Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled – Adventure Mode Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled – Adventure Mode Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

THOMAS: Then we will also
unlock Ripper Roo’s sticker, which you can put on your cart
if you like Ripper Roo a lot. TIM: How could you not? KRISTEN: How could you not?
Look at that face. TIM: A face a mother could love,
but also I love it too, so. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] TIM: Hi, everybody. Welcome back to another episode
of PlayStation Underground. You got Tim and Kristen here. KRISTEN: Hey. TIM: And we’re joined
by Thomas Wilson who is the creative director for
Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled and the co-studio
head at Beenox. How you doing, Thomas? THOMAS: Awesome
super exited to be here. TIM: We are so pumped to
have you because we’re gonna be taking a closer look at
Adventure Mode in CTR. Please, take it away. THOMAS: So Adventure Mode, what
people need to know is that we have
two Adventure Modes. So we have the classic version, which is just like the
way people like to play it back in the day. So no customization
option, same carts, same character for
the entire mode. But we have Nitro Fueled in
which you can actually change characters the way you like. All the characters
you’ve unlocked, all the customization
items you’ve unlocked, you can switch at
anytime you want. And then we also have difficulty
settings available now for those who thought the original
was a little too hard. KRISTEN: Oh boy. So that way you can
really play however you want. If you want to go back
and do it the old way, go for it. But if you want to
do it this Nitro Fueled — THOMAS: Exactly. So we thought it was
important to have it both ways. Here we’re at the
Character Selection Menu. As you can see we have the
eight original characters, and this is what you’re
gonna be starting with. We also have the bosses which
are locked behind the Adventure Mode, so you need to
beat them to unlock them. TIM: You gotta
earn those bad boys. THOMAS: And we also have the
CNK characters available which will be
available in the Pit Stop. Here we have additional skins
you can play with your character the way you like them. Same thing for carts. We have some locked behind
the Adventure Mode as well, and then you also have
additional carts you can unlock through the Pit Stop. Decals you can add to
your vehicles as well. KRISTEN: So you can
really customize this. THOMAS: Oh, yeah. You have bodies,
wheels, paint jobs, stickers, and decals you
can add to specific bodies. TIM: You can
really trick it out. THOMAS: Oh, yeah.
That’s the whole idea. We really thought it’s the same
great game everybody remembered, but we needed to have this
opportunity to customize the ride and your character just
to bring out the wackiness of the whole
Crash Bandicoot franchise. TIM: That’s great. Speaking of wackiness, I think
we’re gonna get a first look here at the intro
to Adventure Mode. So excited to check that out. We’ll probably keep it quiet just so everyone
watching can enjoy them. We’ll be back with you. [MUSIC PLAYING] NITROUS OXIDE: Greetings,
creatures of this planet. I come to compete. So you pesky earth
slugs like to race, eh? [LAUGHTER] NITROUS OXIDE:
Well, I, Nitrous Oxide, am the fastest
racer in the galaxy. I travel the stars looking for
creatures to test my skills. It’s a little game I call
“Survivor of the Fastest.” Here’s the way we play. I challenge the best
driver of your world to a race for the planet. If your driver wins, I’ll leave your
miserable little rock alone. But if I win, I will turn your entire globe
into a concrete parking lot and make you my minions. [LAUGHTER] Get ready to race for
the fate of your planet. [MUSIC PLAYING] COCO: Let’s go. [LAUGHTER] [SNORING] TIM: All right. So, adorable.
Very charming. Well done with the intro there. We’re gonna jump
into Adventure Mode, which the original
came out in 1999. THOMAS: Yes. TIM: Single player, you know,
cart racing adventure modes and campaigns, that was a new thing. THOMAS: Yeah.
