Corvette ZR1 dash Vs Razor Blade. I have lost my mind

Corvette ZR1 dash Vs Razor Blade. I have lost my mind

Hey before I begin this video you see
that right there that’s my friend Carlos he works for mmr wheels in California
absolutely great guy great company but he makes a
bold statement in our C8 Corvette group by the way if you’re not part of
that group there’s a link in the description more and welcome to join in
whoever puts on Lambo dork it’s on their new c8 gets a beat-down by all the
members there I said it you can see my response I’m going to
come get me so we have a little challenge here you think Carlos is gonna
come get us if I put lambo doors on my c8 so here’s my challenge to you if you
don’t already subscribe to this channel and you hit that subscribe button and
this channel gets to 300,000 subscribers before I get my c8 I will put lambo
doors on my car day one tell a friend hit that subscribe button let’s have a
little fun hey everyone welcome back to the channel I hope you’re having a
fantastic day I’m really excited because if you look over here I know it’s tough
to see in there but inside that third garage door right there is that 2019 zr1
with 200 miles on it that car has been on this channel for about 90 days and
they kind of give you an idea of 90 days my wife and I went on our 20th wedding
anniversary we were gone for 15 days on that vacation and it didn’t sell it was
here before we went on a vacation it’s now here and here we are on August 12th
September 12th September 12th here we are and that car’s still here well I’m
proud to say that it is leaving is found a new home and there’s a story behind
this car I’ve actually sold this car five times since May five times we’re
going to talk about it in this video but before we start talking about that I get
this thing cleaned up finished up ready to go because it’s going on a transport
to Louisiana can you believe this is actually going south of New Orleans
which I’ve been to New Orleans a couple of times love New Orleans and I didn’t
realize that when you go to New Orleans there’s you know there’s part of
Louisiana to the west right so there’s you actually go south there so that’s
where this is going and the gentleman who bought it
it’s not a youtube subscriber didn’t know who I was before he about this he
does now and this car is replacing his wrecked
zo6 alright there it is the shipper is here I’m excited to get this thing gone
because it’s kind of been a nightmare I’m gonna tell you the story here five
car sales I remembered a sixth and then I just did something totally stupid
with this car but we gotta get a cold start on this vehicle and let it go off
the showroom floor and I’m gonna tell you that story nice home in Louisiana that car may be
back here though one day customers probably gonna trade that in because he
wants a/c 8:06 will stay tuned to see if that car comes back to this dealership
from Louisiana so we sold this car six separate times one of the times one of
my colleagues here sold it and it was somebody really who we feel just was
pretending to want to buy a car they kept saying hey we will buy it we’ll buy
a considered sold they worked the deal and they had no money they said they
start they were getting cash out of the bank gonna give a certified check and
just never showed back up the second time that we sold it was actually to a
gentleman who contacted the dealership while was on vacation wasn’t followed up
with correctly contacted me again while I was back from vacation Sonny was gonna
buy it was gonna come in from Virginia I think he’s a subscriber to the channel
or at least knows who I am follows me and I’m driving home on a three-way call
with his banker and simply tell him I need a partial payment a deposit on the
vehicle so that way none of my other 70 sales guys here can sell the car and it
was simply put that exact way nothing pressure nothing crazy and he says
excuse me I said yeah I just need to deposit you know so that way you know I
can market sold and yada yada yada and he flips out on me absolutely goes
nuts on the phone on the phone with this banker says ham will be pressured blah
blah blah blah blah and told his banker hey don’t don’t worry about not buying
this car any morning this hangs up the phone never to contact me again text him
a couple of times call him a couple times I don’t know that was all about
another time that this car was sold was so somebody I had some conversation with
a few years ago disrespected one of my sales guys here disrespected me and I
put him in his place I will not be disrespected especially on the showroom
floor and I put this guy in his place and this guy was driving a Tesla Model X
wrapped in his company’s and this guy’s a multi-millionaire but
he just disrespected us and I don’t care who you are I don’t care your net worth
your value you get treated accordingly how you treat me and others here so I
kind of put him in his place and you know and I think we got kind of going
fine after the after the fact and egos kind of slowed down and you know what
not never talk to this guy again comes up in this McLaren 720’s and everybody’s
talking about it school is a seven 20s and he’s talking
about trucks and Camaros and blah blah blah and he walks in and this is after
we powder coat the wheels black on this car and he looks at this zr1 he says wow
I’ve got to have this car so I’m like hey we can make it happen
I told him about the powder coating of the wheels he said yeah I would have
never bought this car if it had chrome wheels so I said okay sweet we did the
right decision there got everything done he’s gonna title it in his LLC in
Montana so he doesn’t have to pay sales tax and sweet another problem he says
let me think about it just real quick to make sure I do one another black car
and he’s on his private plane and he literally picture males me text messages
me his American Express black card put five grand on it and hold it he jacks me
around for two weeks and just never comes through I just kind of got pissed
off with him and refunded his money and told him innit you know don’t want to do
business with him anymore and I really think that was kind of
maybe retaliation from a couple years prior that he was just kind of like you
know what I got I got you know fu money and I’m just gonna screw with this sales
got for two weeks and that’s what he did that’s fine you know I should have kept
