Complete Disaster Car Interior Detailing Transformation! DEEP CLEANING The Nastiest Car Ever!

Complete Disaster Car Interior Detailing Transformation! DEEP CLEANING The Nastiest Car Ever!

welcome back to Stauffer garage guys
today’s deep cleaning disaster detail is of a suburban LTZ that needs a ton of work on the interior with
that being said you guys can see from these before shots how much work we have
cut out for us today this is like two small cars in one and I hope the tips
and tricks I share with you guys help keep your car clean and if you have any
tips share them in the comments below because to be honest I don’t know
everything and I don’t plan to ever know everything there’s always something to
learn and that’s what this channel is all about is for us sharing making this
community learn more to keep our cars clean I don’t want to think simply say
for sponsoring today’s video with their help they make this channel possible so
when we get to that segment of the video guys don’t skip ahead just kind of roll
through it I promise you it won’t be that bad it’ll be awesome because I’m
gonna show you some amazing things about it and the system that I installed on
our house that’s helping keep us all safe and the family safe which is super
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turn on notifications because every week there’s a new video about learning how
to keep your car looking cleaner again plus just the nastiest things you can
imagine that I find in these cars sometimes alright guys let’s roll right
into this and these before shots are kind of showing some more the gooey
messes that I found in this ride and to be honest I time this whole detail and
by the end of it it took me about eight and a half hours to do and I still had a
bunch more I could have got done that is typically how some of these go you know
seat belts headliners there’s certain things that you can’t get to sometimes
because the main focus I try to work on is the visible like things right in
front of you and all those little pieces are extra and it’s just it’s part of the
challenge as being a detailer is what do you hit what is priority and what is
gonna be most bang for the customers buck so in this case I got everything
out of the car first I showed you some of the different things that were a
little this family has special Adak kids just like myself and with road
trips and over time things can get into spots that you would never expect which
is exactly what happened in this car one thing I recommend as well as if you
are vacuuming your car have a bucket and get all of the bigger pieces that you
think could possibly get clogged in your shop back out because it stinks when
you’re sucking up all this stuff and all of a sudden the shop vac makes this
noise and you’re thinking it’s clogged and you have to kind of squeeze the hose
and it’s just it’s a pain in the butt it’s one thing that I miss about my old
craftsman shop back it had a large three inch hose so it
made it a lot easier to get a lot of this stuff up whereas now it’s a little
bit smaller so it makes it a little bit more difficult when it comes to just
kind of attacking one of these details like this but that’s just kind of
sometimes how it goes now for this detail because of the time
constraint the amount of carpet and everything going on here like I
mentioned earlier and the seats being leather I decided not to take them out I
know there’s gonna be things I’m gonna miss underneath the French passenger and
driver’s seat but I was able to move them so far forward in back that I felt
really comfortable that I got 95% of everything out of it and the remaining
little bits were probably negligible over the cross the whole detail it’s
also one of those things that if you have the time it’s great but if you’re
kind of constrained and you’re looking at the overall detail and how much you
have ahead of you sometimes you have to make the call and whether or not it’s
worth the time or not just by doing the vacuuming in this car
in particular yes there’s stains in the carpet and there’s different things that
are kind of dirty with you know gunk and stuff like that from kids but majority
the car looks a ton better just from a vacuum so as a tip for you guys just
keeping your car vacuum but once a week kind of stop and by the local place to
get your car washed which isn’t the best but I won’t say anything but they have
free vacuums or just using your own vacuum to vacuum out your car once a
week will make it that much more enjoyable every time you getting out of
your vehicle now the next thing I’m working on is the
floor mats and I’m taking these outside and granted right now it’s actually
colder than the previous detail it’s a whopping 18 degrees fahrenheit in Ohio
so as I’m pressure washing this I’m just kind of praying that things don’t start
freezing and I decided to hit it with a pressure washer is because with the
floor mats being this dirty and if you have the option to pressure wash I
highly recommend hitting it first or rinsing out your first pass with the
drill brush because sometimes if they get so caked with dirt you can’t
actually get it out at all like sometimes I mean even after four or five
passes you’ll still be sucking up dirt so by pressure washing it it definitely
helps with getting the dirt out faster so you only have to probably do one pass
of the extractor which is at the end to get the excess fluid off the surface you guys can see from this extractor
poor that the water is actually kind of clear it’s a little bit dirty which
means there’s still some remaining dirt in the carpets themselves but with it
being that clear it means that the pressure washer did majority of the work
instead of relying on just the extractor alone now if anybody is interested in the
tools chemicals products that I use in my videos I always list them in the
description box below for you guys to check out that way you guys can pick up
those products and try them I never promote something that I don’t use on a
regular basis and I’ve always tested it out so that way you can feel comfortable
if you want to try them out as well I do want to say thank you to everyone
that commented in the last video on recommendations on what they used for
carpet cleaning there is tons of advice and different tips and different
suggestions on products so I am going through all those comments now I’m gonna
probably make a whole compilation list that way I can start trying some of
those out and giving you guys my feedback on what I see working best for
some of these cars that I tackle like I mentioned it was cold out so you
can see from this final clip that the extractor had fluid on it that was
actually turned into ice cubes at the end of this for the seats I have a drill brush head
that is a softer fiber material and I do use that because sometimes leather can
scratch sometimes it can be softer than you want to so using a more aggressive
you know drill brush head at first I try not to do that unless I start feeling
like it’s strong enough and capable of handling a stronger bristle and if you’re wondering what I’m using
for the actual cleaning solution I’m using a all-purpose cleaner this one’s
from Chemical Guys all clean I use it at a ten to one ratio and how that works is
it’s a ten to one ratio means taking a bottle that’s empty you’re having one
parts of your cleaner and then ten parts of water add it to the bottle itself and
you can measure out that however you want I usually does eyeball it but
