Comparing 3.0L Diesels to Find the Best in 2020

Comparing 3.0L Diesels to Find the Best in 2020

Perry Mack here without a lot of fanfare
let’s get to it and take a look at which diesel engine ranks #1 in half-ton trucks for 2020. General Motors introduced the all-new 3.0
litre Duramax for the 2020 Chevy Silverado and GMC 1500 in June 2019 this rounds out the diesel offerings for half-ton trucks from the big 3: Ram, Ford and GM. Now if you’re a brand loyalist then it won’t matter to you which is the
best diesel engine however if you’re open to some brand exploration let’s take a look at which diesel ranks #1 for half-ton trucks in 2020. There have always been pros and cons to owning a diesel engine and whether or not you
should own one still depends a little bit on your driving, towing and payload needs. However many of the cons from previous years are slowly diminishing to the point where your choice of gas or diesel is a matter of wallet size and not necessarily needs. The new diesels are quiet, have great fuel economy, require a little additional maintenance, but open the doors of opportunity for
fuel efficient towing for work and play. You may not take advantage of them this
year but what will you want to tow or haul in three to five years or what if you decide to transform your truck into the ultimate overland vehicle? The Ram EcoDiesel was first introduced in 2011 in the Grand Cherokee and then in 2014 to the RAM 1500. This second generation VM Motori an Italian subsidiary of FCA built engine is a V6 which generates 240 horsepower at 3600 RPM and 420 pound-feet of torque at 2,000 RPM. With an epa rated fuel economy of 20, 28, 23 miles per gallon; city, highway and combined. By the numbers for 2020 it has one of the lowest performing engines but not by much and since it has a roughly 7
year production run there is a proven history behind the engine. Call it the devil you know. As Ram has had time to iron out the wrinkles and settle some
emission violation lawsuits. The aftermarket has also had time to design and test engine upgrades so you can save some cash buying a used Ram EcoDiesel and then enhance the engine to suit your needs. The third generation of the EcoDiesel will appear in the 2020 Ram 1500 producing 260 horsepower
at 3,600 rpm and 480 pound-feet of torque at 1600 RPM. With a fuel efficiency virtually guaranteed to top the 30 mile per gallon mark on the highway be careful buying the diesel Ram 1500
2020 though. As the second gen engine will still be offered in the 2020 Ram 1500 classic. Alongside with the third gen in other trims including for the first time the off-road equipped mouth-watering Ram Rebel. The unseen, undocumented side of the equation for the second gen is really interesting. The rock-solid design architecture lends itself to aftermarket upgrades. That could reportedly boost the engine to over 500 horsepower which means there
will be some great opportunities to get an affordable and powerful diesel truck. The Ford 3.0 litre power stroke ended Rams solo reign in 2018 when Ford introduced their new 3.0 litre diesel into the F150 Like the EcoDiesel it is a 3.0 litre, 60° V6. But in another case of one-upmanship over the 2nd gen EcoDiesel Ford has this engine producing 250 horsepower at 3250 rpm and 440 pound feet of torque at 1750 rpm. Now the extra 10 horsepower that kicks in a little sooner than the second gen EcoDiesel isn’t the big story here though. It’s the fact that the extra 20 pound
feet of torque kick in at 1750 rpm. That’s 250 rpm sooner and they stick around until 2250 rpm. 250 rpm higher. Behind the wheel it means more pulling
power earlier and the relatively flat torque curve means it sticks around longer. Bottom line if you’re looking at buying at 2019 3.0 litre, by the numbers, the power stroke wins. Ford also managed to squeeze out 22, 30, 25 miles per
gallon; city, highway, combined. A 2 mile per gallon bump compared to the EcoDiesel. Although the fuel economy success has to be shared with Fords 10R80 10-speed transmission. We have two great videos just on the
3.0 litre powerstroke and i’ll include those links below and then boom GM’s 3.0 litre Duramax has landed in the 2020 Chevy Silverado and once again
the landscape has changed. Stepping away from the classic V design, Chevy engineers designed an inline 6 turbo diesel that generates a max 277 horsepower at 3,750 RPM and 460 pound-feet of torque at just 1500 RPM. More torque and it’s delivered sooner than the Power Stroke and the Duramax
delivers it right through to 3,000 rpm. Chevy has pushed some design boundaries
compared to Ram and Ford. They’ve reduced the weight of the engine by moving to a cast aluminum block compared to a graphite iron block and taken the high
pressure rail to 36,250 psi. Compared to 29,000 in the other two. Which has led some detractors of the design to question its longevity which is typical when a new designing technology is introduced. Time will tell if they are
right. The engine is mated to a 10 speed transmission, the 10L80, designed in conjunction with Ford and although at the time of writing the official EPA
fuel economy numbers have not been released we expect the highway number to
come in north of 30 miles per gallon but not as high as the 40 miles per gallon
estimated by a number of optimists. We test-drove the new configuration in June
of 2019 and were really impressed. It is a peppy, quiet, half-ton diesel that
has great acceleration and handling for a half-ton truck. It’s a shame we weren’t able to test the towing or off-road capability at the same time which is
something Ford impressively let us do. Which diesel engine in a half-ton is
the best for 2020? We’re gonna give it to the engine with a track record, the devil we know and the big potential with a little bit of tweaking. So for us it’s the 2nd gen Ram EcoDiesel only available in the 1500 classic in 2020. After that it’s a close race for us between Ford, Chevy and RAM. We’ve driven the 3.0 litre off-road and towing so I would be confident buying one and they’ve had two years in production under their belt by 2020. The brand-new 3.0 litre Duramax in the Chevy is really great to drive and
I’ve had great track record with GM trucks. Hauling and towing to the max and the same goes for RAM. So I have faith in their engineers. Now, no brand is flawless Do you agree with my choice for the best half-ton diesel engine in 2020? If not, please tell us why and what would you buy in 2020 in the comments below. If you enjoyed this video, share it, smash that like button and if you’d like to see more please subscribe and ring that bell so you’re the first to know when a new
video comes out. Until next time, stay safe and we’ll see you on the trails.

