CPU performance ‘leaks’, pre-built PC’s, ST: TMP review, Q&A | The Full Nerd ep. 107

yes all right the Thursday we’re here it
rained yesterday a little bit yeah yeah weird oh god oh my sneeze Oh bless you it’s 107 right this is episode 107 yeah
alright hey folks we’re here have a lot of really solid hardware information
we’re talking all the stuff not just was talking about you not over now cascade
Lake X 900 K s threader / – all the stuff all the stuffs cascade Lake X it’s
got everything we got everything that would be more excited if I wasn’t so
congested yeah is it is because the rain kicked up
although the allergens yeah that makes sense
oh I should put on the little handy dandy thing that says the full nerd will
start soon we got Holliston Jenkins he already got
in front of the show Matthew Vance says Brad looks very purple yeah Brett cannot
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though yeah um we got will we got zero games for me mr. muds Mac King Tosh
Macintosh yeah welcome everybody glad to see you all on this beautiful Thursday
what are we gonna talk about Jay Gordon we are gonna talk about you know nine
hundred KS cry 999 hundred KS ten core Cottman like x thread Ripper to the
sequel’s 18 core common lick x it but it’s is it really thread risin 939 50 X
it’s not it’s not thread Ripper to though hey hey come on don’t and it’s
not what they’re calling it the right you know you know whatever you know
whatever the media makes up we just go with the totally well them and then
we’re wrong and they won’t just pretend we were just wrong I remember when we
saw third gen risin and we titled video risin three and people got mad
even though it is sort of rising three cuz you had rising one then rising 1.5
which some people considered to it was a two thousand part yeah I know that’s
very confusing 2nd gens n yeah rising three thousand yeah ok if they get to
rise in five or a fifth gen rising we can’t say rising 5 ok really
yeah yeah then is definitely starting to get oh I kind of wish that AMD had done
like the 50 numbering oh that Intel used to do where it’d be like 1600 1650 kind
of thing so that way you knew it was still like related yeah I yeah I think
probably from 80% of the customers don’t even know the difference I know I got
this collectable card it just a little easier than happy to say 2nd gen risin
vs. horizon – yes definitely ok
Zhen Zhen – third gen risin I know nothing about our second topic also
we’re going to talk about NZXT b LD y LD and pre-built in general and previously
Gen Y like yeah we got that HP omen in the background omen X import and I don’t
for iam no that’s not right crap I’m gonna have to look it up anyway very low
energy today yeah yeah sorry everybody hey you know it’s it breads not here to
keep us you know yeah you know hey I can go I think we have at least one or two
of the razor respond right razor look no I had one on the show last week cuz my
because once we’re done with them then we’re done you know so you just gotta
lean into it right your innards are never gonna be the same I mean that’s
true I used to in high school we all in high school I used to literally a a
dozen Krispy Kreme Doughnuts by a so so my insides are already messed up
thank you very much yeah we’re just stalling
we’re just on alright are we ready and then the other the news of the rockstars
social launcher we’re not gonna be talking about today but really yeah I
don’t even know what oh you know I will say sorry back to the Krispy Kreme I
can’t remember if I said this on the podcast or not but we when I was in
Taiwan for Computex you know I have a sweet tooth and I like to try sweet
things but in in Asian countries including Taiwan sweets are not sweets
are different out there yeah it’s a different kind of palate I get it so as
I was walking by I saw ooh there’s a Krispy Kreme I know what a Krispy Kreme
was really different and give me that sugar right into my mouth so I expected
to go in there saying I I can’t remember I think I came over which donut I got
but I was just a donut it looked exactly the same I I walk out with my little
donut pouch thing I bite down and I was like this is not Krispy Kreme really it
was like a tenth of the sugar like it was like like it had the same
consistency and had the same toppings that looked exactly the same but they
probably like instead of just like taking the bag of sugar and going like
this they just went I can’t even get Krispy Kreme you know are you kidding me
people do you know Adam is a donut aficionado I think so cuz you were
talking in the car yesterday about what this around Round Rock Donuts in Austin
Texas really good donuts for a long time I’ve always wanted to have my own donut
blog and like actually review Donuts around the country in the world – yeah
so usually it’s it’s a thing when I go to a new place and I see a local
mom-and-pop donut shop I usually have to try one and I always get my my constant
my zero is always a just a chocolate glazed donut so so I know like okay you
can compare yeah I saw I can compare it and then I usually get whatever
specialty or whatever like you know kind of what they know say is
like their their their thing that they’re good at making anyway
interesting anyway yes Alan is saying we should talk about CPUs instead of Donuts
so why don’t we get that in there – yeah definitely juicier yes yes this is its
earth-shattering oh is it don’t read too much into this folks we’re just all
right then I’m ready – let’s do it all right in this episode of the full
nerd cascade cascade Lake axe going comet Lake axe don’t Cascade lekha geez
what’s wrong with the chart – that’s all made up at this point every 15 months
ready yep in this episode of the full nerd cascade Lake X thread rubber – and
99 hundred KS benchmarked NZXT build – what are you didn’t wanna bring up yes
emotionless picture well because it’s already a lot I got good three CPUs we
got benchmark results for all three of them it’s all exciting
welcome to the full nerd episode 107 I am your host Gordon hung with Elaine EE
hi everyone Brad is unfortunately not here today he’s eating a doughnut and
animagic Murray man I really want doughnuts today what do I do this to
myself I can’t I can’t alright so you know I will say just to
kick off the show all three of us and our co-worker life Johnson from Macworld
once I start Trek the motion picture and we’re gonna have a review of it at the
end of this episode so look forward to that I’m excited but before we get to
that we have some sea peas to talk about right yeah we have a lot of them talking
about all kinds of secret stuff is it CPU it’s that CPU leak season and it’s
amazing because they keep coming out I’m gonna go over some of the first things
you won’t pop that up on the screen here at them I think I can do this with a
prop pop your laptop’s yeah look how highly technically we are
audiences are gonna rant on here we’re gonna Ellen since brats out here
walkabout leaks but what you are seeing here is a authentic score from in a
paper ported intel upcoming core i 999 hundred KS as you know it the all five
gigahertz CPU and brightness is changing well it’s not really changing no it’s
not it’s the backlight oh no there we go
turn that off or there we go sorry it’s just over expose down yeah this is it’s
today it’s a Thursday anyway it’s a it’s an 8 core chip hyper-threading 5
gigahertz all cores II talked about it yeah copy Tex what’s happening area of
course the chip is not released yet but obviously back in July somebody leaked a
results ok so if this is happening July I can we’re only talking about it now is
it what’s causing the groundswell of like well I guess I just figured what
the hell we’ll throw that in there too 6450 single course performance of 38 301
multi-core this is a Geekbench for for you if you have problems of Geekbench
you know that’s that’s alright we’re we’re we’ll roll with it but ninety nine
hundred KS Geekbench leaked result not even out yet they haven’t even talked to
us about this thing like when we’re gonna get it what we’re gonna see it are
we – I don’t have it but you can see the score right now a Geekbench if you good
luck but and wait but don’t you have a problem with Geekbench don’t you like I
have issues with how Geekbench is used by people I don’t necessarily have
issues with Geekbench itself I think spand I think if you use Geekbench to
try to compare x86 phone or laptop desktop to a phone yes I think it’s not
why I really I have I have major issues with that I understand some of the
principles of it it’s way too complicated talked about here but I will
say if you are looking at within it within the same OS because you will see
changes going from Windows to Linux huge differences a lot of that is the OS
there’s other things that play those huge difference is going to arm so I
really think it’s best used as something you stay within your lane in
so windows-only hmm and you know that in your in your space arm is fine if you’re
comparing iPhone to iPhone I think there are even issues going from Android iOS I
know they try to equalize a lot of things but there’s just there’s a lot of
nuance when it comes to how you interpret Geekbench results and nobody
ever does that and here we are of course using in the normal way to just argue
and talk about things that mean nothing this is it’s up there’s like there’s
like 35 test and then they calculated an overall score so what we talks about the
sub scores they only go with the overall score oh and that’s what we’re for
multi-core yea useful are you sort of an aggregate of you know whatever 25 tests
that they do to come up with this that’s fair we’re also we’re seeing within
windows we’re staying within Windows here okay
ninety and nine hundred KS but BAM you want to see what it’s so it shows that
as a sky like X but this is technically I think I think it’s gonna be called
common lake X this is the ten core version not have been released yet yeah
core I nine ten nine hundred X but ten zero nine zero zero X part ten course 20
threads deep bitch keep that alright you can see the performance already so it’s
out there I think we know what it is this is true
or anything nobody I have no information there’s no insight okay well hold on to
give us context what does this mean does this mean it’s fast
this means it’s already been leaked the performance is leaked it’s awesome look
so should be reordered that’s what I’m asking is it so good you should paint
order do what you do is you go you dig up a geek bench score and then you dig
up another score and then you compare them both you know I don’t know I I
really think all he could really be Tyson you know I mean I I how would you
make that termination but you know what this is elite September eighteenth
for in this this is a tank or this is yesterday cascade Lake X still showing
showing as a sky like X I don’t know why 10900 X yeah yesterday team but hey look
a couple days before that we had a score from the AMD shark-tooth otherwise most
people believe will be the second generation thread Ripper 32 cores this
is an AMD 100 – 1 0 0 you can see right here it’s just a bunch of numbers it’s
not a it doesn’t identify itself as an AMD throat upper – but you can guess
this is a thread Ripper – I like to codename shark-tooth is pretty cool yeah
that’s a pretty damn cool code name right September 17th was that two days
ago so yeah incredible multi-core we are going to look at all
these later at the multi-core score oh my god we’re gonna go right out we’re
gonna write about this now then we’re gonna guess about Oh what do you think
is gonna happen here I don’t know huh but you know what BAM we have an 18 core
core I 9 10 0 9 8 0 XE cascade Lake X is what most people believe it’s gonna be
of course it get bench identifies it as the sky like X most people believe yeah
that’s the code name for an upcoming Scylla or a cascade Lake X 18 cores
hyper threading you know pretty good single core score multi-core score and
that leaked this morning but so for the audio listeners what are we looking at
here for numbers we’re looking at five thousand three hundred and eighty-one
will go all the way back for I should go back a single-core ninety nine hundred
KS 6450 multicores three eight 301 the tank or cascade Lake X I thought was
gonna become Lake s but who knows it’s gonna be 50 204 supposedly who knows are
these our final bosses our final clock space doesn’t matter
we don’t doesn’t matter if it’s factual you can still talk about it in this
environment today multi-core score three nine seven one seven and the 18 the 32
course writer / – believe it or not is five five one nine single core that’s
pretty damn good single core speed I saw story talking to how awesome that single
core speed was this morning multi-core speed 32 cores six eight 279
don’t know if it’s real Firefox spinal BIOS
who knows no one knows doesn’t matter you can still talk about it because
that’s the way we want to know right and for the 18 core cascade lake x5 3/8 1/4
single core I’m pretty good but below still below right we’ll look at that
later and multi-core five one five one four there’s other numbers for CPUs that
have not been released yet that are already in the Geekbench database so
we’ve we’ve talked about leaks before and you know do you think this is
intentional I don’t know I mean you got to think like wow these are four