his money but it wasn’t worth even messing with it and then the last time
that you saw that earlier in the video that the car was actually leaving the
dealership getting on the transport and headed to the South was for Trent new
customer mine doesn’t follow me on YouTube didn’t know who I was introduced
myself told him that I’d hook him up on this car and everything went really
really smooth and so we got transport going all that
good stuff it’s here I showed you begin to the video that is right here in the
third garage door right there and getting ready to go and didn’t have to
do anything and it was all good to go I think I think the night before I set
there and filled it up with gas for him parked it right there and was ready to
go for transport right at 9:00 a.m. the next morning so I get here a little bit
early make sure it’s wiped down make sure it’s clean everything is good to go
and what I did not do was you remember this Lexus you didn’t see this Lexus in
yesterday’s or last week’s video check this out I’ll put a little little
icon in the top right-hand corner so we have this sticker here and this sticker
here on the vehicle the red sticker comes usually on the outside of the
vehicle and this area the white sticker is placed on the inside of the vehicle
in this area so it’s kind of like the window stickers right so the white
sticker is in a same spot as that window sticker affixed all the way on like that
so that was the only thing I really had to do to the car is get those two
stickers off the orange one comes off really easy it’s not that big of a deal
the white one just like that window sticker I was showing you a fixes to the
whole window and you have to clean it off well you can see the result and
which is the thumbnail of this video we are not putting it on this hundred
thousand dollar car in a nutshell on this window we just placed it in the
dash so a very common practice for dealership is we use razor blade there
have a couple different razor blades you can see that one there that one there
this is the one that I got I don’t know why I got this one I usually don’t use
it much but actually I tell you I know exactly why you got this one because
this has got this long handle and with the Corvette window sloping down so low
that I can sit here like this and scoop down on that residue that’s left over
it’s a very common practice to do that and you know never had an issue never
done anything stupid almost 20 years in sellin cars I’ve never done anything
stupid with a razor blade so we got to go off of my
reputation of handling razor blades okay so I’m done doing that and I’m standing
kind of like this or something’s not effect obviously my hand down a little
bit lower but I have it up high to kind of show you and somebody said something
to me and I do this and I turn and this goes rip right into the – it didn’t hit
me right away that it went into the – it was a second later I sit there and think
where did I just do what did I just feel through my left hand and I look and I
see this and I’m like you’ve got to be kidding me
you’ve got to be kidding me I probably said some explicit language in my head
because there was customers around and this transport driver was here and I’m
like what do i do what do i do what do I do and so I called my buddy Sean
he owns auto fixation here in Louisville who just dropped that razor blade yeah
let’s go back let’s go back to my history and I’m Himmel one razor blades
so I call him he comes over looks at it he can fix it with no problem he does
this stuff every day that’s his profession and he does it awesome but
I’ve got to tell the customer I can’t sit here and fix this – and not tell a
customer so I text the customer show him all the pictures after it’s all done and
fixed and he’s like hey as long as you can’t see it I’m happy with as long as
it stays fixed I’m happy with it I don’t care and I would be the same way I’m
very very picky on things but luckily I’m inside the business and I know
what’s going on once it got done my wife happened to come into the dealership and
I said hey will you look at this – and do you see any repairs and she couldn’t
see us so she didn’t know where it was that she couldn’t find it nothing and so
here’s the picture of it fixed now you’re gonna say well hey I can see that
because you know where the cuts at and it happened to cut just in a little itty
bitty dimple and if you look around the – there’s actually dimples like
pressures like maybe where somebody’s put their thumb or or anything like that
hands of wipe the window down or whatever the case may be so having some
imperfections waves and that – is very common so customer gets the
car the next day and he has five separate people look at it he’s
reporting back to me I asked him right away
hey any problems with the dash where you think about he says yeah I can’t tell
where it was that he has five separate people look at it and nobody can pick it
out so thank goodness for Shawn at Auto
fixation here in Louisville he just saved my butt on a hundred and forty
thousand dollar car and just as I showed you earlier with this lexus RC 500 we
are not putting that sticker on the window because we do not want to have
that issue again so there’s the story of my time with that 2019 zr1 now this car
was replacing a wrecked zo6 you see that here on the screen as well for the
customer so I’m excited that we were able to replace this car for him and
he’s happy I’ve talked to him since and he’ll buy from us again so we’re good to
go on that and I just thought that it would be cool to tell you the story
about the zr1 and the time that we had it here and the interactions we had with
people on this and and the unfortunate side of me putting a razor blade through
$140,000 car tell you my gut just sunk when that happened so hope you enjoyed
the story as always thank you again so much for watching we need to get to
300,000 subscribers if we can do that before my CA comes when my see it gets
here I will put a lambo doors on my CA and maybe be the first person in the
world to put lambo doors on his c8 yes I will do that because my friend Carlos
and M are our wheels said he was gonna beat up anybody who said that and are
who did that so I love Carlos I love him are our wheels so we’ll have a little
fun with them make sure he that subscribe button thanks again for
watching have a great day and drive safely

