Complete Classic Mini Restoration Timelapse Rust to Show Car in 180 days

Complete Classic Mini Restoration Timelapse Rust to Show Car in 180 days

This video documents the complete restoration of a 1990 Mini Mayfair We started the restoration from a rusted shell in December 2018 The plan was to finish in time for the 2019 London to Brighton Mini Run First job was to build a roll over jig Dreaded over sills had been fitted We continued to cut out all of the rust The soda blaster was a bit messy! Replacement sills came from M Machine and were complete inner, outer and 1/3rd floor Gently welded to try and limit heat distortion Front subframe stripped and sent away for powder coating We both work full time jobs so all the work you see is at weekends and a few evenings We used the old subframe as a template to align the new heel board A spot welder makes the job much easier, faster and professional looking It’s Xmas if you had not guessed Complete new front end with all Heritage panels In an effort to speed up the build we stick to what we are good at, I weld and Mark cuts and grinds The doors proved to be a problem, one side was perfect but the other had been made incorrectly so had to be sent back Back on the jig to finish the underside We ran into a minor issue with the rear outer sill panel which was about 3mm out of alignment Trying to limit heat distortion by cooling with compressed air By now the spot weld drill bits had seen better days! Final bits of welding yay! 100% rust free, now to prep the underside for some Gravitex A thumbs up would be great, thank you 🙂 Engine is a 1275 SPI Automatic from a late Jap spec SPI with around 40k miles Head was previously modified to stage 3 Lots, and lots, and lots of sandblasting!!! The paintwork begins The rebuild commences Powder coated candy apple with Moulton smooth ride suspension Please consider subscribing or giving a thumbs up. Thank you The famous KITT light Cylinder head was refreshed by The Car Kitchen Body was wet flatted and machine polished professionally by Atlantic Detailing & Valeting On the ramp to the right is project Bolt, the first bare shell rebuild we done last year in the same time, 6 months We needed to make some changes to the 1990 shell to fit the later SPI engine and gearbox Doors have 6.5″ speakers and central locking Wiring had to be converted from a manual loom to an auto Less than 2 weeks to go! The final bits take twice as long as expected! If you are enjoying this build please share it for me. Thank you Problems with the head gasket seal meant a last minute rush to fit a new one We still need to get an MOT at this point We forgot to refit the VIN plate so the first MOT was refused! KITT is alive and speaks! Working late into the night Loss of drive! Driveshaft was not fully engaged in the pot joint so only a minor issue! MOT passed 🙂

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Well done, guys, good video, and KITT looked great at the L2B. We had 'Charlie' at the SNS, and we admired KITT, but did not realise that you had only just finished him in time for the event. Having seen the final result, I am only now looking through all your videos showing KITT being built. . :o) Great job!

  2. Turned out great one special mini that stands out from the crowd…. So wots next on the Keith and Mark adventures ERA Turbo ..🤔

  3. good job ! & very cool i like Classic Mini Workshop ! my mini 1991 cab Cooper ! enjoy driving lol thank you

  4. Keith, Mark, I watched every video while you where building KITT but seeing it all put together in one video makes it even more amazing.
    Cheers Dave

  5. great build but thank god for the mute. the mindlessly infantile computerised shitty music was infuriating. Puerile actually.

  6. Magnificent ! That was really a perfect job in no time with perfect results, well done. I was wondering is there anyway you can help me with the jig dimensions please ?

  7. Were you in Ireland recently with that light blue mini? Feel like ive seen it driving on the motor way! Great job on that amazing restoration, about to start my 89' mini Mayfair today

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