unreleased CPUs they’ve leaking like a sieve you would think like gosh well
this is clearly a leak because I mean if you wanted to control the performance
the story of these chips before they released you would you would prevent
people from leaking them in the database you know like if you wanted to see
horizon 939 50x coming out they talked about it we know the clock speeds where
everything about that chip we know base we know boost
I’m sure that’s in the kick bench did huh interesting there is no result for
the rise in 939 50x in the Geekbench for database right I don’t understand it
because how could you have four CPUs that have not been released that you
would think you would want to control the story on have those all over the
place but you don’t have a single result for CPU that as far as we know is
imminent 3950 X rising 9/16 course ain’t no score anywhere in there can I also
checked you know for two was nothing and I don’t know how this works because I’m
a noob how can can you fudge this can you put up scores of something you’re
actually not testing I I don’t I I don’t imagine it would be that hard to sort of
fake the submittal to the engine itself it’s probably way too much work I mean
who would really spend the time to develop an application to submit fake
scores to a database well it’s like a lot of people have a lot of time what
you’re seeing is scores from CPUs that they have
you know I they likely intentionally lowered the clocks or you know who knows
these are not final biases these we don’t know what these are the final
clocks are now who knows but that that’s probably the better way to if you wanted
to you could just simply change the clock speed submit it there’s other
things you can do you don’t know what’s happening while you’re running Geekbench
they could be running sentiments on the other at the same time to lower the
score you know you don’t there’s a lot of easy ways to mill it manipulate it
even even a non genius like me I’m sure I can manipulate it in a way but I do
find it curious that we have four unreleased CPUs that we have the scores
of and some specs out of the database but I don’t see a 3950 exit let me let
me just make sure let me add me want to cut away from my screen so you don’t
show my hold on hold on hold on give me a second just because I need to actually
change the input on the TV we got a question from where as Alan he’s saying
do we have any internal leaks that you ain’t supposed to talk about no because
if we were supposed to talk about it or weren’t supposed talk about we couldn’t
talk to you about it yeah it is one of the problems as somebody often gets
early information is you have to be very careful ye one you don’t want to do it
because there’s legal representation blew it just burn that make you’re ever
gonna come back and tell you anything again why would that right so it doesn’t
it just it’s very it’s very we don’t know I just checked we can cut back to
this Adam you could all right also uh front of the show rusty says five bucks
says the lawyers are in our room right now stopping us from talking with leaks
but yeah I just checked i mean i checked the Geekbench for a result I checked
easement there’s no 3950 X in there nothing I could find no sign of it
anyway under 39 50 X in the database which I find to be really really curious
I mean how the how in the world do you do not have a leak score for the CPU
that’s gonna drop on our head we know very soon now
but do they need to really control that story well obviously they want to
control that way more than they want to control threader / – right it is a
little hard for me to believe you could contain 39 50
sparks course but you can’t contain a 32 quarter per score so I mean what I’m
really saying is I would really I know people like to play these up everybody
likes to get excited they like to play the what-if Ollie fought you know tyson
game or whatever you know warriors vs. bowls everybody likes to do that but
it’s it’s really kind of baloney because you can never really find out till it
until it happens and that’s not gonna happen
but it doesn’t matter anyway because people like to do it so we’re gonna go
ahead and do it well what’s what’s this this is of course the way you’re
supposed to handle leaked data you analyze it as though it’s real even
though we’ve already made chart for it this is totally like oh this is why
could be somebody just got drunk and submitted it I did it one hang well
let’s see what it looks like so on the far left we have a ninety nine hundred
KS that five gigahertz coffee lake part uh to the right of that is the ten core
supposed cascade lake part and then in the middle is the 18 core cascade lake
part the really big bar there for multi-threading which is orange is that
32 core alleged thread Ripper 2 and on the far right is just for reference is a
28 core I just grabbed a score out of the Geekbench beta database I don’t
remember what my score was of the Z on the 28th core Xeon w31 70 X okay and for
audio listeners these are just same numbers as the the single numbers that
we just said right by our charger represented visually but the big big
chart of course for multi-core is is that there YouTube is that 30 core so
yeah thread Ripper to get to your your your pre-orders in now right is that is
that what we should take away from it yeah well you know what is interesting
though is you do look I mean single threaded performance matters right so
yeah that 99 hundred KS leaked part number had a 64 50 score 6450 which his
head’s above just about everything else except for that xeon 3175 which is
basically a damn near tie since it’s a pretty high o’clock part to to add some
more context to this beautiful chart that you make Gordon do you mind saying
what what what you think the the the prices are Oh we just oh we’re gonna
play the real league game where we just guess oh we just got yeah yes 550
although that’s weird because I mean 9900 K is five ish so maybe that takes a
little bit of a haircut I can’t see that’s gonna be really tough but I think
the situation Intel is with yields they’ll carry both parts I think it’ll
be 550 it’s a it’s gonna be a very high o’clock part not that not a lot of them
I’m gonna guess that 10 core part kept at them where do they go from there I
mean this is Intel’s problem right where you go from there if the eight core KS 5
gigahertz part is 500 what what role would you so yeah 5 to 550 where do you
sell the 10 core part at I I guess you go for system 7 something
I’m guessing you know but and then of course you look at the geek base number
of course people will what’s even though we don’t know what the hell put stock in
this number or not but 2 more cores gonna be lower clocks it says but the
use purpose for it is so different than the KS yeah I guess but you know you
sort of think like well if you really are going for that high core count 10
sort of feels like it crosses crosses that threshold do you really stick with
a 10 core part you’ve all the weight I mean that’s the prominent do you go all
the way to you know aim D at that point okay so if we’re playing the lead game
and we’re pretending that this data is something we’re gonna actually talk
about like it’s real the Geekbench scores aren’t that different so to my
mind the only reason that you would be really going for the 10 core part is
because you want PCIe lanes you want to bump up to the big socket for pretty
much that reason because the performance is I mean in my mind it’s almost like
barely above standard deviation levels here ya know there really isn’t a big
deal except for single core definitely single core the high car you have
something and then also once you get up to really high core counts and you know
one thing I think defense I’ve never found of scale particularly well as say
like cinnabuns Cinebench does scale more right so you can be seen you could be
seeing better multi-core performance in a different benchmark right that’s what
you’re saying yeah for the tank or yeah yeah think at that point if you really
want to just go for a big performance jump you would go to something with more
cores yeah it feels like it’s still AMD sort of
so the pricing is I don’t I would revise maybe 600 something so six for that ten
core because they got no choice six or 650 okay 18 core though that was harder
I was like 1,800 bucks that much that thing though they said remember the last
call they did where they were just saying aim do you suck they other they
were saying we’re gonna offer better price performance not the undefined we
don’t know so I don’t I don’t know it really does feel like I know some people
think that price is the only lever day wait where’s your money chart because
remember we know remember we figured out there’s like kind of record just kind of
calculate from there oh but it always made sense for AMD but the Intel one has
always been kind of also real quick question from Alan he’s asking uh
the nine hundred KS is probably going to be on Z three ninety but what about the
new ten core part do you think it’ll be on the new platform
well the leaked the leaks indicate that that ten core part is actually going to
be a big socket part so 2066 which is interesting because I mean the rumors
have been that they would push a a tank or small socket part this whole time but
no interesting yeah but there’s also a rumor of a new socket being required for
this ten core parts but this shows it is 2066 which I’m not sure why I I mean
this this shows you the problems with trying to rely on leak benchmarks yeah
so the tank or part may never come to that socket we would really kind of
stink for those people that sort of thought they could get one more upgrade
yeah I’ll upgrade what else it can be bad but we know until has no fears of
introducing these sockets when they they absolutely have to so there’s a good
chance that it will come to a knee socket for all these four Intel’s parts
what about threader / 32 core currently 1800 bucks right or the current 32 core
part I don’t actually remember I’m blanking
yeah it’s sub – I think I remember right it’s been a while but what’s their
average it’s like was it $23 per core yeah it’s pretty cheap that sounds about
right I could look at it oh yeah see the calculations are right I feels to me
like they just simply it just pushes into the old bones now I don’t think I
think that’s you I mean all the indications are leaks if authentic
indicate that I think Steve had something gamers Nexus he had documents
showing that there would be a what six channel third upper part or is it a
channel basically new socket so it seems like either gonna split the right upper
line Thor in the chat thinks 32 core 1500 that’s really aggressive says
double what the 39 50 X will be list price for is 1800 dollars right so for
the twenty nine ninety WX even if they came down I think 1500 is kind of
aggressive if they came down to like 1650 that’s already pretty good I don’t
I mean I know people love aim because they cut prices for really apparently no
rational reason but do you really don’t have to cut prices do they I mean it
doesn’t appear to me that they have to well speaking of cutting prices we’ve
been seeing a lot of great deals on 1st gen through dripper right I think one of
them came down to like a hundred and fifty dollars yeah I think so the thing
is you still stuck on the big socket so you’d have to pay for a motherboard well
I think still if if you need delaine’s you know sure I’m just saying though
like it’s not necessarily a homerun for all use cases yeah yeah III think it
could be for someone who is on some of somewhat of a budget and plans to go
from eight cores 450 bucks to when the 32 cores come down to you know $400 and
then doing that grid that’s I would think that kind of makes sense I mean
that would be the one thing that kind of yeah right I can do it then but no yeah
right what do you I saw you at another Church oh yeah actually well it was just
simply the clocks so this is the base in the boost clocks okay right these are
base clocks boost clock supposedly chips that as-tested in the in the as before
my Geekbench you can see the 18 core part is not exactly spectacular in booze
clocks the rippers slightly higher than that and of course the Xeon was pretty
good course or single core so I again you sort of like I would think that they
had really pushed those single clock scores up I mean they they have they can
do it on the 28 core Xeon why couldn’t they do it on this upcoming cascade
leakage it does seem odd so again even though you’ve probably read stories cuz
I get pushed them on my phone all the time about so-and-so so-and-so score
leaked about something and then everybody gets excited and they came up
with stuff but I will say what’s interesting you can cut back you can cut
off in the real is uh I it actually deep bench records when you when the personal
records of scores it doesn’t say the time zone though but I’m gonna guess the
time zone is normalized and I think primary Labs is in Oregon if I believe
Oregon or Washington west coast mm-hmm so the first leak on July 15th of that
99 hundred KS part was at 5:00 p.m. so I’m our 2:00 a.m. Pacific assuming it’s
Pacific that’s so so somebody’s working late into the middle of the night is
that we’re saying you wonder right who would really go ahead and like hey it’s
it’s two o’clock in the morning the bar just closed I’m gonna go to the lab I’m