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  4. You will hate the Lambo doors. Check out StreetSpeed717s vids after he added them to one of his C7s. He basically said it ruined the car.

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  7. Yeah I work at the ford dealership as a lot tech and I absolutely hate it when the stickers are placed like that on the windshield. They are a pain in the butt to remove especially if they are closer to the bottom of the windshield

  8. I have unsubscribed from your channel because of your clickbait photos. There is no reason for you to do that. You keep saying you don't do clickbait but showing a photo of your boss pointing a finger at you IS a clickbait photo as well as several of your photos lately. You shouldn't lower the level of the channel. It's not funny or clever.

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    Also I've seen (as a former sales-manager) MANY cars sold with deposits from dealerships.Customers would show up just to be told the car “just sold”and tried to be up sold or the old bait & switch. With no regard to that customers time.

    So understand both sides…

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  15. I'll say it, taking a razor blade into a $140k car should not happen. FULL STOP. If you are on a regular basis, it will happen again. Basic mechanic/detailer policy e.g don't put things in your top pocket that can fall out (mechanic style Dickies shirts) otherwise you will be leaning over the engine and…tinkle tinkle.

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  18. Mike, I thought you handled that extremely well. Especially with the complicating factor of the transport truck waiting on the car. My guess is most (90%), would have shipped the car as is and when reported by the customer would have claimed, no awareness about the issue likely claiming it probably occurred during transport . Most of the remaining 10% (say 9+%) would have delayed the transport to repair it quickly and NOT told the customer. Your honesty, even when it hurts, is what puts you in the top 1%. You are an asset to Chevrolet. Thanks for always treating the customer as you would want to be treated…even when no one is looking. My guess is your name will be on a Chevrolet dealership one day, and your example and high expectations in your salespeople will result in a very successful operation.

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  24. Lambo doors,while your at it put 1000 lbs of lead in it too. Those doors add weight. Why do you think carbon fiber is used? To save weight. Lighter Fighter.

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