Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 14

Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 14

welcome back to Stauffer garage guys
today’s detail is a special video it is of a subscribers work truck his name is
Dwayne but his work truck was given to him by his brother
they were both mechanics that worked in it so when they’re getting in and out
I’ve worked it on a job covered in grease and dirt you know how that works
it gets transferred into the car so we’re gonna help them out and this is a
Mazda B3000 v6 pickup truck which essentially it’s a Ford Ranger so with
that being said I want to see in the comments below #rangerdanger
because it just sounds awesome and if you guys are new hit that subscribe
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guys don’t miss out on any new videos that come out so without further adieu
let’s get this car started with this complete disaster interior detail in the first step with any detail is always to get everything out of the vehicle that will be in your way when you’re trying to get
the job done all right so now that we got everything
out of the car the center console thing for all of his lights and strobe lights
and everything else is not gonna be able to come out because of the harness but
I’m gonna go and throw in my dust masks we’re gonna start vacuuming getting
everything kind of cleaned up exterior wise and just on the edge and then we’re
gonna start extracting and getting all the seats cleaned and the bad news you
guys can see from this clip here is that Ford uses these star bit pattern bolts
that I don’t have the bit for so I am actually not gonna be able to extract
the seats from the car no pun intended there the good news is it looks like the
carpet itself is not stained underneath the seats so pulling them out is not
gonna be a huge deal it just kind of makes your life easier if you can get
your seats out is a lot easier to get them clean we’re still gonna be able to
do use the drill brush and get everything extracted make this car look
like new again it just makes it a little bit more cumbersome we’ll make it happen now to aid in the vacuuming process once
I’ve gotten all the dirt and debris out of the way as I’m actually using this
tool than my wife picked up for me it’s called a Lily brush and it’s used for
specifically getting dog hair out of fibrous materials so carpets interiors
on your car or on your sofa it actually does a really good job of getting dog
hair out and a lot of you guys have been asking about what I would recommend this
is definitely the tool that you should give a try and as always any of the
products that you guys see me use in this video will be listed in the
description box below one thing I also recommend that you have
with you is either have your shop vac have one of the attachments with a brush
on it or a hard bristle brush to accompany in it that way if you have any
debris or dirt that’s kind of in those corners that are hard to get to you can
use the brush to get them agitate you can use that brush to get them loose and
then using the vacuum to suck em up it’s probably pretty obvious from these
shots how dirty this carpet is and it’s because this car was used as a roadside
assistance vehicle Dwayne and his brother use this when they were you know
going back and forth to work as mechanics and when they get in and out
of the car with all that grease and everything from working at the shop all
day it gets dirty and that’s kind of what you’re seeing here on the carpets
is all that caked on grease and oil and fuel and whatever else could possibly in
there from working on cars that’s what you’re seeing here now to get the carpets clean I’m
actually starting with Folex to use as a pretreatment in my drill brush to kind
of agitated all that fluid inside of those fibers get that dirt lifted from
the surface and get that product working on the fibers for about 10 to 15 minutes
before I use my extractor and in my extractor it’s just plain
water now for the second pass I’m actually
using an all-purpose cleaner that’s diluted about two five to one ratio and
you can see how much more that the drill brush is actually causing it to foam and
get that dirt lifted whereas with the first pass it was more of just trying to
get that initial scum layer that was essentially on the fibers off before I
could get to the main dirt below one thing I did pick up recently was a
new sprayer which if you guys have never used one before it’s the chemical
sprayers you can use typically for like when you’re working on your yard and
spraying chemicals to kill weeds it makes it a lot easier than having to
squeeze a spray bottle over and over again now moving on to the passenger seat
which is by far probably the dirtiest portion of the vehicle I’m gonna be
using my all-purpose cleaner as a pretreatment spray on there letting it
soak for five to ten minutes using the drill brush to kind of get it embedded
into the cloth fiber and because I wasn’t able to get the
seats out and made it more difficult and I definitely was not able to get every
single part of the seat it’s just part of the job when you can’t get it out but
I got as much as I possibly could and even just after one pass it really
brought the seats back to life and I didn’t even realize that the seats had
like that in teal and red kind of coloring to the to the stitching and for the seats in total I use two
passes about a week ago I asked you guys for
any Q&A questions you might have and what I’m gonna go ahead and do is answer
all of those questions on Instagram at Stoffer garage if you want to go over
there head over and follow me I’ll answer all those questions probably on
IG TV or in just stories in general but if you guys want to see those questions
head on over to Instagram and follow me in Stoffer garage once the passenger seat was done I rinse
it repeated the process on the driver side in the center seat now despite the seats being wet and I’m
gonna be soaking my shorts because I’m gonna be sitting on the wet seats when
I’m working on the rest of the interior I did the carpets in the seat first
because that way I could use my air dryer to get that interior dried out
before it ends up back to the customer so for today I’m actually gonna be
changing up slightly I’m gonna be using the 303 aerospace cleaner and aerospace
protectant I used to use these a lot in the past and I kind of used them and
then I kind of switched and tried some new stuff but 303 has been a product
that I’ve actually used for over 12 years I’m reusing the 303 cleaner for
all of the interior panels and then i’m using the protectant as a coating layer
kind of like I used to do with the chemical guys soak and shine as always I’m going to be using my soft
bristle brush to get into all those nooks and crannies that are hard to get
to then I also have these foam brushes which work really really well with
getting inside the air fence and getting them clean so you can use one to kind of
get into hard-to-reach spots that clean it and then use a second one to kind of
dry it and get any remaining dirt off that surface one recommendation I have is use a clean
microfiber towel for each section of the car so one microfiber towel for the door
panel one microfiber towel for half the dash and then another one for the others
half and kind of just split it up that way that way you always have a clean
towel and you’re not leaving any dirty residue on a new panel one nice touch to elevate your detail is
clean the door sills and the door frames thoroughly especially inside the hinges
and all of that area there using a bristle brush and your all-purpose
cleaner it just kind of elevates the car that much more and makes it much more
pleasant for you to either get in the car yourself or for if you’re doing it
for a customer for the door panels I utilized my drill
brush especially on the driver side where the armrest was it was very very
dirty and it’s this kind of caked on grease and dirt from being a mechanic
using the all-purpose cleaner the drill brush I got probably I would say 75% of
it out but I do think that there is some staining that happened to the material
that I wasn’t able to remove now for the windows I’m using invisible
glass as always probably my favorite glass cleaner of all time but one thing
that I recommend that you do is have two clean microfiber towels when you’re
cleaning a window use the first one to get the initial liquid and the dirt and
everything off and then use a second one as a follow-up to remove any streaking
or any remaining residue one requests that the customer had for
this one is to clean the seatbelts and in this case the driver side seatbelt
was particularly greasy and dirty and he said when he ever he wore a
light-colored shirt if it was like a hot or humid day it would actually leave a
band across his t-shirt because the seatbelt was so dirty so for cleaning it
I’m actually just using the steam cleaner the steam cleaner would lift a
lot of that dirt away from the surface and then just using a microfiber towel
to wipe it clean now for the rubber floor mats I’m just
using the all-purpose cleaner drill brush and then rinsing off before we put
it back into the vehicle alright guys so the car is done I’m
waiting for the owner to get here now but check out these before and after
shots it turned out awesome I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video
and make sure you stay to the end of these before and after shots for
Dwayne’s reaction of his car after I returned it to him I think the biggest
transformation for me was that passenger seat which turned out incredible and if
you guys liked today’s video make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe if
you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys in the next one you see not ask you
this thing was thanks oh well thank you for letting detailing man and appreciate

About the Author: Michael Flood


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