gonna fire up maybe that’s what it was she was drunk on the ninety nine nine
that I didn’t pay for is Bob gonna go back to the lab oh I forgot to turn off
the seat the computer geek bench like we do it doesn’t automatically submit your
score so only some cheap sob would have it automatically submitted at two
o’clock in the morning PST but here’s the thing
it’s two o’clock in the morning in California in Oregon and Washington in
Taipei it is 5:00 p.m. and there’s an end of a nice work day interesting right
the ten core will apparently comment lake or cascade Lake X which I thought
was common lake s but apparently it’s gonna be cascade Lake X 3 a.m. and they
there I’m guessing that the bars were closed even later there so 3 a.m. in the
morning here 6 p.m. in Taipei hmmm the 18 core are actually the last leak
will go in order to 32 core AMD part which people assume is a third upper to
that leaked on September 17th just a couple days ago at 6 p.m. Pacific which
is late for Taiwan 9 a.m. Pacific time pay ok and the 18 core Cascade Lake X
leak happened at 6 a.m. this morning and it happens to be 9 o’clock in Taipei so
I almost think that you can almost you know if you were to like Charlie hmm so
you had a 32 course writer per score leak and then 6 o’clock here someone
leaks today someone leaks the 18 core cascade Lake X and honestly I would
think all of these leaks were in Taipei except for that one that was would have
been 9 o’clock at night in Taipei mmm I don’t think that that would have made
sense last night let’s just submit it at 9 o’clock I don’t think so hmm
6 a.m. here I think it probably actually makes more sense so so somebody in the
chat sorry I forgot to maintain the name is was saying that maybe the 3950 X had
a like they submitted it under a different name can you can you do that
yeah you can but I have not found it and it’s hard to believe again that you know
nobody else was found one yet has anybody seen I don’t know maybe it has
maybe I missed it it could be under you know the cpuid stream could be different
not been keeping up with it so I will say that supposedly they can change them
at will you know in it hardware so interesting but I do
wonder I mean you would think at 3950 Expo to leak by now right but knowing
the leak controls that were done for rise in 3000 series
I can I can understand why nobody has it I just me it would be hard to believe
why there would not be the same leak controls for any other parts if you’re
gonna be out nearly a Pulaski and controlling your leaks well on your
parts well what happened on these other parts
so it doesn’t make you wonder how they’re leaking user esteem oh why
really leaking I think it’s probably the best best way to describe those are air
quotes for audio listeners I oh wait no hold on I just had an idea what if what
if it’s the competition breaking in in the middle of the night and and hitting
the submit test score right and then getting out there there’s no problems
with that you know like maybe that’s why it’s you know 2 a.m. in the morning
that’s called industrial espionage thank you a lot of trouble if it’s not happy
in the US then it would still be an arm I mean it’s just not you would know
that’s just bad ba a really a really really bad John Grisham novel I think
who’s the other guy the Tom Clancy Jurassic Park ones Oh Michael Crichton
that being Michael Crichton like the love Alaska book I think they’re just
know so I guess we just have to wait then till something actually comes out
and I I don’t like waiting I think the lesson really is that all of these leaks
core just yeah it’s fun to do but don’t put a lot of stock into it yet so it’s
fun to talk about you mean well I like some time but this isn’t that crazy that
we basically have a podcast you have you have a leak on the 18th September 18th
and then you have a leak on September 17th and in the 18th and then the 19th
three days straight of unreleased CPUs showing up in a public database it just
makes you I mean I’m sorry III do you believe in coincidences but that
just seems yeah yeah sure I’m gonna believe that there’s something going on
here I think this is all disinformation misinformation campaigns by everybody
just a recipe but it’s fun to talk about especially when Brad’s not here burning
right now red yeah I’m sure he’s gonna call Skype at any moment in the
background boy I really I’m serious go go and trying to find this thing I I
should go it again I just look for 3950 ex which I’m going to assume well I
didn’t Brett Brad Hilton and the YouTube chat says they got a score from WCF tech
that I’m on the link that says 58 68 single-core 61,000 72 multi for a risin
nine for a 39 50 X geek geek bench III don’t understand why it’s not showing up
them yeah and they clarified geek bench score
published by somebody else and reported by WCC F Tech yeah I guess I in fact I
even did like a rise in nine sort let’s see if I can do this I mean just to rise
and not we can actually find that link oh yeah and actually sorry because we
kept getting those those stupid spam bots in the YouTube chat I had to
disable links that’s why you can’t put it in there maybe throw it in the
discord oh he has a link perfect but I’m just saying you look in there if you
just do a search for a rising 9 in Geekbench 4 there’s 87-72 results as of
this moment and if you sort by the highest multi-core but that should show
it up right there we go research and rusty says Tom’s Hardware has an article
in it now to where no clue put links and discord please
is that so that’s the latest thing now right so now 3950 is leaked I guess yeah
yeah these are all Linux cores of course because you can you can just if you
he started it’s like hey look Linux is just you know as always it smokes
Windows performance in in Geekbench oh really how ok I did not
I mean I’m rolling the fifth page oh here we go we got a link in discord from
WCC F Tech on June 12th by Hasan Mojtaba sorry yes it
has it has yeah I see it right here well tell me what the score is I mean
it’s it’s what they reported 58 68 single-core 61,000 72 multi-core and it
was uploaded June 12 26 107 to 6 107 to correct and the upload date was June
12th 2019 2:246 in the a.m. what wedding was leaked June 1 June 12th and this
article from WCC F Tech is also from June 12
oh and whiskey Omega just posted the Tom’s Hardware one which was from
September 17th oh I don’t see any oh it’s shit photographs of the box parts
and listings Oh surface on reddit okay yep it’s there I see it anyway anyway
but this is the important part though Adam this is it’s real what’s what’s
important the chart real-time leaked game Oh some games now should I switch
back yes man look at that 3550 winner authentic because the bars bigger the
bar is bigger obviously a single-threaded performance still lose
to that cast part not not a significant amount 5800 versus 6400 leaked result
versus leaked result but 38,000 versus 61 thousand and and of course it it the
bad news of course is for supposedly that leaked cascade lake is 51,000
and threader / – but then look 16-core risin 9 supposedly 32 core what he’s
doing pointing at their multi-core okay one thousand verses 68 hold on I gotta
go to new I got a pre-order put on my pro tour right now yep perfect
all right yeah it’s in so what there’s only been 139 50x leak back in June or
on copy text time right that we’re getting linked to actually whiskey Omega
has it another one and all that time we’ve not seen another score its
packaging yeah so we have packaging photos all over the place and one
Geekbench score from June 12th yeah I I’m sorry but I just saw this is there’s
something fishy to all this don’t you think is it just me good my just being
paranoid P or you know who knows people just trying to get get something out
there for attention who knows it’s possible something like you said there
is what you have a lot of time on their hands
yeah yeah I am again there you know this there are multiple scores for some of
these CPUs none of these leak parts so I I I don’t know
wait so it’s already saying I should cancel my pre-order no you should buy
anyway okay Oh actually you know what if you don’t
pre-order that 16 core rising part and you won’t get it for a month oh wait but
you always told me to wait for the reviews to people I know that’s what
everybody says but go ahead and look up our thirty-nine actually had 3900 X’s
even ever come back into stock I have no idea
Oh like you’re just kidding wait so I should cancel my 39 50 X pre-order and
preorder a I’m saying that yes generally I do believe I would not want to buy I
wouldn’t want to buy anything so I saw the authentic reviews something you can
at least get a better feel for but I think we there’s probably a good chance
it’ll be a good part right so and the one argument that you know like I know
people are gonna get angry but people who got 3,900 X’s and even the risin 7
you know the first day that they they the pretty
odd the pre-order people and the people who stood in line got them everybody
else had to wait lease and some people are still waiting on 1300 access or have
you checked can you take a look at me I’m checking right now yet there is an
Add to Cart button does that mean oh it’s it real was in stock probably 900 X
in stock for 1000 yeah dollars and ninety seven six in stock that is not no
no no I knew a literally says in stock well is there actually one listed at its
price okay nearly I’m just saying no you click on
the wrong one bro cuz like look at this the actual Newegg listing says out of
stock it says in stock I could buy it right now so should i cancel my 39 50 X
pre-order and get this in stock 3900 X if you don’t order if you don’t preorder
a 39 50 X you probably will not get one for all I mean look again at new egg
it basically sold out the first couple days first day in fact I think it was
not even personal day they sold out and I have not seen it in stock ever I
signed up for the email thing and I got that yeah you can buy it for $1000 thing
I was like no I think you can actually get it cheaper on eBay but but yes so
there is pre order as much as in Brazil to never pre-ordered those people are
pre-ordered they’re like hey check out this I’m running my 12 Corizon nine
right wait why the hell am I talking like Bill Clinton well at least on new
egg all the other third gen risin parts are in stock you have you have the Xbox
game pass all on eBay really how much supposedly yeah that
looks authentic to me here that’s gonna be one of those things where it’s like
rice at nine thirty nine fifty one hundred and eighty dollars small box and
what wait what is this why did you put in parentheses box no
you wonder $450 play but it is cheaper than the new egg listing oh there’s
people that list box oh I love this one from China don’t think I would go for
that one the one from China is $800 plus $36 shifts oh yeah so your own ever
pre-order thing the who pre-ordered hey in stuff been enjoying for a while but
also somebody in the YouTube chat I’m I can’t even say their name it’s not even
a name says they they just bought one this afternoon in wait in the UK oh
maybe a mom-and-pop shop no no no yeah maybe I mean I’m sure there are a few
here and there but clearly you can’t get an Amazon you
can’t get it a new egg I just checked Best Buy know Best Buy can’t get it at
Best Buy Micro Center probably out to I I will
say it at some point it will become an issue in fact it is already sort of been
an issue but I do think like they need to get that top end part in stock again
interesting and don’t you think I mean that yeah this this does look weird I
mean it’s been months now two months but does it matter cuz look
16 Corp are leaks core faster than those other things it’s as fast as the 28 core
Xeon if you believe geek benches multi-core performance numbers yeah yeah
fun well you know the games yeah the leaked game is fun to play
should be like a theme show music with that we should actually you know what
else is a fun game to play is to get a custom-built PC quite a transition wait
hold on let me change the input Gordon yeah you gotta warn me there we go wait
no that’s why I think it’s not good all the messiness in your desk all right
there we go so Elena tell us about NC XT BLD okay it’s going on so before
everyone flees from the stream I know pretty much everyone watching likes to
build their own pcs and I totally get that and with prices being better than
were what just even a year ago year and a half ago if you have the time and
inclination it still definitely makes more sense to build your own but NZXT
came to me and said hey we really want you to try our you know NZXT build
service which you can either choose a pre-built system that’s like it’s kinda
like Delaware just like here you have like a thick set of specs you can and
then you can customize it but the difference between Dell and n60 is that
you can really customize it based on it like a boatload of parts that they have
available so I guess what Adam is showing right now on our screen is going
through the configurator which you did which I did and they shipped us a system
I haven’t opened it yet because I think we’re gonna do an unboxing for it yeah
look for an unboxing later on YouTube but the whole topic of pre-built and it
making sense because what was it early 2018 when the things are still really
