Consumer Reports 2018 Most Reliable Car Brands

Consumer Reports 2018 Most Reliable Car Brands

For some people, their
favorite car brand is like their
favorite sports team. They stick by them, win or lose. But how do you know if you
can count on your favorite car brand? Consumer Reports
is here to help. Our annual reliability survey
covers over 640,000 vehicles owned by CR subscribers. Brand rankings are based
on the average predicted reliability scores of an
automaker’s entire model line-up. This year, our survey
compared 27 manufacturers, and we saw significant
movement among the rankings. Once again, Toyota and Lexus
take the top two positions respectively, although they
swapped spots from last year. The sister companies continue
to uphold their reputations for giving owners
solid reliability. Nearly all models
from these two brands have average or
above average scores, with the exception of
Toyota’s Tacoma pickup, which is below average. Kia breaks into the top
three, jumping two spots from last year. The move comes thanks to the
success of the all-new Niro hybrid. It’s not only Kia’s
most reliable model. It’s also the most reliable
new car in our entire survey. This year’s biggest jump
though goes to Chrysler, climbing 10 spots on our list. It’s improved ranking is
due to the all new Pacifica minivan, which earns an
average reliability rating. Other Fiat-Chrysler brands
like Jeep, Dodge, and Ram also showed improvement. However, Chrysler still sits
in the bottom half of our ranks as the spotty reliability
of its 300 sedan dropped to below
average this year. In fact, it wasn’t a great year
for any American automaker. Buick remains the top-ranked
American brand in our survey, but the company
dropped five spots, landing eighth on our list. Ford was second best
among the Americans, but only managed to secure
the 15th spot overall. All brands from General
Motors dropped as well, especially Cadillac, which has
the worst predicted reliability for any brand in 2018. All of their models
are below average. And the big,
expensive Escalade SUV is one of the least
reliable models for a second year in a row,
according to our subscribers. European brands fared better and
were generally more reliable. Audi and BMW kept
their top 10 rankings, while both Mercedes-Benz
and Volkswagen climbed up the charts. We can’t say the same for Volvo. The company’s XC90
SUV has been riddled with infotainment problems. XC90 owners who
responded to our survey echoed that feeling,
which placed it among the least reliable
new cars for 2018. For more on reliability and
our full brand rankings, check out

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. CR is as reliable and trustworthy as president Trump. All European and American made cars are overpriced junk. Stick with Japanese. You'll be glad you did.

  2. The problem with infotainment reliability is many new cars run several systems through their infotainment screen, e.g. heating / cooling, sound, navigation, etc. etc.
    Give me analogue controls anyday.

  3. Enough about the infotainment = reliability, people!!…if they would've re-word it…would it have made a difference? It's still an expensive problem I would like to know about before I would purchase…

  4. GM is garbage and they want more for there stuff than reliable car company's. First quarter they don't turn a trillion dollar profit they lay everyone off.

  5. Lol at consumer reports and fca being top 10. People that know about cars know better not to buy any fca products.

  6. Whats behind the 2018 Tacoma ranking below average reliability? My 2007 has 270k and other than regular maintenance, Ive only had to replace the alternator, thats it. Most reliable vehicle Ive ever owned by a country mile. What happened in 2018?

  7. At least we all know toyota will always be number one. That's all we need to know. Everyone, go out and buy a toyota. Now!

  8. Honda is having major problems. Class action lawsuits in almost 50 states. 1.5 turbos are all suffering from oil corrosion due to gas leaking in. We all know their nine speed transmission is junk. I was a Honda guy for many years in 2018 I decided to buy a Toyota because of the real big problems Hondas having with their engines.

  9. I went from a 2016 Ford F-150 to a 2018 Ram 1500 and couldn’t be happier. I had to get rid of the Ford before the warranty ran out or it would have bankrupt me. Drove Fords for 30 years but that was my last.

  10. You know this list is a joke when Chrysler is on here. Jeep, seriously!? My friend bought a new jeep Trailhawk. He had it for 6 months and the transmission blew on him. And since then it's been in the shop at least once a month for break downs. Don't even get me started on dodge.

  11. No Yankee shite box should be in the list. Euro or Asian. If you’re new to the car world, get yourself an Asian car. If you have further knowledge about engineering, get European. The problem with some of the European drivers I’ve met are they tend to service their car like if their servicing a Ford Focus. Of course it’s going to go to the shit house within less than 80k miles.

  12. no one can beat Toyota (or Honda 🙂 ) reliability….after all íts just transportation vehicle and should last long just like Toyota/Lexus!

  13. You know this is BS when anything from FCA is in one of the top spots. I’m sure CR saw those numbers, but that only means that their data pool must be very small.

  14. Not to take away anything from Toyota’s which are very reliable vehicles, but I am on my third Honda vehicle with never a problem after many thousands of miles. My current vehicle is a 2006 Honda CRV with over 174,000 miles on it, and the thing runs as smooth as silk. Only things needing replacement are normal maintenance items such as tires, brakes, and battery. The mechanic who works on my vehicle has a 2006 CRV as well with over 325,000 miles on it.

  15. Reliability should be based upon just that- that you can RELY on the car to have no mechanical issues. You should not factor in infotainment as a reason.