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  1. Cant see borrowing over 50k for a yellow engine light, free coffee and popcorn. Walmart has coffee and popcorn for a better price.

  2. There is no way of telling which is best, take another look after 5 – 10 years from now and see which one can last at least 200,000 miles. I only drive gas trucks and take them well past 200,000 with no rebuilds!

  3. The new dodge eco does not have a engine brake. Very disapointing. I like they can do upgrades on the gen 2 which is very important. Also the duramax put their belts behind the engine so you have to undo the trans to fix or replace them. Big headache & they have the least amount of tow capacity.

  4. Sounds like all the diesels are pritty close. I didn’t know the new duramax had an Aluminum block and that is a bit concerning especially for you start tweeking those power numbers & increase pressures. Some engines pull it off others don’t and I have yet to hear of a diesel with an aluminum block that lasts too long

  5. Give me an I6 pushrod engine with cam gears and no belts, chains, or overhead cams. None of this extra gimmicky crap either. Thats why I would buy a lightly used cummins 2500 or 3500 over any of these new trucks any day.

  6. Until someone can build a truck that will last more than 6 Maine winters without out I'm not buying one for 50k.
    The usaf has planes 45 years old that will be running in another 45 years and they cant build a ss frame, aluminum body, opposed 6 diesel that will last 30 years or so for 100k? I'd buy that!

  7. like he said sometimes the devil you know is better. I like the similar metals on aluminum block and head on Duramax as far as head gaskets and potentially this would be my choice but only after I see vehicles with 150k to 200k without major problems. Been burned in past plus good used vehicles at half price after 3 years

    Plus now you will have few choices for tune upgrades etc for Rams due to recent EPA raids etc at least until they start selling them from out of country etc You may be able to personally modify for reliability but not performance unit; tuners get EPA and CARB approval.

  8. GMs 3L diesel was really interesting to me based on its performance and quietness. That is until I found out it's timing, fuel pressure pump, and oil pump are all rear driven. Additionally, the oil pump is driven off the crank by a rubber belt INSIDE the wet sump block. WHY GM? What were your engineers smoking?

  9. I have almost 170,000k on my 2018 F150 3.0. The best truck I've ever had! There has not been one single problem with this truck! Very smooth, quiet and efficient. 7.8l per 100k at 60 mph on the highway so who really cares about a tiny bit more power ? You can chip it if you do. This is 35 miles per Cad gallon.
    Ford sold me a 300,000k warranty on this engine. The timing belt you hear all the dinosaurs crying about doesn't have a designated change interval in this period!! Name me a vehicle with a timing chain they don't want changed before 300,000k for warranty? This engine was in the Land Rover before receiving a few upgrades for the f150. Its a proven engine without a long list of catastrophic failures like the Dodge has. Search the internet far and wide and you'll see nothing but accolades for this engine as far as reliability goes.
    All the 3.0 competition is chasing this brilliant masterpiece of technology. Not a doubt about it. First year success with this engine in the f150's. Ford knows what its doing here. Blow your money on a piece of unproven garbage for a few pounds of torque if you must. I'm sticking to having a truck thats very powerful, now proven and its going to last a long long time.
    Hands down the best half ton money can buy folks. All the dinosaurs that don't understand the high tech here can only verbally bash this engine.