really bad we’re actually working we’re recommending that uncle buy dreama’s the
graphics card Christmas just everything crisis we were actually recommending of
people for people to buy pre-built and I wanted to kind of just take a look and
see if that had changed and that kind of brought up a conversation between me and
Adam because he wanted to know more about it and I I went looking NZXT is a
really slick configurator it’s really streamlined it’s really clean but they
don’t have a like it’s not like endless boundless choices and I kind of wanted
to see what their prices were like compared to cyber PowerPC – I buy
PowerPC which to me are like the – what would you call them they’re not they’re
not like the huge OEMs they’re like system could like system yeah but
they’re smaller more boutique type shops that do more budget – stuff so you’re
not really having to shell out like the way you would for like I’m main gear or
digital storm system yeah the way the industry likes to label themselves
CyberPower are by power origin ends ik c or technically s i–‘s system
integrators integrators that’s the word I was looking for
whereas Tier one Lenovo HP Dell HP actually yeah build them in a big
factory got it yeah and somebody had asked which is why I
brought this up real quick – if there is a 3900 X option in BLD and there is not
top side of 3,700 X yeah so I found the NZXT I mean so what I’m gonna do in my
write-up just kind of review what it’s like to go through the service and the
experience and all of that and so basically the appeal to this is that if
you are strapped for time and you don’t mind throwing a little extra money down
and it on on average it’s about a hundred to two hundred dollars more for
the systems that you have someone do all the work for you and they’ll actually do
like the nice cabling with combs and all that stuff if you opt for that as an
upgrade you can add as much RGB lighting as you want
etc etc but I notice in comparing and Dixey service with like cyber power and
high power is that this is a much more streamlined experience which for me I
actually kind of prefer if I was strapped for time because you just kind
of tell it like I want to play these games and I want you know these
particular components and visually it’s just really easy to pick through all of
it it’s like the equivalent to me of like walking into
so like n60 is like going to a department store right like they’ve got
all the merchandise spread out real nicely for you you can see the displays
like you can go to somebody and say like hey I’m looking for men’s wallets about
this price you know can you point me to the rack or the display case that has
them they’re like great I can help you and they they compliment you on your tie
while you’re walking through this door you know if you want to bring up cyber
power I by powers websites real quick which one which one either one of them
but I actually think that cyber power probably is a better example of this I
buy power would work as well to me that’s more of the equivalent of walking
into one those small all shops in Chinatown where every
single shelf is crammed with stuff thank you just the web pause this is you’re
overwhelmed with choice you’re just overwhelmed with choices like plus I
mean it is a plus but the thing is that if you’re strapped for time it is
actually kind of a minus because you just don’t and they have is just about
to look for that does happen way more choice it’s just like you once this I
got it you went this way hold on let me go to the back I can pull out for trace
for you and and the gaming chair you want a gaming chair you want a shirt
insider power you want something they got they got it like it is just
everything is there if you pick and Ivan but the configurator is a little bit a
little harder to like pick through visually it’s not it’s like more list
form there’s a because there’s a bajillion choices you have to make sure
you’re picking the right thing so on and so forth but I mean there but one key
differences NZ FC is not going to give you a fan tax cases that’s the stuff lis
right so much fixed with the NZXT ecosystem so if you buy into the NZXT
look and there and you know they’re RGB it’s all closed system as well so if you
just want the Buy in fully the NZXT builds is your is your jam wears cases I
don’t you you started from the beginning you’ve gone to fo yeah so I would say
pricing it’s pretty similar among all these three options that I looked at I
do think for they’re pre-built Slyke where it’s just six we were like I’m
just gonna buy this pretty much as is and just have it shipped to my door
CyberPower has the best configurations like by pure options yes but that’s only
because they tend to have sales so I was if you scroll up and sort by price yeah
low to high get a little high yeah so oh how come yours is not showing
it that’s weird oh I went to gaming PCs custom cat
I’m looking at mine right now and there’s a system that normally goes for
a thousand dollars but they’re offering a hundred hours off with free two-day
delivery and it has a I leave that deal 9i 5 9600 KF
an RX 580 and that is the same price right now so if you go to any special
maybe oh maybe ends a ste site you’re only getting for the same price you’re
getting of 2600 are sorry rising 5 2600 with a gtx 1660 so you’re getting more
performance obviously for the CyberPower one but that’s because they have sales
and they do these deals and all that kind of stuff it’s like by now
everything offer but there’s just like one thing I’ve always found about
ibuypower and CyberPower is the you it feels like you get an infinite choice of
parts you do it’s I agree with you it is to some extent over almost overwhelming
and B but at the same time if you want this case yes with this power supply
with this cooler yes with this Ram and this color RGB is
in this spot it’s just like you really it is a little crazy it’s like it’s like
it’s like paying someone to custom build a box room and they have laptops too I
mean that’s the thing so I still personally at this point in my life have
enough time and interest to build my own but I did think it was interesting kind
of actually sitting down and taking a look at all of this because there is a
point in my life yeah for prebuilt so that and there
would be a point in my life potentially that I would think Oh like would I
rather just spend an extra $100 $150 and I can just have this at my door it’ll
look beautiful and I don’t have to wear back and just press power power button
and they’ll turn on I could definitely see that I just don’t think it’s for
everybody obviously well I think the thing is the there’s a little bit of a
perception issue is our part of our view of the world is L way everybody builds
your systems right everybody combs through PC part picker and builds your
BOTS I would say there’s probably a lot more people buying pre-built than they
are because a lot of people were just getting into it the idea of building
their own machine is still scary it is I know some people that I’ve talked to
your and helped and it’s they’ve been fine but it’s still a very scary thought
yeah and there’s I I know so I’m gonna who all all three of his kids say they
have a cyber power boxes because you know
I’m not gonna spend time to do this he just went bought three boxes they showed
up the unboxing yep I do have a couple questions from chat dennis is asking
does Micro Center have a configurator you know I didn’t look and it’s my
partially because I didn’t want to deal with the heartbreak if they had
something amazing so far from me also I will look into that you know for when I
do my write-up I was taunting you Elvis is wondering
did they all do do they all warranty let’s written we do they warranty all of
the components separately or you know how does that happen I didn’t look into
that part just yet either because I’m still in the process of writing my story
I know in 60 is basically saying like hey the one of the benefits to this is
that you just come to us if you have a problem right so you don’t have to worry
about having to call your power supply maker versus your motherboard maker etc
etc or CyberPower and ibuypower i have investigated that yet okay and then
loose tooth is wondering why does Elena shop for men’s wallets while staring at
I hey don’t judge really good about myself
also Dennis asks again do they install the latest bios like how configured is
it or do they kind of make you do some of the great questions my understanding
is that it should just be ready to go when it hits your door so NZXT
specifically has like a line item in their invoice that says like $100 for
the service part you know for them putting it together for you interesting
and they actually show you like the prices for like what the components are
separately so you can see how much you’re really paying for it it’s not
just there you go mystery do you I mean do you find that there is what’s the
cost adder for some of these boxes for doing pre-built thinking like phases
like a five percent more than doing yourself it’s got any more than that
what do you mean like if I were to compare prices if they were comparable
parts if you bought all the parts retail Oh NZXT T’s actually is meaning street
prices but not sale prices okay if that makes sense
yeah so I actually did do that so I actually got a custom build and then
when I actually put together an equivalent in PC part picker as close as
I could get and the prices are actually quite similar except for the fact that
nzs he just doesn’t have anything like you know when the intel 1660 p SSD he’s
have been on sale like it doesn’t include that kind of factor in there I
look this sleek you can you can click on the components to go that yeah this it’s
a little bit more of a polish there’s a lot more polish on there configurator
but you’re mostly the less option definitely for options it’s like you
know a lot of stores where you’re just you don’t have the choices right it’s
and it’s intentional for the retailer not to have all the inventory because
you’ve got a stock on a little slower to I noticed you update their components so
cyber ball so it’s still listed anthem as a as a game on here he would be going
here to buy a PC for anthem somebody there’s somebody advices somewhere
Oh cyber power and I’m a power so the system integrators are a little faster
in updating like their components like when the 39 or sorry the 38 sorry the
3000 series apparently my brains just stuck on high in rise in parts right now
3000 Syria parts came out they were pretty quick to get those as options in
their systems and CST only updated their options to include the 3000 series I
think in the last few weeks because I was actually waiting for the build
because even they’d had the service for a while yeah and so I was just kind of
waiting until they updated to the more recent parts before I asked for mine
well I’m gonna imagine I I’m a power in cyber power are really they move a lot
of machines from what I understand either they’re not Dell they’re not HP
they’re not how the millions but they move enough parts that there’s a reason
they have a 3900 X and NZ exceed one way to get your answer 3,900 X well yeah you
haven’t and you haven’t do anything yet go back and see like what the cheapest
3900 X configure you haven’t built anything yet and
you’re you put give me your still pains like a little bit of a premium but is
better than going I’m just thinking like if you can configure everything like to
like include nothing but a lot of these system vendors here you go – $20 will
get the cheaper case some really interesting options like yeah like
decals and lasers open okay can you go to a 3900 build and subtract the cpu go
to like a lower step CPU can see this price like this yeah 46 dollars to step
down and this is what I like about it over so in my mind maybe I’m just dating
myself here but when I think of people one reason they did this because when I
think of prebuilt I think of Dell I think of HP and when you try to
configure those systems it’s more fixed and you don’t really get as much play
with it as you like they’re they’re really like well you chose a system that
started at a 3900 X so your only step down option is going to be a 3800 X and
that’s it like you cannot drop any further but like the kind of RAM that
goes with it it’s kind of stuck so even if you drop down to like you know or
rise in five or aizen seven system like it doesn’t quite get you there yeah it’s
all designed so this is I think this is again like I said there is a premium for
it but what you’re doing is trading time for money I really feel like these these
options are not trying to fleece you which is interesting to see to me
because I have all these preconceptions that I kind of had to work through can
you go back to that CPU choice around real quick I’m selecting all of the the
cheapest options you can do that yeah hey so to see like what’s the cheapest
configuration I can get just to get a 3900 X in my hands that would be
hilarious if you could get it so that it was just barely more expense on buying
it from newer markup right 149 the already from a 38 850 or 3800 so I mean
they’re really not charging you a lot to get that 12 core
all right well I think this is the cheapest I could do and it’s the $1,200
so still probably better to get in stock he still got a whole other rest of the