  16. How can you rate 2018 reliability without having 100,000 miles on it? It could work perfect and then at high mileage start to grenade. Reliability is long term

  17. How can you rate 2018 reliability without having 100,000 miles on it? It could work perfect and then at high mileage start to grenade. Reliability is long term

  18. Oh no! My car ‘infotainment system’ is too hard to work! A lack of technological proficiency should not deem *all* of a car ‘unreliable’. What matters is if the engine starts every morning and if it gets you from a to b without issue. That is the true in stone definition of reliability.

  19. Germans use Mercedes E-class diesel as a taxi , why the fuck you think they use this car as a taxi ? i tell you why ,because is going 1 mill km with no major problems ,is the best car on the market i owned over 10 car brands and this car E-class i have it since 2009 and i didn't have any problem!stop making shit and fake videos

  20. I don't trust consumers report….anti union and people lie about their Toyotas because they are embarrassed…ask any mechanic..they all have the same problems..Toyota and honda are more expensive to fix

  21. Has anyone seen the new Buick regal GS….. My gosh if you haven't please do if it shocks me that Buick has not pushed THIS vehicle in more commercials!!

  22. "a" survey from one source, and Chevy makes out like it was the all and conclusive survey of all time. 0:19​ "Projected Reliability" is a fantasy , you can't judge reliability of a brand new unused item. Try the test again after 150k miles.

  23. BMW, realible? Yeah until they hit about 50k. They are great cars until then. I have known to many people that owned bmw’s and all had some form of engine issues. All under 100k. This list was all over the place. I was thinking they would be putting up top ten, not who went up and who went down. Hyundai has risen but no mention at all. Realible is all about getting you from point a to point b. Talk about the cars that exceed 100k and how they perform then. Not on gimmicks and features like this stupid list. Longevity is what realible is all about.

  24. I don’t get it! Who bought CR? Those who trust them! So if they trust them how come they will buy a product that had received a bad rating? And if they trust them the most of the subscribers will fallow their advices! So how is it possible that the survey can be accurate if the majority buy Japanese? If they don’t why do they subscribe to that magazine?

  25. I was surprised kia was high the list, but it made sense after chrysler was up next, this list isn't accurate. I did the first oil change/tire rotation on a brand new jeep grand cherokee, when i took off the wheels the screws in the rotors all fell out. yes, they didn't screw in the screws at the factory… they aren't necessary but still, that's sad

  26. Reliability should include repair costs and ease of repair and re-sale value, lets not forget longevity with scheduled maintenance being kept. How easy is scheduled maintenance and the cost of it!!!!

  27. My 1993 Toyota Landcruiser 80 series had 490k miles on it when I sold it 9 years ago and it is still going strong ftom what I hear !! I have owned 5 Toyota's in my life and all were bullit proof and never ever had one thing go wrong !! Toyota/Lexus is the best !! If you think any different you are a racist in denial !!!

  28. I have a new 2018, 50,000, Toyota which has had multiple failures, including the accelerator pedal failure which has almost caused an accident. You need to enter into arbitration. Force these giant companies to stand behind their products. You should also report any failures to I will never buy a new Toyota or any other vehicle that does not respond when given clear direction. Who is responsible for accidents when my car does not respond to my commands.

  29. How can they reasonably be called reliable with only one year of operation? I would like to see results for vehicles with 300,000 miles of service or a decade. My vehicle will have 400,000 miles on thd odometer this year. It has the original engine, transmission, drive axles, and has had little work done to it. I bought it new in 1996. This may be thd last year for the factory transmission. But what a service life the NV3550 five speed manual transmission has had, 23 years! The engine easily has over a decade left on it and probably 100,000+ miles before the first rebuild.

  30. I have my 2018 crv. Have that gas smell and my high beam is not working. I been to the honda to fix. They said my car is one to have oil dilution problem and said they fix it. Told them I have these gas smell in my car and high beam not working.
    There answers:
    Gas problem- they cannot duplicate it so they cannot fix it.
    High beam problem- said its not on auto position( which is not true because im night shift employee I always used auto lights). And told me to read the manual page 47 and set it my self( I did). But the problem is still there. I've been 3x to honda same problem. But still not fix. And they want me to rate them 10 for satisfaction. Frustrated.
    I hope someone cold help me.

  31. I can’t help it, but I laugh at the feather brains driving Cadillacs. Just the insurance premiums have to be hefty.

  32. unreal… KIA is now more reliable than FORD. and how the hell are we rating vehicles that have been out a year or less??? Chrysler??? #5? What a bunch of horse shit…

  33. no matter how reliable kia vehicles are, it wont last that long. generally speaking, korean cars only lasts about 10 years and below unlike japanese cars

  34. All the vehicles I had Nissan and my 1993 Dodge Ram.I had a 84 Ford Tempo then Nissan Sentra ,caught hell from Jeep Cherokee, Dodge Ram another Jeep Cherokee Nissan XE and now GMC Canyon 2011.Im want to hurry and pay this off and look for my next truck.I took my Canyon to a mechanic who gave me the thumbs up .I thought like that I've found out that this vehicle doesnt have the original transmission .I learned this after getting the transmission oil changed.Iwould also start hearing a noise after having this done what has me unnerved is that I was told that I didnt need this part but it came with the truck. I dont know how many months it's been but could it have had something with my hose coming off

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