  10. I think your choice for the RAM V2 was a complete cop-out! Just because it can be upgraded, and is still available. We are more interested in your expertise, opinions, or live testing of durability, design, and longevity without failures or heavy maint costs. The GM engineers that decided to put the chains and oil pump belt in the rear, should be castrated! You know the dealerships are going to say, ("While were deep in there, with the transmission out, you may want to consider replacing the chains & guides, since there is a 100k on them") Why don't your channel, spend some money. Buy all four and tow for 100,000 with each one them! Then add up the costs for us? Might as well go to the casino, because it's a crap shoot.

  11. '
    stop watch at 044…
    not like 3 trucks in 2019…
    trucks are real be honest made in year of 2019…
    not year of 2020

  12. I actually think the Ford is best because they have designed and engineered theirs about 15 years ago. it's an updated version of what they were building for BMW I think and it's been around for a long time in across the pond

  13. You’re going to choose the engine that is known to kaboom due to cam gear slipping on the shaft (it does not utilize a key way)? Seriously? Either you guys were paid by Ram, or you have no f’n clue what your talking about. I don’t dislike Ram, but buyers need to be educated. Making an investment in an engine that is absolutely 100 percent going to fail prematurely is just ludicrous.

  14. Diesels in the half ton market is a very expensive fad. They will not be here in 5-7years. To expensive and to expensive to maintain. I get 25 MPG with 2.7L eco boost. The motor is powerful and flawless. 11,500 on clock with zero problems and with 5,000 miles on oil it hasn’t used a drop.

  15. So, you are going with the diesel engine with a "track record"? What kind of record is it? 😆. Doesn't the prior EcoDiesel have a bad rep? Cam related design flaw that causes premature failure or something? If I was dead set on getting a ram 1500 diesel, I would go with the V3. prior design issues have likely been resolved.

  16. Since Ram isn't American any more, it's owned by Italian Fiat, I'll go with either GM or Ford. Ford hasn't had a great record with diesels, so I'd buy the Chevy or GMC truck. One more thing, The Chevy is almost completely made and assembled in the USA. Not so for the Ford F Series.

  17. From everything I have read and watched, I wouldn’t want any small diesels. To much pollution control and other bs to make something that will be low maintenance and not be unreliable. Just my opinion.

  18. Mine seized up yesterday. overheated, i had no option but to drive it. in alaska it was -11 bellow. now im in a chevy Colorado gasser rental from the dealership. what horse crap. and to make it worst a salesman asked how i like the gasser. Told him call me when the truck is done im driving to Ram.

  19. Or just do the math and realize you're not saving anything but reliability

    30% more fuel economy with 30% more expensive fuel but the truck costs $3500 more

    The way you save is to buy something that fits your budget…

  20. I feel like Ford gets too much credit. Lol. The engineers at Ram are the real innovators and always seem to be the competition to beat…..not to mention the Ram has always looked better especially the new Rebel.

  21. I think I'm gonna go with a 97 12v Cummins cuz its more reliable than all 3 of those truck and can go a million miles

  22. All 3 are high tech TRASH Joke engines…buy a used 2003-207.5 Dodge Ram 2500, 3500…or any pre emmision Cummins…I've owned 3 cause I was a Cummins diesel Fanatic…Zero mechanical issues EVER and they could pull a house…i mean their a Beast..These DEF junk Diesels are Pure JUNK..if you have to buy a New one..Get the Real deal 6.7 and do a complete Delete…All that emissions Garbage makes them selve Destruct and leave you Stranded….and blow engines prematurely…

  23. I have a 2004 5.9 cummins.  in 2020 if I needed a truck which I do not, I would look for another 2004 5.9 cummins this truck has just been that good plus it is emissions free. thank you for your time.

  24. My last 2 fords were so bad that I will never buy another ford. That said I bought a Ram/W Hemi new in 2003 still have it and it is the best American made vehicle I have owned. I have also had good luck with GM products and would consider buying either GM or Ram. Even if the Chevy numbers on paper are beter the Chevy pickup to me is so damn ugly I would buy the Ram.

  25. Just as Europe is slowly killing diesels, America is finally warming up to it. Way to be late to the game.

    Sad, because my GLK250 is amazing.

  26. When picking a diesel you always have to go with proven reliability. How many times has someone promised a good diesel and it turned out to be a junk.

  27. You keep saying 1/2 ton yet they are really 3/4 ton. Still good presentation all around. Would like more information on maintenance, costs and ease of operator/owner, also Ford has a 3.2 liter version in the Wildtrak and Transit. Ford also was called on by EPA for air quality standards of their engines. Which one is best for l the long term as in robust ability no one ever seems to understand the long term costs of repair and Maintenance. Which drive works best 4X4 or 4X2 for hauling.

  28. I've always been a duramax guy, however… the 3.0 design scares me.I would rather take my chances with a rebuilt older model and see how the 2020's do in a couple years.or go gas.

