Couple Transforms Old Campervan Into Cozy Home on Wheels – Van Life

Couple Transforms Old Campervan Into Cozy Home on Wheels – Van Life

What inspired us to move into our van was
basically the ultimate freedom of being able to travel and explore North America while
taking the comforts of home with us. We loved the idea of being able to wake up
in new places whenever we wanted. And also, it was just affordable. Yeah, it really allowed us to explore the
entire country and find a place where we wanted to kind of settle down and raise a family
and it also just allowed us time to make videos, do our art, and really just change our lifestyle
so that we were actually living in the moment. Our van is a Ford E-350 El Dorado Encore campervan
conversion. And we call it the Wander Wagon. We love it so much and it has so many things
that we were looking for. It took us a while to find, but it is the
perfect van for us. Our van cost us $3,800 which we thought was
a great deal. It was mechanically sound which is what we
were looking for. And basically it just needed a whole bunch
of cosmetic work. And putting in that cosmetic work was about…several
thousand dollars. The reason why we chose the Wander Wagon: One was because we were looking for a mechanically
sound van that we knew was going to be able to hopefully take us across the country. And one that was affordable, which we found. And then we also just love the unique features
of this van. The skylight windows let in a lot of natural
light. There is a shower and a toilet. And it also has an oven which is super cool. We were of course looking for a stove top
but an oven was an extra bonus. Yeah, and me being 6’2″, I can almost stand
up straight inside the entire van. Because of the way it’s built, it has a raised
middle roof. It was really nice being able to be tall and
comfortable in your van. When we bought the Wander Wagon it was in
pretty bad shape. The inside coach area was disgusting. There was silicone all over the windows, mould,
mildew…it was a mess inside. It took us about 5 months to officially waterproof
everything. It was a long process of searching for, and
fixing, and learning how to fix all the leaks that we found. And then after that, we did a really intense
month of renovating the inside. Yeah, so we basically built all the furniture
in here, it’s all customized. Our dinette chairs open for storage. Our bed opens for storage, and slides out
to a nearly queen-sized bed. And it’s really everything in here, cosmetically,
we did. The carpeting, the flooring, the ceiling — all
redone by us. With help of course. Over here is our generator. This is actually a huge, huge help when our
solar panels are just not really putting the power that we want, and it’s not sunny, we
can just put on the generator and we’ll have some power. And then on our back, is actually a really
awesome thing that we got for this trip: it’s our scooter! We love it. We can take it everywhere, it gets such good
gas mileage. And in case we like, break down it’s just
a good failsafe. For times when it’s not too hot out outside
and Corbin and I have to go somewhere where Paris can’t go, we’ve created this little
area for him where he can stay that’s safe and comfortable for him. And what we did is we actually just installed
this little baby gate. And it just hooks in on each side, right here,
so he has this whole area. There’s nothing he can really get into. We just put his bed in here, and an ice cold
water bottle just to be safe so he has something to lean up against in case he does get a little
hot, and then we keep the vent on. Our route for this epic adventure started
in Boise, Idaho. We’ve since then have gone up to Canada, and
we’re travelling, basically, the border between Canada and the United States until we get
to the East Coast and then circling back around back to Portland. It’s going to be a total of 13,000 miles. Looking back at the beginning of this journey,
I would never have expected it to be like this. There’s been ups, there’s been downs, but
it’s been really exciting at the same time. This has definitely been one of the hardest
things I’ve ever done in my life. But also, one of my favourite things I’ve
ever done in my life. I definitely think the journey began when we
were searching for a van, and it’s only continued since then. Definitely lots of ups and downs, like you
said, but it’s been amazing.

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  1. And since we contribute NOTHING to society we do indeed need a paid for…. ahem…home….and finally…how is it that a gay guy is married….to a woman?

  2. Ford has some great camper vans out there, with more amenities than VWs (not to say I don't like them😀). Love how it turned out and how spacious yet compact it is! 🚐

  3. Pretty ironic that the ad before this was a guy bragging about his house in Beverly Hills with 54 doors and 16 bathrooms. Listen closely to his advice and you, too, could have a bunch of shit you don't need!