that’s what that usually means it’s just a ratio of cleaner to water now for Windows I always recommend using
a glass cleaner that is ammonia free for that one I use invisible glass I’ve been
using that one for probably almost 20 years now it works really well at
getting a glass streak-free but also keeping your tin safe now moving to the dashboard I’m using
the power of steam for majority of the clean here because there’s some of these
grooves that I wanted to hit pretty quickly but also using it on the air
vents to kill any mold or any bacteria that gets inside the AC system by kind
of flooding it with steam and it also blows off all the different fins on
those air vents themselves and for everything else and all those different
nooks and crannies I’m using my Fox clean detailing brushes as usual and another tool that I use on the air
vents that I didn’t mention earlier was these foam paint brushes that you
usually see kids use when they’re doing paint crafts in elementary school they
actually work really well at getting into those different fins of your air
vents getting them dry or cleaning them if you have solution instead of using a
steam cleaner and they just work really well for this sort of situation so I want to give a shout out to my wife
my cast off her she also has a youtube channel as well if you guys are
interested I’ll kind of put a I card up here but she kind of does mommy
lifestyle cleaning kind of stuff around the house but she bought me this cart
for all my detailing stuff and then there’s also a small roller one that I
can sit on on the ground so thank you sweetie for picking those up for me
because honestly guys I wish I got these sooner but they’ve turned out to be a
lifesaver on my back and just making it so much easier to have all of my stuff
in one instead of sitting on the ground and just kind of around so highly
recommend them I’ll link them below if you’re interested so now that we have the door panels done
I want to talk to you guys about simply safe and honestly guys it’s one of the
most incredibly effective and reliable home security systems that you guys can
get for your home and it’s incredibly easy to set up and use the best part for
me whether I’m out and about with the family or we’re all home it has a 24/7
professional monitoring system and because it has trained professionals
behind the dashboard there are 3.5 times faster dispatching the police
so simply safe is modern comprehensive and what I mean by that is it has all of
the sensors that you can possibly think of from glass break sensors to motion
sensors to all the video doorbells and even the smart lock in the back door all
of those things make it a really comprehensive system that will help you
protect your home simply safe is also the number one expert recommended home
security system and it has 50 cent per day price points with no contracts
whatsoever for me my favorite part so far has to be the simply safe lock it
allows me to let people come and go whenever I want and if I leave the house
and it’s not locked it’ll automatically lock it for me so check out simply safe
by clicking the link in the description box below and let’s go ahead and get
right back into the disaster now some of you are probably wondering
why I’m cleaning all of the plastic panels and I haven’t even got to the
carpets yet and the reason being is 90% of the panels won’t get dirty and
splashed on from the drill brush and I just wanted to get all of it out of the
way first because it was so gunked with stuff that it was driving me nuts not to
get to it sooner so that is kind of why I kind of went out of process but either
way got all those panels cleaned and then I’m gonna be rolling directly into
cleaning up the carpets now in your own personal vehicle if you
pop up your seeds or if you look underneath the seats in general throws
brackets those are common spots that are not typically detailed or cleaned on a
regular basis so if you have the opportunity to try to do it every other
month or do it more freakin than you typically would because that’s where a
lot of the gunk can get stuck to and that’s where a lot of smells will kind
of drive oh and did I mention guys that there’s a
lot of panels and puffiness part like I mentioned this is like 2001 such a big
car that honestly it kind of it’s honestly a daunting task when you see
somebody’s favorite trucks like that there’s so much to clean that you
typically see a smaller car you now for the carpets I decided to try
something different this time because I was given the recommendation and I’ve
wanted to do it more often this was the perfect chance to try it on
these carpets in particular so I busted out the steam cleaner from majority of
the carpets and the reason being is a lot of people are saying that with the
grease and all of those different things that are embedded in the fibers and with
the steam and how hot it is it actually gets all of that loosened up the gunk
and the candy and the play-doh and anything else that you can possibly
imagine that gets into the fibers it melts and loosens it up to the point
where you can just wipe it away so as you guys can see all I used was a steam
cleaner and then a clean microfiber towel to get majority of the stains out
in this vehicle I’m hoping these before-and-after shots
that you see throughout the steam-cleaning segment give it justice
of how much of a drastic difference it did just by using the steam on some of the spots I did follow up
with the drill brush in the extractor itself just to try to get it further
cleaned after using the steam cleaner and I did a really good job at getting
any of the remaining residue that was on a larger surface area that using the
steam cleaner was more for like a spot or kind of a section kind of basis I will say that even if I use the
extractor for majority of it I will start using the steam cleaner more often
for all of the corners and edges that you typically can’t get the extractor
head on to just by using the steam in those areas that your hard to reach and
a clean microfiber towel to clean it up it seems like probably the best bang for
your buck without having to contort and like just do acrobats to get to it your
extractor now with all the carpets cleaned they
didn’t come out perfectly like I said I was eight and a half hours deep by this
point I wanted to do a ton more work on this but sometimes time is a restraint
and at this point I had to call it quits but if you guys can see from these after
shots with the floor mats down and everything else as a package as a whole
I was incredibly impressed with how this car turned out it turned out beautifully
and you’ll guys won’t see in the reaction from the owners at the very end
of this how pleased they were with the final result and before you see the reaction if
you’re new and you like these sort of details and you’re enjoying this type of
content smash the subscribe give this video like introduce yourself if you’re
new support this channel guys I love you guys you guys are awesome see in the
next one Wow take your shoes off yeah now write
the rule that lasts for like a week don’t look no more heat in the car this
is fantastic yeah I came out really well well yeah way better than I could have
ever imagined yeah like brand-new wow this exciting thank you welcome in
you’re welcome smells good looks good whoo that’s impressive you guys thank you gonna keep it this clean all the time no
more food snacks dirty shoes spotless very cool
don’t thanks you’re welcome

