Could This Driver Have Stopped This Bus Fight? (Video)

Could This Driver Have Stopped This Bus Fight? (Video)

John moody is a bus driver in Florida
who just recently retired but authorities are questioning him because
of an incident that occurred on a bus that he was driving there was a 13-year-old boy who was
attacked by three 15-year-old boys and he didn’t do much to help the
situation let’s take a look at the video school bus driver john moody looks on in
who are pleading with the dispatcher to send someone to stop the vicious attack yeah police say three 15-year-old attacked
the thirteen-year-old after he told school officials that one
had tried to selling drugs or boy so so John moody as said that he felt frightened by the
incident he didn’t want to intervene because he was worried for his own
safety I mean there are three 15-year-old boys you can obviously see
that they’re extremely violent so he did call the authorities
immediately but he didn’t get involved what’s interesting is i why is Magic
Johnson driving a bus that’s what’s interesting it’s okay he
just retired so he’s not like some young healthy like whippersnapper who collided
involving gets crappy enough to fight three 15-year-olds of this
thirteen-year-old I’m but there was a police chief who
made a comment to WFLA a local news station these are the
following: there was clearly an opportunity for him to intervene and/or check on the welfare up the
children or the child in this case and he didn’t make any effort to do so
however %uh recent updates to this story indicate
that he will not face any charges for not getting involved I have a decision when I read the story
before I so the video I thought me I dunno man
fifteen-year-olds it can go either way after I saw the video clearly not guilty look I wish he had found a way to help
the kid because you feel sick for what’s happening to the kid and AP time people attacking crowds I
always feel like this I mean what does that prove it so
sickening lady there’s approve your tough call me in my two other friends who are both two years
older than you wanna beating you like they are the
proud about that anyway but those fifteen year olds are big tits
I mean they worked I needed their big tits for their bus driver to try to step in the middle
that is gonna put himself in harm’s way yeah you know you might hope that he had
the courage to do that but you can’t mandate that he had the courage to do I
agree and other schools policy states that he does not have to get
involved %uh so he basically followed the rules he he went
with his instinct and I think that he did the right thing um now I should give you guys an update
on the thirteen-year-old he did suffer some broken bones into black guys the
three 15-year-olds got arrested and are facing assault

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Even though i think something should have been done, the bus driver should have stayed where he was. He called for help, thats what he us suppose to do.

  2. 1 no, but 3 yes. Id like to see you try and stop 3 people who are intent and violent. Maybe the guy had no confidence in his fighting ability if it came to that. unless you have been trained to fight multiple people at once. and for the record, Zimmerman SHOULD NOT HAVE FOLLOWED TRAYVON. period. At the very very least he should have keep his distance while keeping him in site. And all you "rightys" are out of touch with reality.:) but the country is waking up to how idiotic the right is at least

  3. One "unarmed teen" was essentially fighting 1 "unarmed man". The firearm only came into play when it became absolutely necessary. It's not like it was a gunfight.

  4. 3 years hard labor and education in accounting/construction to give these young turds a chance at a real job once they get out of prison should be enough. Drug war doesn't work.

  5. Why is not the issue THREE BLACK DRUG DEALERS , COMMIT FELONY ASSAULT ON LAW ABIDING WHITE STUDENT. "O' because it does not fit your political agenda of race pandering for political power. I hope one day the minority's you have enslaved give you what you deserve.

  6. I can tell you their reaction. They would debate whether or not it was a racist act, they may call "supreme court", and majority would decide it wasn't racist, because there isn't enough information to come to a reasonable conclusion.
    Now what?

