Couple Converting Bus Into Home In Melbourne

Couple Converting Bus Into Home In Melbourne

I think the good part about building the bus is, we didn’t noticed the expense up front straight away. We’ve been building this for 3 years. We’ve been buying bits and peices every few months. Up until a month ago, we were paying $650 a week in rent, on our house. Which was huge. We’re paying $160 bucks a week now. And all the rest of our money is going into the bus. Over the last 3 years, we’ve bought the air conditioning unit. We’ve bought the fridge. Everything now is physical work. It’s just time. It’s only time. We’re also prepared to hire people to do some of the work. Which is really important. Like getting the eletrical certified. Getting the plumbing certified. We set ourselves a goal every day. That we want to build another wall or we want to build something and we sit down and do it. Melissa is a bit more of a motivator. She just wants it all done. He just sits there for half an hour thinking about how it’s all going to go together. But I’m like, just start, and do it, and we’ll learn how to do it along the way. He’s a procrastinator! This is our bedroom. Originally this was a box seat. In order to get more space, we’ve cut the seat out. We’re going to cut this off and we’re going to extend this back to here. Our bed is going to be, it’s a queen size bed. It’s on rams, so it actually lifts up and we have storage under the bed. And then we’ve got a built in wardrobe right across. And we’ve got our AC unit here. Which is a split system air conditioning unit. We’ve dropped the ceiling 50mm so we can insulate the whole ceiling. That’s where all the wires and everything will go. This is heat shrink. All the battery cables will be put in there, and then you get a little blow torch, and you heat it and it shrinks the cable and it holds everything nice and clean and together. And a box of clips, to hold all the stuff to the roof. So you’re set, you just need time. It’s all about time. We’ve got a wardrobe here. A fully open wardrobe with shelves. And then this gets halved, from the wheel arch. And then this is the electrical cupboard. Our inverter, our solar chargers, our batteries. These are the bunks, they are just kiddy bunks for now. Enough for small guests. You’d fit in it. Feet hanging over the edge. In the fetal position. It took us a total of one day. We had to level it off. Connect all the pipe work up. It was our first hole in the floor. We’ve used all these frames from a house. They are really sturdy. You can just sheet them. They are fairly light weight. Which is good. This is our Tretford toilet. I’d be impressed if I had that at home. With a ceramic bowl. And a swivel. We’ve got to swivel it, for where we are putting it in the bus. We’ve got a little flush. It’s only a small little cassette. The fridge is going here. We’ve already measured it, so that’s going here. Will it be a full? Yeah, we’ve already got it. You can see it. Fridge, then kitchen. Galley style of kitchen. Both sides. We needed access to these, I wanted an L shaped kitchen. But we needed access to the under floor. So we can’t. Why what’s underneath? It’s the engine. Can’t really build over it. We’re going to have a full couch. Oh, that makes sense, then you’ll be hiding the wheel arches. And then a little fire either side, wherever we want. And then we’ll have to climb over the couch or have a little thing that goes up. And then there will be 2 seats. We’re not sure if we’ll keep this open or not. We want to double glaze the windows. Just with a film. We’ve got our window tint. We’re going to do full pitch black on the windows. You’re not going to be able to see in at all. There’s going to be a wall here. It’s just going to be black on the outside. Oh that makes sense. Especially if you’re in the shower. And one behind the toilet. It’s 5% black. Here Melissa, try to peal this. I don’t think you can… Here you hold it. I’ll try. I’ve seen it split, I’ve seen it split. Just bite it and it’ll… Is it sticky? It’s sticky! Yay! We’re going to have a full roof rack. We’re going to have 8 solar panels on the roof. And then a roof deck on the back. It’s a silent generator. Is it? Not silent. I’ve heard a couple of people have them on and they were not silent. That’s it. Max. That’s pretty quiet. Still loud. That is still quite loud. Not compared to what generators usually are. That’s actually pretty quiet. This is just another storage bin that we built. We’re hoping the gas can fit in there. And then that’s our water tank space. 300 in this and 400 in the back. We’re got fresh water on this side and grey water on the other side. As you can see, the shower bit is just coming in through the floor. That comes down into the waste water. And then there will be a waste water tank somewhere here. And then we’ve got our engine. One thing that is good tho. When you run it and you drive it. Once it heats up there’s no smoke at all. It’s a really good engine. How do you find driving around Melbourne? I love it! Before we had it converted, I’d sometimes take it out on Sunday and pretend to be a bus driver. So I’d stop at the bus stops and open the door. How are you going! Close the door and take off, as if I was driving a bus. I changed the horn. It now sounds like a truck. That was one of my first changes to the vehicle. So that people know I mean business. We’re bringing that with us. So that’s going on a trailer? Yeah. That’ll just be our little run around We’ve had some vandalism done, we’ve had some windows smashed. From in here? No, when it was parked it outside our house. Had 4 windows smashed. We got a whole lot of stuff for free. Like all the stuff for these walls we got for free. Corking, all the tools. Is that through your work? Good connections. This is awesome. Yeah, hopefully…

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  1. We were camping last week and met a couple that had also converted a bus.  I didn't ask to see inside so I'm not sure how it looked but I still thought it was a really cool idea.

  2. OMG that's a huge project, I love to watch these, from buses to boats, any DIY type of projects are super fun to watch. The excitement and dreams, the frustrations and the milestones. They both look super prepared already at this stage, I think all due to him thinking about it thoroughly, even though some might say he's procrastinating 👷👏

  3. That is really creative .. never ever thought of it 😉 So you have already converted it ?? Is there a video about it would like to see .

  4. This is one of our dreams!!! Once we've traveled Asia & Australia we'll take to Europe or America in a bus 😀 These guys are awesome! They should have a YouTube channel as well!

  5. This looks like an absolutely massive project! I can't imagine how exciting it must be to get started on putting it all together, I'd love to do something like this!

  6. thats great… plenty of things to do goodluck man hope you finish it soonest…. curious if it is possible to bring to other countries.. 😎👌

  7. That's a really huge project but totally worth it! The freedom these people will get being able to move wherever they want is incredible! Also there gonna have absolutely everything they need in there, beds , toilet, kitchen, this is living the dream!!

  8. That would be so epic! We’re getting to Aus in August and plan on buying a van and travelling…a luxury bus with all the comforts like this will be when it’s done would be perfect…one day! Haha

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