  29. I've seen rams with more bigger problems than chevys and I dont think I could do a Ford enless the engine was legendary like a 7.3

  30. I want my diesel stinky, a little obnoxious, and to leave its beautiful signature in shopping center pavement. Price??? Well, now I know why thei don't allow Toyotas bulletproof diesel in. If they did these 3 cronies would have to sell their American diesels at half the price. You are cheating us.

  31. When you get comparing cost of ownership, please include changing oil pump drive belt on Chevrolet duramax at 150,000 miles this is the Idem that’s giving me pause. I take them to 300,000 plus miles, I am
    looking at next new pickup. Currently driving ford 150 ecoboost 3.5 225,000 changed cam phaser at 215,000.

  32. The emissions systems have little to no warranty and the price for parts is catastrophic.
    By the way half of America earns less than $33k.

  33. For me personally, I would buy an inline engine before a V engine.
    Therefore, I would love to have a GMC 1500 Diesel.

  34. Hi, I'm new in this, I want to buy a new diesel truck to tow an RV trailer no more than 7,000 lb, what do you recommend?

  35. Ran 2nd gen available in 2020 is the best? You mean the third gen right? If You’re saying the best Diesel engine in 2020 is a older model, that doesn’t make any sense?

  36. @5:30… cast aluminum block on a diesel… seriously? I want a diesel for longevity Chevy… Ford, seriously, a belt, moving on to a 3rd gen RAM… crap… Ford, belt timing chain. What in the world you guys… Chevy… aluminum on a diesel… RAM is my last choice but sticking to tried and true. Believe me, RAM is not my first pick but the other two compromised way too much.

  37. I have no experience with the 1/2 ton diesels, however I've driven all 3 in 3/4- 1 tons. I like them all, and they'll all quit on you, usually when you don't need them to. My 2 personal diesel pickups is a 92 Chevy 6.5 (reliable as long as you don't pull backhoes everyday) and a 93 Dodge I bought for $700. It got 23.5 mpg on pump diesel and 24.5 on chicken juice (veggie oil). Both where reliable trucks. Engines still run great, rest of the truck, not so good. I have driven the 6.6 Duramax, 7.3 powerstroke and idi 7.3, and a 6.7 powerstroke. Loved them all. I'd love to have a half ton diesel pickup but my pocket book says you can afford to look.

  38. GMC I6 duramax 2020 . I love this truck. Got the elevation package. I live in CO. No mountain high enough to stop it. No snow deep enough.

  39. Steve Berman was paid BY (Fraud) FORD to Bring the Fake lawsuit to slow Ram on the Ecodiesel debut as Ford IS getting their asses Kicked by all Dodge/RaM?Jeep products which will all have ecodiesel availability Unlike Fraud …. The JUNK Ford has a Timing Belt and a150K life span = JUNK Diesel Another Typical Fraud product and is why Ford is losing BIG

  40. I'm more interested in 3 row family SUV with that new diesel engines. Will be nice to see a review of those. Main reason is to get 30+ MPG on those SUVs.

  41. I have 2015 ED with 180k miles on it. It’s been deleted since 70k. Could NOT keep it out of the dealership. Deleted it’s been fine. I suspect all these small diesels with high output are going to be troublesome with emissions. I’m begging you guys buy the cheapest truck that’ll meet your NEEDS with the longest factory warranty. Gas/Diesel doesn’t matter owning these trucks beyond the factory warranty is inviting financial disaster. Take the extra money and invest it or spend it somewhere else.

  42. Interesting idea for a video. The EcoDiesel has a horrendous track record. So, do we trust Gen 3? On the other hand, the Duramax is in a GM product, and GM has a horrendous track record as a company in general. And then you've got the Powerstroke which came over from Europe, where they make the least reliable vehicles on planet Earth.

    So, at the end of the day I'd say this is a situation where a guy should just throw a dart at a board.

  43. Bought a 2019 4×4 Ford XLT 302A package 3.0L powerstroke Turbo Diesel. I'm pretty impressed with this baby diesel truck. I was leaning more towards the Ram Ecodiesel due to the fuel economy but took a chance with the Ford. I just Flipped 10k miles, no issues truck drives great is comfortable very quiet has and more than enough power for my needs. My average MPG over 9800 miles, first oil change, was 26.7 mpg combined. I'm loving these baby diesel motors. Ford, Chevy or Ram. I don't think it really matters now days. Every brand is gonna have it's quirks. So far I am very pleased with my truck.

  44. I was with you right up until you picked an older model motor because it has extra aftermarket options. If you have limited the field to the most recent options from all three I believe you would have made a different choice.

  45. They all suck and are overpriced… Got a deutz bf4l913 in an f150. I get 33 mpg and has lots of torque… Costed me with the truck 3100$

  46. Good information. You mention being careful that in 2020, Version 2 of the Ram Eco Diesel still exists. Then at the end you seem to like the Version 2. So, it sounds like one should "be careful" to buy the Version 2 and not the 3 in 2020? Thanks.

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