system for $200 essentially here’s a good question somebody mentioned this in
the in the chat Oh included in price here we go there we go knock off some of
the price you like that I mean you know why isn’t it five dollars Elena yeah
that’s I’m surprised – so Louis yes way more
configurable oh I like this this is this actually made me super happy you can you
can actually choose the Lincoln we like those RGB 2014 yeah see but the thing is
like I want to see me throw up in my mic system if you’re gonna spend that extra
money to get these like really nice add-ons like this like how well does it
come configured right you know like ii-if it’s like oh I I got it an order
for a bare-bones s 3900 X I guess I just want the CPU whatever will plug stuff in
just because or if you’re gonna step up and be like now I’m gonna get some
really nice extras like do you think they spend a little more time to
configure actually option but it actually I think if you scroll somewhere
there’s a big stop right there professional warning right it says Wow
our expert builders ensure all camels are properly connected around it for a
clean look but you can upgrade so that like you get like the super nice clean
look right he just been immaculate and organized awesome so you can customize
as much as you want you can choose the color of your cables wait oh but look
this is weird because oh the interesting thing I did notice because I was looking
into this fantex premium extension cable sleep set thing so I think my
understanding of this is that it just actually connects into the existing
power supplies cables and so I guess you have your normal
just hidden out of you and then these are what you actually see in the price a
little yeah so it’s not the same as like n60 where I think that because they
control the parts like they actually have I think a proper set of cables for
it here’s interesting warranty thing the standard warranty does not include cost
of shipping to and from service but the premium warranty for nineteen dollars
extra includes the cost of shipping up to $200 yeah that’s pretty good in the
US only that’s the thing about those two companies is they vary and they are
essentially building custom machines for you not the heavily mod every mod that’s
very some of the other it’s changed my opinion some on what pre-built are like
today and oh and you can I know they’ve been around forever I just I have I
really have old old ideas stuck in my brain apparently you mean like you think
it’s yeah okay I mean my very first system that I bought with my own money
was a prebuilt from though and I remember going through that configurator
burned in my memory as you get to the scale of those companies they’re you
know very few options this is about a hundred and fifty times more options and
you should get from those companies it’s very limited because they can’t really
because then they have to deal with all the parts dealing with the inventory and
then they have to qualify them all and then they’re shipping them by the
millions and it’s a it’s a problem yeah so I’m gonna pull up the system play
with it play some games on it and then I’ll do my write-up so if anyone’s
interested in more details about that it really cheapskate like you can see you
one day would consider I mean let’s assume that some day I am older I’m
making more money hopefully I may or may not have children I mean there’s a time
where in your life sometimes where money is worth less than your time so
interesting people don’t seem to think that they think it’s all DIY or nothing
usually these days that’s sort of it I mean there’s a badge of honor
right like you get to also say that like that’s mine
like I had my hands on it from start to finish I think that’s cool and honestly
I can’t remember the last time I bought a prebuilt machine but same time you
can’t really I can’t get I really feel there’s this problem right
now where people go like Oh DIY or nothing or you’re you’re basically like
you shouldn’t even be here which i think is really unfair because if you look at
a lot of the work of some of these i-beams right there it’s pretty these
paintings are incredible exotic car level beautiful paint jobs and wiring
and like and for I did I mean I yeah I made my take like took three months off
for my job to do it yeah I could probably do it but I’m not gonna really
ever do that but and you know if I’m Mark Zuckerberg and I just want a cool
computer you know for people to check their email lobby
what what the hell you drop five grand or ten grand on a machine we I’m not
gonna take that away from him what he Mark Zuckerberg has builds own computer
to night no it’s your money am i problem now with people they they think they
have a right to tell you how to spend your money you take your money and burn
it I don’t care so my problem although that is struction of government property
don’t do it that’s if you want to do it whatever you know yeah I just like that
in the lower end of things like the budgets like you can get I think is
didn’t you say that that HP omen the one background here for audio listeners it’s
like this small form-factor or at least a micro ATX nice case tower it’s got a I
think tempered glass side and it’s got this nice red LED strip kind of effect
on it yep real subtle you know people regard into
the you know rainbow stir yeah and then HP that one is you can really order this
once more because it’s it’s a nine hundred K in a twenty they built it to
sort of show off like hey I know you think were sort of straight-laced HP but
we can and throw into it’s quite attractive it’s a lot of hard work for
mid-tower box it is the obelisk desk I need nine hundred K okay no no point
eighty TI and Abbey c64 yeah – in that ooze
– in rate zero or drive beast did I feel like in the old days old days not that
long ago but to do like the cabling the combs and the braided sleeves and
all that’s not like you actually had to do it yourself you had to sleeve the
frickin thing to yourself and like all this stuff has come down to a point
where most of us can do it if we want to on our own time but then people were
just offering the option to do it for you and a little bit more money for just
a little bit more money and I mean I fight with practice I’m sure my cable
management will look a little less like I’m five years old riding for the first
time but if I could pay someone is just make it beautiful I might I kind of a
dumb dumb question I don’t know if you know this so imagine I get a prebuilt
from NZXT Sarah whatever and I think I saw it said like a three year warranty
if you get the extended warranty or something like I don’t know say in two
years I want to swap out a different GPU does that break the warranty like what
does no no no okay these are all really good cos I’m gonna have to put into my
article it’s you know and again we almost should have had a whole segment
just talking about prebuilt but like as you get up into the boutique folks and
of course I think it’s like digital storm
Digital storm origin if I don’t mention everybody main gear Falcon orthos these
people I just sell these like they’re selling luxury cars luxury car $8,000
computers to people who have disposable income most of those folks those
companies are like hey if you have a problem you ship it to free to us and we
fix it and a lot of them will also have a program where you want upgrade you
send the Machine back to us so we upgrade it for you know I know of course
we think that’s insane but if you’re rich and you just want
them to handle it that’s up the option but the only downside to that is you’re
out of your system for like what how long a week two days
I think it’s aleena money often people have money don’t go like yeah I just let
me just I’m gonna drop my Mercedes off here
we’re bus stop Wow Gordon just made me feel
super see this car cause his car cut me off the other day it was a Mercedes
loaner car courtesy Mercedes courtesy car you know what no you don’t get a
curse car if you’re buying a used you know Hyundai I mean it just doesn’t know
it doesn’t there let me get the courtesy shuttle maybe you might even get that
better day there’s a level of service for people who have disposable income I
realize it now it’s and I you know I again I’m not gonna get on somebody cuz
they got the money hey more power to them you know doesn’t nothing wrong with
that me your lifestyle right yeah but um and then here this is we’re gonna I’m
gonna air everything here because one thing you should know about that omen
yeah before all blessed right also somebody saying we’re pronouncing it
wrong but all bless Oh bless I don’t know okay you guys you guys talk I will
but so there’s a there’s a mid-tower machine it has a glass side door there’s
like okay you know for the most of us we’re gonna ever glass door you know not
no big deal so for smaller vendors glass door is not
a big deal other right ain’t nothing just put glass door on there sell it if
your HP and your Dell and you put a glass door on your computer you used to
have to pass FCC emissions which is they have they probably have voluntary
testing these days or it actually goes to the FCC they put it in a chamber and
they make sure that when that machine is on it’s not spraying enough you know RF
out to mess up signals in your house mmm when you are Dell or HP or Lenovo any
any of those big vendors they have to follow a lot more rules and smaller
vendors do so that glass door on there actually is impregnated with an RF in an
RF film that prevents the RF from interfering with stuff in your home I’m
really sorry that I missed the first half of that I’m that glass door it’s
just not glass I’m just saying yeah they’re doing it right there do tell you
obelisk obelisk well everybody gets angry gets angry cuz they go like oh
whatever big tier ones blah blah blah but you have to realize at third level
they have to follow a lot more rules like again that machine has to pass
federal communications for submission standards I really sorry I missed the
first half both cuz I feel like I wouldn’t have to ask you this but how is
that different than a case maker that is selling cases why do they have to follow
anything they’re not selling you any because you a case yeah they they can’t
say what’s gonna be in it and emitting I think but here it’s the way I would have
known this if I had been listening for the first half I am sorry so no no so
like for pre-built pre-built cases whatever stuff we throw together you
could be messing up your neighbors CB signals right doesn’t matter who cares
right because it shouldn’t see you anymore I guess but a shortwave radio
they have to follow those rules they can’t mess up people’s I want to get my
ham radio license yeah one day think you can’t so I mean there are as much as I
know people want to dismiss the the big the big PC vendors they have there are a
lot more stringent rules they have to follow and I know people go like oh my
god that’s ridiculous you can’t sell that much hardware with a 500 watt power
supply well when they when they actually certify a machine for that amount of
hardware and that power supply there are engineers that they pay real money to to
make sure that this thing is not gonna fail they do fail of course they do fail
but if you’re in a business you don’t want to eat the cost of a hundred
percent failure rate right you will you will and this is the squishy part you
may get the business saying you know what we’re gonna build the power supply
will accept the five percent failure rate if you’re a company like Falcon or
main gear or these boutique companies they’re like we won’t accept any failure
rate because our customers are buying a nine thousand dollar computer if there’s
a failure they’re not gonna come back to us for their next one so a larger
company might say we’ll take them we’ll take the risk on a two percent failure
rate we’re a small over endermite saying we’re not gonna take any risks we’re
just going over provision power supply we don’t want any failures
RL so I just want to make bring that out there for people who think you know
pre-built from tier ones that they’re doing nothing but you know charging you
a ton of money well there’s a lot more rules out to follow and that means more
money and more engineers to actually do all this stuff but do you feel like they
you are paying outside of that do you feel that you are paying look at some of
the costs of like marketing and research and all that stuff and paying that for
you yeah sure I mean there is there’s yeah you’re paying for a bigger
operation you’re also paying for hey or do you think that’s offset by the scale
hey you know what’s really cool you got a see me bridge del POS box from
whatever five years ago here’s your specter meltdown BIOS update
mmm wow that’s cool let me go get that for mother huh they see yeah there’s
motherboard redditor telling me to go pound sand because why don’t you upgrade
your cheap sob but Dell HP Lenovo ace for all those big companies that have
all that liability all those specter meltdown patches got pushed out in a
jiffy right I was pronounced jiffy whatever everybody else oh you got has
well you know what you got has well once you buy a brand new processor that’d be
really cool why don’t you fix that with a new motherboard new bro that was the
answer that is still the answer right to everybody if you’re worried about
specter meltdown again big boys and girls they get you covered