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  1. Ink eraser works wonders on hard to remove stains been mixing it with all purpose carpet cleaning solution and water for years

  2. I understand the time constraints and wanting to try something new. Try the new stuff on vehicles that give you a little more leeway with time. I think the tried and true method with carpet cleaning solution and the drill brush would have likely done a better job overall. Don't get me wrong, it still looks MUCH better than when you started, just think the way you normally do it would have probably come out better. Also, should probably ask the customers to at least hit a quick vacuum and try to get out some of the garbage before they bring it in if they can to allow you more detailing time.

  3. Is Zagtek worth it? It came preinstalled in my car. What do you guys recommend to keeping the plastics looking like new? Armorall?

  4. Why not use the steam to loosen up the dirt and stains, then use chemical, drill brush and then extractor? Rubbing it with a cloth is just rubbing it deeper in the carpet.

  5. I m just curious if you can help me buying a good extractor machine.

    I used to have Mytee HP120

    Now i live in India. I need someone who can offer or bring me a good company extractor machine for detailing.

    Including shipping/custom and all.

    Please let me know

    And just a personal suggestion…. instead of using machine, try using magic eraser on seats…. it's less mess,less work and result is better in short time.
    Also please add Tornador in your aerosol.

    It will cut half your time.
    Classic for everything except carpet and black just for carpet….. works the best.

    Also if customer was paying for it, i would have applied armor all protection on panel/plastic/vinyl and cover rubber and some areas with quick shine aerosol spray

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