Consumer Reports’ 2016 Most Reliable Car Brands | Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports’ 2016 Most Reliable Car Brands | Consumer Reports

[WHOOSH] Here at Consumer
Reports, car reliability is just as important
as our testing. Even if a car does
well on our road test, we won’t recommend it
unless it’s reliable. That’s why we survey
our subscribers to find out about their
experiences with their cars. Our 2015 annual survey
provided a detailed look at more than 740,000 vehicles. And when we crunched
all that data, Lexus and Toyota came
in first and second as the most reliable brands
for the second year in a row. Audi continued its impressive
run of continuous improvement, finishing number three
among all brands. You may also want to
consider a Subaru, Kia, or Mazda, all of which scored
better than Honda in the brand rankings. Both Honda and its
Acura luxury brand suffered in this year’s survey. Honda models with the
new Continuously Variable Transmissions or CVTs
were troublesome. Acura was hit with
a double whammy. It experienced problems with
the eight-speed dual clutch and nine-speed
automatic transmissions in newer vehicles, as well as
headaches with its AcuraLink infotainment system. Similarly, both Nissan and
Infiniti, its luxury division, had models plagued
with problems. Nissan uses CVTs in
most of their vehicles, but the new one in some
redesigned products have been particularly
troublesome. Infiniti continues to
experience woes with its InTouch infotainment system. But what about domestic brands? Once again, thanks to its
overall good reliability, Buick ranks among the top 10. But the good news ends
there for the Big Three. The rest of the domestics
finished in the bottom half of the rankings. While Ford moved
up in the standings among the worst
performers, it continues to have issues with its power
shift six-speed automatic. General Motors fared even worse. GMC, Chevrolet, and Cadillac
occupy the bottom one third of our manufacturer rankings. Cadillac’s CUE
infotainment system continues to be
particularly troublesome. At Fiat Chrysler Automobiles,
the struggles continue. It produced five of
the worst seven brands, with Ram, Jeep, and
Fiat the bottom three among our subscribers. In fact, no Fiat,
Jeep, or Ram model even managed an average score. The biggest headache
for Fiat Chrysler came from transmission problems. Jeeps with the new
nine-speed automatic and both Dodge and Fiat vehicles
using the six-speed dual clutch automatics had low
reliability scores. Outside of Audi, the European
manufacturers were a mixed bag. MINI, BMW, Volkswagen,
and Porsche finished in the middle one
third, ahead of the domestics. But Mercedes Benz
struggled, coming in just ahead of the problematic
Fiat Chrysler brands. As for Tesla, we
received 1,400 responses from Model S owners who
told us their cars aren’t very reliable. With that news, the electric
car company dropped from average to below average. For more details from the 2015
Annual Auto Survey check out

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. This survey is based on manual input from followers or what? If so it is not reliable. Fans will always vote for their brand no matter how bad it is. Audi on 3rd place is not really beleivable imho……

  2. on 19 December my 2016 subaru outback touring could not starting at all even though battery is good, and still with dealer they couldn't find what causes. all lights work, tailgate works, key works to lock/unlock vehicle except the key would not start the engine whatsoever. anyone experienced such situation?

  3. I haven't had any issues with my 16 Honda Civic…at least not yet…just the apple car play and a cab rattle…both were fixed at the dealership….

  4. I agree, all the new Honda's are just terrible! Sure, they look good, but that's all they have, good looks and fast talking salesmen.

  5. Toyota toyota toyota (Lexus) …or any car with a timing belt instead of a timing chain you can keep .. Chrysler vans used to have engines that had timing chain free spinning builds that would last forever however nothing beats a toyota nothing !

  6. I have 2016 Corolla S Premium, fully loaded with sunroof, navigation, etc. It currently has over 50,000 miles and not a single problem. My mom has a 2016 Dodge. Already she has had engine light on, interior trims falling off and electric problems. She regrets buying it and says her next vehicle will be a Toyota. I'm a Toyota fan for life.

  7. Chrysler is a joke. After Fiat took over Dodge they quit caring about their customers. Horrible experience with Chrysler. Don't care how good their cars look. They always have electrical issues and then your stuck fighting for Warranty work. Any major repair Fiat will go into Blame the Customer mode and will find any reason to leave you paying out of the pocket. 5k mistake I'll never make again. I've owned Vipers, SRT8. and many other Chrysler/Dodge products. Never again. Had over 1 year fight with Fiat over my vehicle. Had electrical issues and took the dealer over a year to find it after replacing about everything. Fiat wouldn't honor my warranty because of my oil change receipts didn't have the full VIN number. Company is a fraud when it comes to service/warranties.

  8. I have a 2016 Audi A4 with around 24k miles. It has never had any issue whatsoever. They are pretty reliable although my car is fairly new, I have never had any issues.