you’re paying that that’s part of the that’s part of that to party like we can
I could take a few more keep going no I just saying there are yeah I understand
all the complaints I’ve heard for many years next topic yeah he’s already
getting ready to argue he’s greasing up the pipes to argue no that is a real
that’s not a Vanessa fact right you got pushed out Specter meltdown for all
those tier one she we talked about this back then yeah when it was all happening
buta for smaller builders smaller companies it’s like yeah well there’s
nothing we can do because they sous gigabyte an Amazon
as rocker pretty else’s oh the fix is buy a brand-new motherboard right
they’re talking about peanut butter in the chat and it makes me want a peanut
butter and jelly sandwich that’s how bored they are let’s just talk about
peanut butter you know what was boring according to Gordon oh you could switch
to my screen was was was watching watching Star Trek the motion picture in
theaters I have I have a video on my phone but I forgot to load it on the
machine here so okay if you want to see an exclusive behind the scenes look of
us taking a little trip come to a AMC to watch Star Trek motion picture I know
I’m sorry it’s too busy this morning but get on discord the video is going to be
posted on discord it’s great because you’ll see what Gordon was wearing it’s
very special just come on you know hey we got that we got clay already in the
chat says I love that movie yes yeah I gotta say man I enjoyed watching on the
big screen I’d watch it a couple months ago and we talked about it I did to the
theater wasn’t like amazing quality so you know it was actually kind of
disappointing ya look good but it was nice nice and big and loud and you know
it was fun to watch it with friends space junk
yeah and by space junk we’re not talking about like junk floating in space
well actually we came debris our row of four people even this guy it wasn’t
intentional if you know if you’ve watched that movie you know early on in
the scene when they get onto the bridge they’re doing don’t spoil it but major
time it’s it’s the way to really like kick it off you know just a potshot
right there and I got to say hey you know what there was a the theater wasn’t
empty there was people in there with us and
there was a gentleman with two young kids going to see Star Trek the motion
picture for the very first time I gotta sit I wanted to shake that guy’s hand
and be like your good father good father cuz that was it was a fun movie listen I
we’ve said it before I’ll say it again I’m not gonna say it’s a perfect movie
I’m not gonna say it’s the best our Star Trek movie what I’m gonna say is that in
that at that point in time the you know the the show had been off the air people
wanted more Star Trek and they wanted a blown-up that what this movie ended up
being is a blown-up experience of an episode like that didn’t feel like a
movie as much I mean look look at the name I I saw that this morning Star Trek
the motion picture as in oh hey you know Star Trek has a TV show but guess what
this is like the TV show but as a motion picture and that’s kind of what it is
it’s like an episode but blown out and and and dun dun dun well with the the
experience that they had very grand scale yeah so I I would say you know and
I talk I hear about this talked about in in gaming all the time that even if a
game comes out and it’s bad you still have to restore it
score it on the end product even though if you find out later that the
developers just went through hell and it was you know like budget setbacks and
and team layoffs and you know like they were trying their best they were trying
their hardest right you know but you still have to grade it for what it came
out as so you know so I get it Gordon doesn’t like it because of the end
product but if you take everything as a whole around it I still I still believe
well I mean I don’t even know what it went into development around it and I
still like it well actually they showed a little
before the movie they showed a little nice little documentary but there was a
lot of turmoil ten years ago I mean it was there was a lot of turmoil between
the director and Gene Roddenberry you know and trying to change the script and
all that I didn’t I didn’t need to know that because I still enjoy a lot of
elements they had to reshoot a lot of stuff I mean it was it was under a time
crunch because they had like a release date and they really needed to stick to
it but in in the eyes I know for me I know
for me some of the best work I do is under a time crunch and under you know
pressure you’re working with your team or you’re relying on each other and even
though sure maybe you could have made something better still what you made was
special because you all came together and did it you know together so I I feel
the heart behind it I feel the the the emotionality you know of like seeing
listen the enterprise there was one Enterprise right then that was the
enterprise that was in the original TV show but then you’re gonna bring back
the enterprise the enterprise just this iconic spacecraft when you’re revealing
that I wanted to I want that reveal to be at least five minutes I want to look
over that whole damn ship see what’s changed see what’s different about it
see how they’ve upgraded it and wonder like oh wow the functionality like you
know these are bigger what would missiles I think is what the
the engines are called that but they’re there long and flat different than the
round ones interesting you know like you just sit there and you look at it it’s a
sense of wonder you know now the enterprise has been chopped up and
changed so many different ways you know like now it’s like okay well of course
they’re gonna redesign the enterprise but this was the first redesign so
that’s why I was glad they spent five minutes showing it off oh Gordon
actually took a time stamp of it so he’s like yo and then when it finished at
like four minutes 30 seconds he like holds it up to us like you maybe go
through this but that’s actually my favorite part of the movie I think
that’s what this movie does really well is showcase the I can’t use this word
what the heck factor that goes into adventuring we’re just like you know
what yeah what is happening I think we’re really accustomed to movies where
there’s just so much action and things are going along and even if you don’t
know what’s happening like they’re driving toward this conclusion of
figuring out what’s happening and it doesn’t really capture that that feeling
of being out when like you’re on a hike in a on a trail you’ve never been before
and you just kind of get to a point you’re like oh
I I wasn’t expecting that and I don’t actually know where I’m going next now
because this is not what I thought it was going to be yeah yeah I I think
there’s a sense of of mystery of like okay you know there’s been others
there’s been other movies that you watch and you’re like oh no everything’s you
know the universe is doomed you know but this is like no this is serious we don’t
know anything about this and it’s coming and we we got to figure this out you
know and then and then also then there’s that big reveal you know there’s a lot
of awkward sexual tension you know at the a yeah I’m hmm
yeah I’m especially seeing it with with all of you
yeah I was just like wow okay this this whole end scene is just sex
they’re just yeah it’s just just SpaceX yeah that end sexing it I didn’t I I
never really thought of it that way but that end scene is is just sexy like
they’re just so no it’s not an analogy it’s definitely was just sex anyway
laughter a moment ago when it didn’t seem like sorry Adam was saying anything
funny is because Gordon is very quietly playing with his L cars wallpaper yeah
it’s pretty awesome I think he I think he’s playing world of warships let me
switch to this laptop but this is a next-generation version it’s not that’s
okay oh that’s that’s pretty good yeah yeah it’s pretty neat because you can
it’s a touch enabled so Gordon yeah you uh he’s really quiet he was nice about
this I know I know there’s things you can say first tell me the things you
like about that movie because I know there’s things you like about that movie
in the space junk I know we talked about it last night don’t lie I’m there’s
things you liked about the movie yeah sure there’s two thing and ePro
Burt’s work on their redesign Enterprise yes amazing and wouldn’t you want to
look at it for that long just to explore the majesty of this redesign ship yep it
when you realize that is the only redeeming quality of the entire movie is
no time it fly by a boat what was the second one what was the second one Jerry
Goldsmith write the score Jerry’s Goldsmith of course famous
famous conductor many many many movies did the the score for the motion picture
also not worth throwing out with the baby right you’re gonna keep that part
of it also I will say this I mean we were talking about the technology
between the screen readouts you know that that was all backlit projection I
had no idea yeah that was one of the one of the there’s one of the other flaws of
that movie which was they the computer graphics on the bridge of inter call
that have flaws is cool well it looked like it was lit like a darkroom
like I mean like what porn theater a little yeah I mean it was swath of the
set were dark via the lighting was not good because they couldn’t get the
backlighting bright enough because if they cranked up the lights on motion
picture set you the shooting on film you’re not shooting a digital yeah you
cranked the lights up it’s gonna wash out all the displays it looks terrible
but compare Star Trek the motion picture in 1978 computer displays versus 2001 a
space on oh yeah of course I mean they had an iPad in that movie but did you
think like wow why sassette lit up like you’re gonna mug me no yeah well but
that was a flaw of the movie that’s an admitted like weakness of he likes to
flaws yeah I didn’t actually like that I think that was a yet again just all
these compromises that make the movie hi script was actually I will say I you
know what I will say you can still light those scenes properly without with and
still and still have the bet backlit technology so I say actually that’s
that’s a problem with the lighting that’s not necessarily a problem with
technology even people who worked on Star Trek as professionals they consider
the curse the even movie curse you know this correct oh yeah you’ve heard of it
uh-huh only the core even numbers are good yeah this was the first most Star
Trek motion picture it was an even number oh well whatever y’all number so
in other words you know actually our track people who work on for living
considered that movie to be terrible they believe that the be the beginning
of the curse right start Chuck one bad start track three leftovers from Star
Trek to Star Trek v this Shatner one come on okay and then it just it
continued on and on and the only reason it actually it goes especially one to
get to the next generation ones it goes off track where only the that’s because
all the lot of the Star Trek next generation movies just sucked right some
of them are actually worse than the motion pictures was is amazing you think
Alessi’s admitting that apparently the rule is if you’re an actual Star Trek
person who work on movie you consider Galaxy Quest as part of it the Star Trek
Canon actually gousa quit making it and believed in movie and then making those
movies and odd movies so you can still identify the odd Star Trek the motion
picture as a bad movie and senator I will say as someone who actually lived
through that movie saw it in the theater and is not now pretending to be a Star
Trek hipster and like it it was bad even little kids back then you had to tell
yourself it was good and you knew in your heart this was one boring ass movie
sir and it was just it didn’t get any better it doesn’t get any better it
doesn’t my finger with here’s the thing here’s you don’t get a 20 minute flyby
of the video of the vide your model any better it doesn’t make that actually no
I will say that’s one of the things I love about it is that I miss practical
effects I miss like you know somebody hand designing you know a whole alien
spacecraft you know a whole movie out of it dude dude but still like you to have
the guts to do that to say hey you know what we handcrafted this awesome ship
let’s take our time to really like show the mystery of it we’re gonna show it
off and every every single moment as I was looking at the details and then also
looking in the distance I was like what’s next what what what how far does
this ship go how big is it why why does it have this thing they over here is
actually quite good when it comes to the the ship shots I’m
really pretty ones remember I was one fight I leaned over to you I said this
looks really nice it does and soft us but what do you – I’m gonna ask you this
honestly here you go what please finally some honesty what are you too afraid of
they cannot get to you they no longer have that power they’ve run out of New
York it’s nothing honest quick I can talk to all by talk to Barzini he says I
can keep their franchise they are not going to get you
there’s no Star Trek mafia that is going to get you for saying the motion picture
was as bad as it was well it’s weird what are you afraid of it’s weird
