks like you said you crashed it ?? 

  3. Bla bla bla masih masa inreyen bla bla bla jadi nggak boleh nyentuh red line a moment later vroooooom I TOUCH THE RED LINE! WOOOW what a inconsistent person you are.. anyway thumbs +1 doain gw cepet nyusul si blackjack vruh.. safe ride petrolhead!

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