  9. There is something seriously wrong within the U.S. auto industry. The technology for reliability is definitely there, but it obviously isn't used like Toyota and Lexus use it. I will never buy an American car for that reason (well, except for my '96 Dodge 1 ton with the Cummins diesel. The truck is not a good truck except for the engine. The engine is superb.).

  10. I have a 06 Lexus and it's still amazing. I have a 99 Mustang GT and it's also still amazing. Was convinced on buying a Jeep SRT, until I started doing research and finding out that they are pieces of CRAP!!! WTF!!! Maybe I should give the new Mercedes E class coupe another look, since the Jeep product is apparently garbage…. WHY do these car companies suck so dam bad. I would buy another Lexus, but I'm just not in love with anything they have besides the LFA.

  11. My brother always boasts to his customers about how the products he installed were ranked hi or best w/consumer reports, and i installed a different product, i can remember many points they didn't even cover, and i said to him those scientists aren't installers.

  12. I don't understand why Kia would be rated better than Hyundai when there share the same engines, transmissions, and electronics.

  13. Why isn't Hyundai on this list? There are probably more Elantra on the road than any car, yet no mention. Such a blaring omission really puts your review in question.

  14. Only thing bout Toyotas is that they last
    But they don’t have no unique feature,looks
    Build quality , comfort is worse compared to cars of the vw group

  15. I only buy toyota or lexus vehicles. My lexus ls430 has 286000 miles. No major problems. Original alternator and starter. Regular maintenance brake pads and etc.. just replace the timing belt, water pump, serpentine belt pulleys, and spark plugs every 100000 miles.

  16. It amazes me how people could go to a dealeship and spend thousands of $s on unreliable cars without doing their research with all the info. and tech.that we have today if you want areliable car #1 is toyota you cant go wrong with. a corolla #2 honda those two are your best bet

  17. This is the most I’ll-fitting background music ever, it’s like some shitty celtic pop-jazz fusion being played 3x too loud

  18. I don't trust consumer reports. There have been 9 GM's in my family over the years with well over 220,000 miles on them with no major repairs. And what about all of the older Chevy truck on YouTube with over 300,000 miles??? And not a thing about Buicks 3800 v6?!! Humm makes you wonder…

  19. Honda/Acura are very reliable vehicles. I don’t understand the hate towards them. They are all I’ve owned and everyone that I know owns them have not had any issues with none of the models. Honda/Acura 💯

  20. I was recently in the market for a new car and watched endless reviews on YT. Not ONE even mentioned reliability! ALL were highly focused on extremely subjective appearance and technological TOYS … mostly expensive to repair junk!
    Want an honest assessment regarding reliable vehicles? Ask CONSUMER REPORTS! I have for 43 years!
    BTW: I bought a Hyundai Elantra GT.

  21. BMW 428i, most unreliable car I have owned. Vibration problem after 6 mths, even BMW couldn't fix. Car became undrivable. Got fobbed off by the dealer and BMW customer services. Complete joke.

  22. Honda and Nissan are falling off. Toyota and Mazda's and Hyundai/Kia just keep getting better. However think about what was said and it is obvious that consumer reports cannot be that reliable. How can Volkswagen be that unreliable, yet audi's are top? Volkswagen owns both. Are Hondas really that bad? No. Are Chevy's really that unreliable? No. GM makes both Buick and Chevrolet… if CR says Buick is in the top for reliability how far off do you really think Chevy or GMC are. People have a tendency to only respond about their vehicles when they are surprised or upset. This works in hyundai/kias favor for surprising people every year with better cars. It also works against any company that has a couple problems with a few of their models. People get upset and are more likely to report on those issues. The average car is unreported. Nobody says, my car is so average and decent that I think I'll report it on this survey
    It's called survey bias.

  23. i have a 2002 nissan frontier xe v6 with 290k miles, i have an oil leak and thats about it, its mpg isnt that good but the reliabilty is unbeatable at least to me

  24. Top 10 reliable brands in 2019 (imo)
    Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Kia, Mazda, Hyundai, Acura, Nissan, Buick

    Top 10 least reliable brands in 2019 (most to least problematic)
    BMW, Fiat/Chrysler, Porsche, Audi, Chevy, Jeep, Benz, Dodge, VW, Ford
    I'm not a technician but I think this is pretty accurate but again just my opinion

  25. Ever since Mazda stopped with Ford, their reliability has skyrocketed. I think people don’t give Mazda a chance because they think their still owned by Ford. Mazda makes probably the BEST and most high quality interiors for a mainstream/non-luxury brand. People now are buying more and more Mazda’s since they partnered up with Toyota and made the Mazda 2/Toyota Yaris under Toyota’s name. If a car company is gonna partner up with another one, might as well do it from the best

  26. This is not accurate! You put honda below mazdas? Honda is either first or second. This might be toyota sponsored review. Toyota now are not as reliable as before but are a lot way better than others and Hondas are not far beyond Toyotas. They could be tie at number one spot.

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