because out of the four people three three of the people who went to go see
it liked it and one person didn’t you didn’t even like you’re just saying that
to me I mean I’m just no I’m but really like do you think like people on the
show don’t know life life is an awesome guy you know what it would he is he
doing this just agitate you yes we might we might I would I would agitate Gordon
I’d like to do that sometimes but lace like come on don’t do that to leave
I think the funny part about all of this is that Gordon he genuinely cannot
comprehend that we would like this that was the first question out of his mouth
when we got in from the theater I got sorry I got out of the theaters yeah and
we were in the Hashi way and he said wait do you do you really like this
movie and I said yes I do see I don’t believe you I can tell I can I can tell
that you’re afraid you’re afraid they’re going to get you they’re not going to
beam into your room there’s no threat there’s no and just for context
Patrick it’s the anniversary so they were showing it in the theater yes they
didn’t remake it they didn’t remaster anything so I fit here here’s the thing
we all come to different mediums for different things
somebody can that’s that’s a great thing about art is that somebody can can go to
one piece of art and and look at it and be like well that’s trash and the next
person go to and be like wow that that impacted me personally that’s the
greatest great thing about art and and I understand that the motion picture is
not why you come to Star Trek and didn’t have the things you wanted in
it but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have the things we liked in it so so yes
genuinely I do like that movie I’m not saying it’s a great movie but I do like
that movie they they can’t get to you I don’t understand I don’t think he’s
gonna ever understand hey hey well guess what this this movie still out there you
can you can rent it you know he could not I have the box set yeah I know I
kind of want to buy that box in anyway let’s let’s get onto QA emails hold on
sweet oh yeah there we go all right now you’re good yeah while
you’re bringing up the the questions from the email I’ve got I’ve got some
stuff over on our nice discord so if you want to get in the discord there’s a
link to it in the show notes come join us over there we have a healthy crew of
people in there always talking about cool stuff it’s a cool group the first
one is coming from gaff wrecker is g-sync really needed I have a GTX 1060 I
want an IPS 1080p 144 Hertz monitor but the g-sync versions are hundreds of
dollars more than the free sync versions therefore should I cut out the IPS and
go with the TN panel with J sync or go with the free sync monitor that has some
people say online works some people online say works with g-sync but I’m not
sure my budget is under $300 which I will say we did a video on this I will
link to it in in the description already with bread but I know Gordon has an
opinion on oh do I do yes I didn’t know you’re in talking about it cuz you have
an experience here actually but no we’re gonna save that feeling is your stuff
you have you have a $300 budget I don’t know if you’re gonna get a high quality
by psg sync for that price I died no I mean he obviously said that it’s not
gonna happen I don’t know they I think I yeah I would
have to if I were in that situation we’re at a 10 60 out of $300
I would say it depends on what I do right if you’re talking about you only
play games that’s all you do you browse whatever who cares
then TN panel probably would work for you right lower cost Han panel for full
G sing support you can get those down to $300 think you can I think you can get
through I think you get g-sync the earlier you know like we’re not talking
1440p 140 we’re talking they want a hundred forty-four Hertz monitor I think
it’s I think it’s yeah I mean most of the Weller first g6 are 120 so I think
it’s entirely possible maybe she checked I’m checking my cock but here’s here’s
the thing it really comes down to panel quality although not always the only
final word in panel quality IPS is generally a better cut of panel I’ve
seen a pretty bad IPs but that’s usually in laptops so if you are editing photos
videos you’re very much into color critical work and you like that great
off access then yeah you should do IPS and you know honestly a lot of us don’t
have adaptive sync type technologies or g-sync and we live with it so that’s
fine you can do it yeah actually I was wrong there are a few under $300 yeah
I’m not sure how good I’m almost certain they’re all TN panels I mean they are
that’s what I specifically yeah so I I think that if you have if you wanted to
call our critical work then you need to prioritize your you know your color
color accuracy over your your gaming quality right why I would probably do an
IPS panel which you can definitely do for $300 over it a good IPS pay for
something good I do think do you think is it it has a lot of advantages over we
talked about this with Brad has a definite real advantages over free sync
I mean mainly that you know one to whatever the the highest refresh rate
actually sync not you know dropping off on concept where does cost is not one of
the better attributes of g6o yep all right
pinky ass asking advice on finishing a PC build they they want either a risin
3600 or maybe a 5700 XT for the GPU beef 450 max or cheaper X 570 not sure how to
proceed what’s the question uh motherboards be
450 max or cheaper X 570 for doing so he’s four with a risin 3,600 and
probably a 5,700 bucks T got it okay so I I would go with B 450 personally for
the money cuz yeah that’s 578 really is a PCIe 4 there are some other small
advances but I just still feel like that chipset is so new and like the boards
aren’t tuned as well I’m not for what it can be I feel like they’re still early
is what I mean to say yeah so be 450 been around well like you know what
you’re gonna get you have a chip that I mean I don’t know if you’re planning to
overclock your planet overclock then maybe you would go with X 570 yeah I
don’t know it’s just I mean are all of them actively cooled like it’s gonna
like there’s you you clearly if the low-end 1/2 that they’re considering so
yeah so you’re definitely it may have heat sinks on there but they’re not
going to be as high quality as price your board so I think you’ll be fine
it’s not like people would be for fifties like oh my god it caught on fire
didn’t work clearly that’s not how you sell products so yeah I I think it’s
fine the vast majority of people put the CPU
in they put the GPU and they turn it on they run it till it dies throw it all
away you know you upgrade it all so you don’t
basket people do not overclock is the actual truth so I mean you can also just
look at X 470 boards as well yeah there’s some people in the chatter
saying that – yeah I mean that’s a good happy medium right there yep all right
soul AEST on discord is a risin five thirty six hundred or risin 720 700 X
better for gaming and streaming that was a hard one because I was actually
looking at that when I was trying to decide what I wanted to put in that NZXT
build thing that we were talked about earlier and it’s
it’s kind of real it’s real close I feel like I feel like the 3600 has a slight
edge in gaming but 2700 X has a little bit of an edge in content creation stuff
but it’s it’s kind of like no it’s a it’s a hard choice to make it really
depends like how much I feel like you’re waiting on one side versus the other and
then I don’t know what that particular mix is for that person what’s the
pricing breakdown because I mean 2027 X has been on sale really consistency in
the last week or so yeah last week or two it’s been 200
bucks 3600 is that one it’s not 250 look can’t remember anything today it’s
Thursday it happens the same price Oh 200 bucks boy that’s a tough one it is
like looking at benchmarks it makes it kind of its like oh I’d probably do that
yeah I’d probably do the 3600 because I you know the vast majority of things you
do it’s better to have the you know improved IPC in the better clocks and
think so most people in again can you feel the difference probably not okay
maybe for streaming like if that’s a huge than the 2700 yeah that is roughly
yeah I’d probably do this whatever he writes then for the streaming well but
you know you don’t have to do the other such gaming and streaming yeah so I
think probably both are fine and you’re just not going to you know yeah this
one’s kind of a draw for me personally it’s a hard decision to make it really
depends on like the exact percentages you plan to do you know of what do you
want to go to some of your email ones yeah I can’t read them okay
yeah I was gonna do the sensitive port ones did you know that one first
yeah go for it I don’t there’s so many of them that are right so this person is
running an older PC it’s an HP Pavilion 5 5000 for for Corey 3/4 gen Ram 2 terabyte hard drive winning
Windows 8 so he basically said this person wrote in to say that this pcs
been doing great for the purpose they you know check email and retucked news
watch streaming videos you know open Microsoft Word all that works fine
but then there’s an electrical storm where they’re out in Minnesota woke to
know Internet service via ethernet however Wi-Fi worked flawlessly swapped
out cables and changed my ports changed ports with my router no change tech came
to his house said that the ethernet port was fried on the PC happened to have a
new adapter you Ethernet USB and tried working it and worked ever since however
because it’s a USB dongle they noticed that when ever they moved their desktop
the adapter dropped service the cords not stretched at all and they want to
know why it says PC so sensitive in fact even let’s see even a USB port on the
front doesn’t work I literally have to coddle this PC because any movements
drop my web access is what they finish with and they want to know why like the
ports are so sensitive is I think is the heart of the question sorry I sort of
missed the first part of it looking for this other question so basically the
long the long long story short they have a PC they have an Ethernet dongle
plugged into a USB port whenever the PC gets jostled even slightly or bumped
into internet service drops and they want to know why the USB port is so
sensitive to movement hmm well I would think gosh I would obviously I’m gonna
hope you tried a different USB port cuz it could just be you have a bad USB port
you couldn’t have a bad USB dongle potentially to right they were saying
that port on the front of the PC also has a similar problem
well from I would not use a front port because those are always the tears
period yeah those are notoriously underpowered you may not have enough
power to drive certain hardware you’ve probably seen them with other things
I would definitely try another different a different port on the back the fact
that you’re jostling it means something is I bet it’s the dongle yeah it sort of
says that maybe it’s the dongle could be the ESP port could also be some kind of
grounding short issue on the machine you know that you’re bumping at this I have
noticed a personal anecdote that if you use it USB port too often sometimes you
can just I think caused damage from like constantly inserting and removing yeah
how our insertion cycle happens I think so but yeah I definitely tried if report
but you know honestly this things suck get it get a $10 ethernet card they’re
literally ten dollars for Ethernet PCIe drop it in there get way faster more
reliable connections I think I would just that that whole USB dongle stuff is
like you’re in a laptop be a hard choice but no yeah definitely not in desktop do
you wanna go on this is from Richard he says uh these are emails these are
emails sent to to us so specifically they want us to read it I’m not sure why
you insist on videos if you write an article I can read it in a minute or two
with the video I’m doomed to listen to someone very slowly explain things only
a newbie would need to know after watching a video I realized there was
only 30 seconds of actual usable information
the rest is posturing for the camera it’s a laziness that prompts you to
create a video admittedly an easy way to impart information question mark stop
with the friggin videos well though first off how did he get
this email address it’s from the full nerd at PC world comm
right yeah yeah so that means he’s watching this or listening to it but
also do they link to actual specific video no they just want us to stop with
video you know or maybe they just don’t like me they don’t want me to have a job
no they’re just I understand cuz sometimes because honestly look let’s
face it we’ve seen videos in the Internet and he just like you just and I
know because I like I go to an Ian Ian Contras a CPU
review because I want to see what Ian wrote I’m not reading the 8,000 words
Ian wrote I go to conclusion like everybody else
there’s no conclusion at the end that gives you you 30 seconds of I don’t want
to read I don’t want to do all the homework you want the cliff notes I
understand I’m the same way so I think it’s a fair fair argument although said
in a obviously intentional hurtful way to us well I do understand that you want
a conclusion and you don’t want to do your homework actually yeah well first