  7. the rule of selling drugs near/at a school is BS…whats the difference if its there or in an alley? "children" of such age should be learning lifes lessons/imperfections as soon as possible. the 13yo just learned even though he was taught to obey/protect the BS rules, it may very well come back to bite him in the ass. he deserved it for intervening with something that shouldnt be controlled/attempted. if they tried to sell him a gun, then i could maybe understand him trying to be a hero (cont)

  8. respect for the species, i see everything on a larger scale, mankind is a joke, and keeps getting "funnier"…i would have more respect if i didnt dislike the big picture so much…the same people that tell us we cant buy/sell/use drugs look the other way as 15k kids starve2deth each day. our worlds are divided for a reason. CONTROL…be a good little slave and stay in your sector, or else. our rulers are playing chess, they know that 13yo pawn will someday serve them. thx 2 those illegal "drug"

  9. and…just look at how many of these idiots comments are turning this into a race issue. one more huge benifit to keeping drugs demonized…it helps keep the poor segregated. we while watch the right hand, the left hand fist fucks us all

  10. its not his job to break up fights, honestly. he is a bus driver, not a referee. if the children act like fucking animals, then they should have security on the bus.

  11. Instead of people blaming and elderly bus driver for not intervening they should blame the other kids on the bus. They could have stepped in and out numbered the attackers, but they didn't because they are cowards.

  12. Why are you being fake…stop impersonating George Zimmerman and grow the real balls to say what you have to say or please it down…we all know your a fake little troll. We really don't like your kind around here.

  13. You know what, the bus driver is right… I feel horrible for the 13 year old, but if he touched a hair on the head of the thugs, he would be in a world of trouble b/c we all know the mommies of those thugs find their sons so precious they would sue the bricks off the school building b/c the bus driver had no "right" to touch them.

  14. I hate how no one helps out the kid that gets beat up. I've gotten ganged up by two guys after gym in the locker room and no one helped out. However, someone started attacking my friend and I helped him because the bully was taking it to another level. Makes me hate people.

  15. But it's got nothing to do with me, the other guy said he'd rather resort to violence comparing his life and personality to mine. My reply was telling him what he would do would land him in jail and jobless. You are taking my comment out of context to make an unrelated point. I'm not bragging it's called a "rebuttal".

  16. Had the bus driver intervened…the parents of the 15 year old delinquents would have sued him…the school and bus company for touching their kids

  17. I agree a kid died for no reason and zimm was stupid for following him, but I'm sorry but if someone is following you you do not confront and attack them. You find a police officer or run away. Murder is a defined crime and what zimm did, would not have filled the requirements for any court. Manslaughter sure, but the prosecution had flimsy evidence to start with.

  18. Doesn't really matter if it's necessary, as long as the person being assaulted sees it as necessary. It's not a boxing match with preset expectations and regulations.

    Who instigated it will never be known for sure. Zimmerman shouldn't have gotten out of the car, that much is certain.

    "Murder" would demand that it was unjustified killing, which it was not.

  19. No mention of race in this whole video. If this was a black kid and 3 white teens they would still be talking about it. Fuck you TYT.

  20. Zimmerman wasn't fat at the time of the shooting he got fat over the year following it to make it look that way and people for it lol. I got jumped by 8 dudes like the ones in this video and i was ok afterwards most people live in good neighborhoods and they dont see shit like this that happens everyday and when they do see it it's the worst thing they've ever seen but trust me he got off easy, where i'm from he'd be dead. GZ is a grown man MMA trained did he have to shoot a 17 year old kid ?

  21. I'm not saying the kid deserved to be beaten–but why is he snitching on guys who sell drugs? He definitely did NOT deserve to be beaten–however, I would like to know ALL the details. For the most part, I don't like narcs.

  22. It's situations like these where I think they should lower the age at which people can stand a legitimate trial with real consequences. These kids performed a brutal beating on another kid and their motive was that he was snitching on them for selling drugs. The kids knew EXACTLY what they were doing and why they were doing it, and they did it in full view of everyone because they KNEW they wouldn't get in much trouble for it. If they were tried as adults, they may have thought twice about it.

  23. No. It doesn't. There's no way for the person being attacked to know for sure if it's necessary, unless a flashing message in the sky goes "Woah it's necessary."

    He didn't get off scott free. He got a major trial that he didn't need because some thug attacked him.

    Following someone is not instigating. I didn't see marks at all on Martin's face.

    Being armed doesn't make it a gun fight. Nobody rational wants to fight. A gun is a tool to end a fight. Understand that.