  4. I just quit my job to restore a camper trailer of my own! I just started uploading videos about it! SO EXCITED! These videos are my inspiration. (:

  5. I'm planning on living in a van with a friend of mine next year, but we live in Europe. Does anyone know if it's legal here, or atleast in which countries? We want to travel around and make money with Workaway, so we won't have to camp somewhere random all the time 🙂

  6. So many converted camper vans out there, but this is only 1 of 2 that I've seen that actually has a bathroom! And definitely the only 1 I've seen that carries a scooter in the back. How awesome!!!

  7. I am just curious about what kind of mileage did it have when you bought it? I am looking to get a van and am researching what kind of mileage I should look for?

  8. I've seen some of your other videos but this summary/exposition one is great! In the process of renovating my 1990 Ford Champion Transvan (E-250) that has a similar body for full time living with my dog, too. Pursuing the artist life in NYC! Congrats guys on all your hard work renovating.

  9. how does one get a pretty chic to leave everything behind and go to this lifestyle if I tried with my luck only get a 400 lb crossdresser to go with me?

  10. Holy shit. 3800?

    The pessimist in me always wonders due the popularity of these videos, if prices for vans like this are going to shoot up.

    Perfect example, Volkswagon Vanagon. Used to be an affordable little gem, now they're being bought up at a staggering pace and being sold for almost 100k. 😞

  11. Thanks for another great video.
    I really enjoyed it.
    Looks like they did a super job on the rebuild of the interior.
    Happy Trails

  12. You guys are amazing. To do what you guys have done is very cool and inspiring!!! Seriously wishing you folks nothing but the best !!!
    Happy Travels and Stay Safe.

  13. Have you met Jesus yet? Well, if you haven't, just invite him in your journey…and gain so much peace from him.
    Happy camping!!

  14. I really want tho do something like what you did. I am going to purchase a camping trailer soon, and I am going to jump state in august. How do you make your money? Are you a remote-worker? How did you find your job?

  15. Well done! I'm watching a lot of RV living videos lately and thinking about doing it myself. Sure, it's fun to see the $100k coaches and hear from those who can afford that lifestyle, but I much more appreciate folks like these since that's what I'll likely end up doing when the time comes. Happy trails y'all!

  16. You guys are living the life I am planning on doing. Been looking at big SUVs to convert to mobile home for road trips. The van is lovely…well all of are lovely. I wish you all he best of luck. If you San Diego, look me up.

  17. Really ❤️ yalls home & I love ❤️ that you make sure ur baby is safe & I love The idea of the cool juggle water so that he can stay cool if it gets too hot that was really smart

  18. In a domicile of any size, you need only four things:
    1. A place to prepare and eat food.
    2. A place to eliminate said food after you've digested and removed the fats, sugars, and nutrients.
    3. A place to clean your body with soap and water.
    4. A place to sleep.
    This is why living in a huge house is such a waste. After you satisfy the "Four Needs", everything else is unnecessary. Extraneous. Extra "stuff"…..
    One additional benefit of living in a small space is that you're immune to the tricks of the advertising industry. You might be tempted to buy something you don't really need but that temptation quickly dies when you ask yourself the question, "where would I put it?" No room! How cool is that?

  19. Good job, you two! Great to see young people traveling and seeing places. Its a maturing process, good education, and broadens your cultural and general knowledge. My mother traveled the world when young and she had such a global perspective as a result. Your dog is very cute, great little guy!

  20. When I see videos like this I get excited about my own fan life. Although I intend to take local and keep my job at first, I do want to travel as a solo female van dweller.

  21. I love watching all these young people coming up with such ingenious ways of converting vans into living little homes! Good for you!!

  22. Thanks for the upload. I live this way (in a coach-built camper in Europe) because I want to, not because I have to. I'd pay more to live this way to be as free, but it is much cheaper of course.

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