off a Dennis makes a joke that it’s all about that money and you know yeah yeah
doing it for the ad money that’s but run on these videos so no I think the other
thing is yes there have been times where we’ve made videos that maybe have gone
on longer than they needed to or did not have a clear and concise information
portrayed in it I I know one of them specifically and I’ll call this out
because it’s a video I did with my fellow video producer Dan who’s a who’s
not with the company anymore but we did a video talking about the best laptop
for video editing and we were just kind of shooting the shit about our like
experiences with these laptops with you so far you know and we’re kind of going
over what we liked what we didn’t like you know and I think a lot of people
were hoping it by the end of it that we would say okay this is the best laptop
for video editing but really at the end we were like nah we need to test some
more stuff so we didn’t have a definitive answer so I get it you know
I’d and and I I read all the comments you know so I definitely hear when
people think like ah this video could have done better but it’s definitely my
job to try to present that in the best fashion but also we’re all humans you
know sometimes things ramble sometimes we don’t necessarily put information out
there in the best possible way or maybe we’re limited on time or budget or who
knows so it’s definitely something we strive towards but also I think the kind
of content that we produce is not trying to just get to the facts you know if if
you just want the facts and you don’t want somebody to read them then yes you
read an article there’s there’s definitely a time and
place for that but if you want to see you know some personality some and a
little bit of entertainment that’s you know kind of why we why we do this stuff
you know to interject a little bit more than just what the written article you
have no chance of getting a Disney or bad Netflix series made if you don’t
have video so that’s how we’re doing this no one wants to watch the 30 second
you could take like 90% of Netflix TV shows and just some of them up in 30
seconds right it’s the same thing but well me a lot of their latest ones are
just hallmark or a lifetime different premises Dennis says this guy should
watch gamers nexus for sure no I love I love Steve you just wanna like I don’t
have time to watch I’ll just write just give me the extra timestamps let’s
always ask you know no Richard this show is not to learn information or for
anything useful this is just you know this is a placeholder than the Internet
we’re just holding we’re taking up space in the Internet it’s it’s the human
adventure continuing yeah and a man and guess what luckily we are in a position
that we actually have both PC WorldCom you can see the the awesome written
stuff that all of us do and but if you want to go to youtube and watch our
videos you got that too so we try to try to make it all inclusive we don’t just
regurgitate one into the other and one as a place one doesn’t so we got another
email Gordon do you endure to you this was from Jared and he wants to know what
are your thoughts on picking up a new monitor is it worth to wait is it worth
it to wait for any new technologies coming out soon
I’m currently currently looking at the Acer or Asus 34 inch 34 40 by 1440
g-sync monitors for around 750 to 800 dollars also looking at 27-inch 2560 by
1440 g-sync monitors from Acer and asu’s for $600 to get an IPS screen over TN
the main issue is that all of these monitors came out years ago is there
anything new around the corner or should I just pull the trigger I plan
to upgrade the build in the near future as well to take advantage of whatever
monitor I pick up what’s that new 48 inch wide aspect going for
they all had it at CES and HP was right he’s more up with monitors than I do but
it wasn’t cheap yeah it was not yeah I think it’s again depends on what you do
right color critical work then so I feel like if they’re talking about Jacek
monitors he’s obviously into gaming I feel like my personal take on this
correct me if I’m wrong is that monitor technology does not move quickly like
it’s pretty pretty stable pretty constant I don’t feel anything but not
anymore at them I don’t feel like we’re seeing gigantic leaps in this budget
range right like $100 seven to eight hundred dollars right so we’re not so
all those things we’re seeing right now coming out that’s interesting and new
it’s gonna take a while for that to triple down so I think if you’re willing
to wait for a couple of years maybe even longer because a lot of these are taking
time to hit market right like we’ve had announcements and then we just don’t see
the product show up for a while yeah so it’s gonna be a while before they
trickle down to these price points so it’s kind of like how long do you want
to wait it’s the perennial question with technology in general right like how
long do you want to wait for the next new thing to come down to a price that
you know you can afford or do you go with what’s available now yeah all right
you know I would that asu’s panel I think he’s talking about I have a friend
who bought one I’ve I’ve had it in here before it’s quite nice it’s got some
color bleed is that 1440p 144 issues pro panel I think is with eight but it’s a
do you think it’s a slightly older I think it’s a little cheaper now to write
five-ish I thought not it’s not really but you feel like the technology is
gonna be outdated like is it worth waiting that’s really the part of the
question yeah I and I do agree with you that monitors have tended to move very
slowly but I think we’re about to under grow big changes because of you know
many Ellie many many LEDs are now in sort of Pro panels that stuff’s gonna
now bleed it gets a nose bleeds down I still that’s gonna take time it will
take time so I would say I don’t think yeah I think my panel you’d be happy
yeah and then again in five years if you find a panel that you’re happy with
then you’re gonna continue to be happy even when stuff kind of changes and
refreshes I like we always say it’s not until you figure out that that you’re
not happy with that panel anymore okay what do you have out there that yeah to
look into so yeah so then it really comes down to aspect ratio those white
curves were really nice they’re really nice yeah but I got you
know 1440 is pretty nice too you know 27 8:14 40s it’s a good good aspect ratio
good size I don’t know what I would live never actually used a white aspect ratio
for a long time you have a one on your desk I do but it’s not curved I don’t
like it because of that I feel it’s 34 inches so it’s like because it’s not
curved like the very outer edges just are really weird for your peripheral
vision yeah something about having it curved at the ends make it makes it a
lot more comfortable in the eyes yeah so curved is definitely willing to go and
then to our ratio but yeah I think for a while factor you go for that curve
because you’re making a big investment if you get a 34 inch curved panel you
spent six seven hundred bucks you’ll be happy with it till you know for a long
time I think and then that you just don’t just don’t sweat it just don’t
look at what all the new stuff is but there’s right there there’s many LEDs
coming there’s you know LEDs are continuing to move along so yeah but I
think you’d be fine with it um but you know it’s not IPS I don’t
think but it’s not bad the effects this is not these really bad ones and yeah we
have I have seen some really bad ones but those are pretty reasonable if
you’re if you do more color critical work photo you know video then yeah
don’t let’s go for a sharper IPS if you can uh we should probably only do a
couple more because it’s going long Jordan handy I’m just going by the order
of the cuz it’s older from a month ago as the subject states which is rising
3400 series chipsets oh this one’s easy as the subject states is rising 3000
series CPU and the are they compatible with Fourier series and for boards a
MIDI States that they are but the respective board may need a you Fi
update for it to work now I’ve read that a lot of boards don’t have the rom room
for the required bio so a lot of the features get left out I’m wondering if
that’s even if it’s even worth it Jordan Andy any any opinions on that one
so I am rereading it clearly a Star Trek fan by your email address uh yeah I I
think it’s fine I think yeah well you want to pay the
dis if you want to pay for 500 series because you whatever but I think you’ll
be for most people it’s fine to do drop into older board I don’t think it’s
gonna be a huge issue you’re not gonna probably miss those
issues there’s features but you’re gonna want to compare what they are to make
sure you won’t miss them yeah I’m just making sure that I understand the
question correctly they’re saying that this is a reference to the fact that you
know BIOS update that allows you to use a third gen Rison chip does it mean that
you’re getting the full features well no I can take advantage of right know what
I think he’s speaking to is that issue where they don’t have the room and in
the some of the some of the boards don’t have the roms so they space in the ROM
so they can’t enable some of the features I think also what do they leave
out there’s something things that they walk back PCIe four was originally
supposed to be and then they said no it’s not stable enough something I I
think got it I I think it’s fine I think it’s a good cost savings way to do it
for most people it’s not gonna kill you right cuz I mean I think a lot of the
appeal for some of those features it’s also new anyway that the cost is kind of
prohibitive in some ways if you’re looking to save cash if you’re not
looking to save cash then you would probably just go with X 570 anyway right
right so that was sure you tube I’ve got one from from twitch actually a satchel
Malone how are you feeling about the new AMD cards fifty seven hundred and fifty
senator XT should we wait a little while longer for driver improvement or take
the dive now and justgo r-tx or super cards I know this
grad question I’m gonna channel him here I feel like what he would say is that
they’re constantly pushing out driver updates and it was improving the cards
so you know what you’re getting now is not what the experience you’re going to
have down the road outside of that I think it’s just preference you know for
like how how long how tolerant you are for that process yeah I mean you know
you sort of go for you know if you’re really going for a cost for buck than
5,700 has a lot of a lot of advantages Brad woods I think he’s picked up 5700
XT and 5700 in certain categories so yeah I mean I I think a lot of people if
you’re worried about drivers then there’s nothing there’s probably nothing
anybody can ever say to you that it would make you not feel better about it
so maybe do in video because you’re used to nvidia used to the way everything
goes in the media that’s cool but you know what for the most part I don’t
think the driver drivers are as bad as people you know claim they are sometimes
otherwise they wouldn’t be buying him so and they are selling so yep it’s
actually hard to get your hands on water for my understanding is it really no I
thought it was huh but things are changing quickly because there’s more
after sorry the aftermarket boards yeah and those are kind of bumped up the cost
little bit there be some beefy Monster Cards so I mean I think Brad really
liked that was it the Sapphire yeah that just came out yeah oh yeah that’s a
monster that’s a monster card so I think you know for price performance you can’t
beat it right so doing is then you’re now on Team red instead of team green if
you got a GC panel if you if you bought into the Nvidia ecosystem with all that
other stuff then yeah obviously you you go with what you have I have a hard stop
like now ish so much well I think that was the last question anyway uh one more
question dennis is trying to get this in have you guys heard of PC case is made
from transparent aluminum yes yes yeah beautiful because uh you can actually
build it because transparent aluminum it’s very thin so it’s it’s because it’s
aluminum it’s stronger than glass and it doesn’t it’s not as fragile the problem
is is it’s still under development and the developer the person who I believe
discovered it was a San Francisco and I don’t think he’s gone he hasn’t
productize it yet and there’s some discussion as to whether he invented it
or not I know he has a proof he has the formulas for transporting him but
there’s somebody who’s saying he didn’t invent it and he thinks he stole it Star
Trek the motion picture sucked I’m so confused
yes I know someone will realize it later next week for your fix at PC talk ready
to just go to lunch now subscribe to us on itunes google play er sitter please
also leave us a review on iTunes every time you do somebody invents a fictional
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shame nerd shame here now thanks Gordon now you made me feel a bit embarrassed
about being poor and that I’m dumb you you have to admit Star Trek the most of
you know we’re not gonna do it again thanks for coming I’m Gordon hung with
Elaine EE and Adam Patrick Murray will transport
us all we should watch the Star Trek 4 will do it

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