    Luckily, the court agrees.

  24. I got jumped by 5 dudes and the one that sucker punched me was a lot bigger than them! It shocked him when I didn't go down after he hit me as hard as he could in the temple. I turned around and told him he was crazy to hit me! As I was walking him down he kept looking behind me and that's when I saw the rest running at me. I took off and told em to follow me but they didn't! I was close to home and I would have killed them all! Are you black? Maybe that's why they didn't kill you! CONTINUED

  25. Yes i'm black but that doesn't matter a black kid would have gotten the same beating had he told on them. I got jumped because I was standing up for a bullied kid

  26. If this was three white kids beating a black kid, this would be the biggest story in the nation. Since it was the other way around, there's not one word about race. I am sick of all the BS. Nine months probation is ridiculous. I hope someday those punks get theirs.

  27. I don't know the motivation behind your attack but mine was racial! They were out to beat a white boy and rob him! I grew up in the hood and my frends were black but I didn't know these guys. GZ is a pussy! Training to fight isn't fighting and you know it! Quit lying about shit and be honest! A young athletic guy in a full mount with a reach advantage and leverage on his punches against a non athletic guy with shorter arms and NO leverage on his punches! He isn't a Gracie! He panicked!

  28. I helped a kid getting bullied, GZ trained in MMA for a year and u mean to tell me that in that year 3 times a week that he didn't learn any moves that could give him at least a slight advantage over a teenager ? seriously he didn't have to kill him TM could have been scarred for his life but no one thinks about that because it's a smear campaign on us young black men we are somehow viewed as fucking hercules strong but white kids our age are considered little angels it's white supremecy

  29. How old were you and how old were they? This matters! I commend you for what you did but you were dealing with bullies and not murderous thugs! They didn't try to beat you the way the guys that attacked me would have. It's a different mindset! The kids I went to school with fought each other ALL THE TIME! It was part of their life in the hood! Establish a pecking order! I fought them all but I never thought I lost so had to fight more than once often the same guy. We were freinds afterwards.

  30. GZ is soft! Probably never been in a real fight his whole life! They wouldn't even let him spar with another fighter he sucked so bad! Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face! Obviously he should have pulled TM close to negate the punches but he panicked because he was being hurt in a way he never experienced! It isn't a smear campaign at all! It's known to me that in bad areas the kids have more fight experience! I had more than most white kids because of it! Be honest!

  31. When I grew up the other white kids were scared of black kids but they weren't scared of me and the black kids were! It was the PERCEPTION of black kids among whites that didn't understand them that they were somehow better fighters. It wasn't the color but the culture! White kids fought each other but never to the extent that black kids did! The experience level was much higher! My black freinds have all been in and out of jail! Not my white freinds! My old best freind is doing 30 years!

  32. TM wasn't scared! He was taller, younger and a tough kid from the streets of Miami! He just didn't know the short pudgy dude was packing! He was gonna whupp that ass! You know the truth! I think you might be a good kid but when you throw race into it I wonder.All races are capable of being horrible but I think this was a misunderstanding that went badly because nobody trusts anybody anymore because other people that look like them are criminals! Blacks don't trust cops for the same reason!

  33. My grandparents moved to Florida and built houses that they rented. Much later it became a bad area and blacks moved in. My father was robbed at gunpoint in his driveway, my sister and mother were threatened, my grandmother with cancer was mugged on her front porch! Our elderly neighbor and his grandson were badly beaten and my grandmother's next door neighbor was beaten to death in front of his kids….by black men! So don't give me that bullshit about profiling just because you are good!

  34. Most of the whites in the area were just as bad but it was the blacks that preyed upon the elderly whites that had lived there for years before the neighborhood got bad! I NEVER blamed the color of the person for the activity but the INDIVIDUALS that did it! I would never hurt an innocent for the actions of another based on race but blacks do it and claim it is "justice for Trayvon" Do you have a problem with that? Search your heart! I chased gang members with a machete out of a car window!

