COLOR SHIFTING CARS at the GATOR CAR WASH! | Hot Wheels City | Hot Wheels

COLOR SHIFTING CARS at the GATOR CAR WASH! | Hot Wheels City | Hot Wheels

– [News Anchor] New News, a
gator is threatening to wash out Hot Wheels City, down at
the color changing carwash. (intense music) – [Sheriff] Alright everybody,
nothing to see here. Sheriff’s got it under control. (Gasp) Call the guys! – [Kid Voice] Elliot,
big gator, oh! – [Elliot] Oh, no,
what do we do Chase? – [Chase] Hide up that
conveyor to the water tower. (imitates train chugging) – [Elliot] Now if I’m up here, I might as well get a car wash. – [Chase] Come on Elliot! (squeaking) (water splashing) – Color shifters, sweet! – Little brother, the gator! – Hold on, I gotta
scrub the car. – Just hanging out. – Okay, cold water, new color. It’s the perfect
disguise for the gator. (imitates train chugging) – I got this. Just got to time
my jump perfectly. (toys clanking) Oh, no! Great (imitates car engine reving) (imitates train chugging) Help, get me out of here! – I’m on my way little brother. (imitates train chugging) – Ah! – Gotcha! – Yeah! I saved the day, all by myself. – Glad to have you
back little brother. – [Sheriff] Great job boys,
we couldn’t have done it without you. – [News Anchor] Wow,
the boys work together to save the day again. Looks like things
got cleaned up nice here at the gator wash. Play set comes with
one color shifters car. Remember, other cars in
hot wheels city play sets sold separately. (upbeat rock music)

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