  35. They had the balls to walk toward my house with handguns after an arguement over their music with a freind of mine. When the hunting rifles came out they froze and when a bunch of crazy ass white boys piled into cars and chased them they ran like bitches! Me with my machete out the window swinging at their heads! They ran through yards to get away back to the projects and never came back! Bunch of pussies scared of white boys! The point is, black don't make you bad! Just be good! You are good!

  36. There is a culture problem in this country and it is the promoting of violence and victimhood! If you can claim you are a victim of racism, sexism, homophobia, islamaphobia or anything else you can blame your behavior on someone else! Nobody takes RESPONSIBILITY for themselves as an individual! We all make the choice to be good or bad! Obey the law or break it! Our color doesn't determine what we do! Our heart and mind does! Don't make excuses for others just because they look like you!

  37. One more thing! My mother was a teachers aid at the school I went to and I was the ONLY kid that nobody could talk about my mama! I would have to get in line behind the black kids to beat that ass! They loved my mom because she loved them! That's how I was raised! Keep being a good guy! You will go far in life because you care about others! Don't fall into traps you don't belong in! I really do have hope for you because I know in your heart you are good!

  38. I'd consider myself a good person and I don't care about race i just point out inconsistency that some people have in cases regarding race. I remember the 5th grade there was 1 white kid in the school he used to get picked on because of it. I used to be his only friend and I made sure I walked home with him so he wouldn't get beat up.

  39. Actually the guys I was jumped by were like the ones in this vid around the same age and in gangs. I grew up in 3 tough neighborhoods and jumpings like this are far from the worst, i've seen way worse and in comparison this was a tickle fest. Not saying that it's not fucked up cause it is but I don't think they should be tried as adults this happens a lot all races of teens act this way

  40. I'm being as honest as I can be and I'm really cringing at the fact that people are justifying the murder. Even if trayvon was a troubled teen most people go thru bad points during thier teens but then they grow up and change. I grew up in bad areas and I fought a lot and hung around gang members never joined any tho, but I got older and changed so dramatically that people are shocked. I'm only 18 btw

  41. Plenty of my friends are in and out of jail not all and not even most. I get your point dude but look at it this way. Most whites grow up more privileged than blacks and get more opportunities. Not to mention that 70 percent of blacks have absent fathers, we live in a society where black people are marked at birth. Does that excuse the mistakes and wrongs of blacks ? hell no, but u have to think that society doesn't give 2 fucks about us. Bottom line is everybody is equally wrong.

  42. I used to think that way before I realized some people are just more sensitive than others. And well, to maintain a healthy, civilized society, we all have to take that into consideration. Not everyone is always going to laugh.

  43. That's the difference between you and me. You're all for a failed drug war and admire the practice of chickenshit snitching. And, you seem to be real proud of it. It's your right to choose such "honorable" stances. LOL! However, also it's my right to look upon you as an ignorant, cowardly stream of drizzling wino shit. Have a nice day! =D

  44. So, TYT only want to bring race into incidents when it's white on black crimes, but not when it's black on white? Every story they've covered that involved white on black crimes they cover and make sure they include race, but not when they cover a story that's reversed. This is typical amongst the media.

  45. Disregarding ethnicity this is disgusting the grown fucking man and the three pussy teens the driver needs to be destroyed by 3 bigger men just for watching this beating and the three boys need to play with someone like me I be damn if I'd watch anyone get hit like that I see these vids on YouTube and I think "fucking disgusting pussys having to triple up on someone" I'm 17 years old 6'5 280lbs I'd like to see those little punks doin something like that, I Guarantee anyone who doubts i



  48. Thoughtful is not pushing peoples buttons and then faulting them for not laughing about it. That's just being a dick.

  49. Wrong. Actually, it doesn't. The court agrees, sorry. There is no completely solid definition of "necessary", and so you can't actually legislate it.

    If that's the parallel to thug you draw for Zimmerman, you must have a pretty elaborate opinion on thugs.

    Trayvon's firearm was taken from him, since it was illegal. Having a gun doesn't make you a thug, and being a thug doesn't require a gun.

    Martin's dead, Zimmerman is not a murderer. It's just 1 less thug on the streets. Cry about it.

  50. You are missing the point, he could have got hurt, and has nothing do do what he would want to do or do, his company doesn't want him to interfere or they would issue him pepper spray or mace.

  51. Actually, he could die. They were being brutal and at his age, he is more fragile. A 90yo man got hit only by a bean bag gun but died from internal injuries.
    The kids may not intend to kill, but it doesnt mean they couldnt do manslaughter.

    Hes not just a grown man, he is a retired old man.

    He isnt in the physical position to handle a criminal gang.

  52. Was he wrong for not physically intervening?

    Go fuck your selves for even asking. Hes not a cop. Men are not the unpaid body guards of others. I say men because a woman being to cowardly to put them selves in the path of violence to protect others is never questioned. If he did intervene people would have praised him a hero. But since he didnt they are evaluating his man card… ah we see hes old and wouldnt have had a good chance in that fight anyway. So well let him keep it, for now.

  53. No… actually you are missing the point. He was follow the procedures that are given by the bus company. Had it been just 1 vs. 1, he could have tried to stop the fight by restraining the attacker in a non-hurtful way after calling for the authorities. However, this was not the case. The bus driver is most likely in his late 50's early 60's and you want him to step in and try to restrain all three at the same time? Not going to happen.

  54. Also, it's not so much about losing his job as it is about him losing his life, either from the vicious attack from the boys or from him getting involved and hurting a child himself and being charge with assault of a minor and thrown in jail. And actually, the fault is with the school. The 13yr old told the school about one of the boys selling drugs. So, it's the schools responsibility to let the driver know what's going on. Working for a bus company isn't easy. I know, because I work for one.

  55. Have you seen these "school children" as you call them? These kids are more like adults than children. Not their maturity but their bodies. 15 year olds are a lot stronger and faster then you think. Not only that but put yourself in the drivers shoes for once. If it were you, what would you do? Would you step in and try to take control of the situation by restraining three 15yr olds by yourself? Or would you call dispatch to send the police? The driver in this situation was helpless.

  56. So then… what is the very heart of the problem of which you are referring to? Also, telling someone to "shut up" is not very mature nor is it polite. It's something that I see on the school bus everyday by the 5-10 year olds I monitor. So, perhaps you should take your own advice and grow up.

  57. Actually, the school isn't the one that makes that decision. It's the head of the school district. Neither the school nor the bus company has the authority to allow either a teacher from the school, or a monitor/aide from the bus company to ride on the bus with the kids, without their permission. However, I agree that the school is at fault. They could have informed the driver of what was going on before the kids even got on the bus.

  58. EXCELLENT JOB BUS DRIVER. You didn't have to go the extra mile of your duty, the same why Sanford police didn't feel they had to arrest Zimmerman. We also acquitted OJ the same why the white jury acquitted Zimmerman. White America get the message-we have the power to do the same injustice!!! HAHAHAHA!

  59. The ethnicity of the 13 yo isn't known, in so far as I know. Why the assumption that he's not black? These guys would have beaten on anyone that they deemed to be a grass, irrespective of their ethnicity.

  60. Apologies, I missed that on the video as everything was happening so fast. the skin is lighter, however not able to determine the ethnicity of the 13yo, without making some presumptions.

  61. Why use homophobia to get at people, though? Whilst it might seem funny, or whatever, I've seen so much damage done as a result of it.

  62. No it was not the school that said that. It was a police chief that.And even there the cop said he a clear opportunity to intervene or check on the 13 yo but he didn't do so. He didn't say he should have done something.He said he could of done something.The school's policy is that he doesn't have to get involved.That was all that was said about the school.So you made assumptions all over the place.Seems as though you read as well as you listen, as you keep calling me a liberal. Not surprising…

  63. The bus driver did the right thing.  What happens if he gets involved and gets knocked out….now who's responsible for the children?

  64. man please y'all better leave that old man alone with all these other ppl young AF that always just sit and rec and do nun at all

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