That’s what made it unique. That’s what made me fall in
love in the first place with the game, this idea of having a
campaign mode in a racing game was very fun. TIM: So we’re gonna be — as
far as the progression through Adventure Mode, we’re seeing
the overall objectives here, but it’s about getting
trophies and winning races. There’s some side
objectives too, is that right? THOMAS: Yeah. So basically we have five
hubs that you need to explore. So we’re looking at
Insanity Beach right here. And you can drive around and find these pods
that offer challenges. So racing races, you can
race and win trophies, you can collect
relics by smashing crates, and in some of the races, collect CTR letters
and win tokens. And basically as you
collect all those, you eventually get to
fight the boss and beat him and unlock new areas. So as you progress, you’re
unlocking items that allow you to move on from one hub to
the next until you face Oxide. TIM: Nice. So you get the
satisfying layer of progression, whether you want to stick with a
single character in Classic Mode or jump between different
characters in Nitro Fueled. And then for this footage, I
know you guys came prepared with some prerecorded footage here so
we’ll be able to kind of focus on the talking through
the different race types, and maybe we will get
a peak at a boss race; that would be great. THOMAS: Maybe we will. TIM: So sticking with
Crash here to keep it classic. THOMAS: Yes. But as you can see, you have the
other characters wearing — or actually
driving different carts that are available in the
content that you have unlocked. So if you wanted, with the Nitro
Fueled Edition you can switch and drive with wheels or carts
that you unlocked if you wanted. TIM: That was close. KRISTEN: I would have just
gone right off the edge. THOMAS: So here we’re
looking at a typical race. This is Crash Cove. And, you know, it was really
important for us to sort of bring it with full HD fidelity
but really stick to the winning formula of the
original controls. KRISTEN: Right. THOMAS: So as you can see,
you can drift around corners. You can Power Slide and Boost for up to
three times as your racing. So as you can see
at the bottom right, we actually play with the HUD
elements because we had the original HUDs for those who
prefer the classic version, but this is a Nitro Fueled HUD
which provides a little more instruction on how to use the
drifting mechanic the right way. TIM: Some additional feedback. THOMAS: Yes. KRISTEN: Oh, yeah, yeah. A little bit of that black
smoke coming out of the exhaust. THOMAS: Exactly. So now when
you’re filling it up, the bar will start glowing, and
then we have these black bars to indicate the
perfect timing to do that. KRISTEN: Nice. THOMAS: So when
you hit it right, you get the most out of
the boost you’re triggering. And so we — this is where we
try to provide as much feedback as possible so people can
understand and master this technique because that was quite
unique to Crash Team Racing back in the days, and it takes
some practice to get it right. KRISTEN: Nice. TIM: Yeah. There’s a surprising
amount of complexity to it, but being able to have that
sense of satisfaction of getting better and better at pulling
off the Boost is really great. Also, I mean, Crash Team Racing
was no slouch when it originally launched in 1999, but just the
amount of detail and how lush each setting is is incredible. KRISTEN: And even just then
when you past the finish line, the monkeys jumping
and congratulating you. TIM: They respond to it, yeah. THOMAS: We wanted to
add a lot life to the world and each of the maps. And, you know,
starting with the end, the victory lap camera, right there where you see
Crash winking at the camera. Because as much as
it is a racing game, it’s all about character. You know, there was really this
notion of putting the characters forward in the way
they race, when they win, when they lose, when
they jump with their carts. We can have them
coming out of the cart, raising a foot or a leg or doing something
funny as you’re jumping. So there’s a lot of attention
that has been brought to the animations, specifically here when you
celebrate and have a victory. So now — so we have
different camera angles. We also have unique animations
for some of the skins you can collect for the characters. So when you have a
full costume change, you’ll have a unique animation
for each of the characters when they celebrate. KRISTEN: I was going to say, it makes you definitely want to
play with all these characters just to see what the
animation is gonna be. THOMAS: Yep. TIM: And then
presumably playing online, you’d be able to show off a
cool animation as you lap your friends and rub their
face in it basically. THOMAS: Of course, who
doesn’t want to brag, right? TIM: Yeah. THOMAS: So now we
switch to Coco. Here’s Ripper Roo right there. So a brand-new cinematic. TIM: This is gonna
end well, right? Oh no.
There he goes. KRISTEN: Love it. TIM: Oh, he races with his feet.
That’s great. Of course. So this is one of the boss races that we were
talking about before. THOMAS: Yes. So fast forward. We’ve collected enough trophies,
now we get to fight him. And like I was saying before,
for every challenge you compete, you always get a new reward. So that’s different from the
original Adventure Mode which didn’t have rewards until the
end where you would complete the Gem Cups and unlock characters. Now we have
something all the time, whether it’s a sticker, a decal, a set of wheels, a body. So you can customize
your experience as you’re unlocking items. TIM: Yeah. Keep some
breadcrumbs along the trail. What I love about this too is you get to know Ripper
through the intro cinematic. And you probably grow to
hate him a little bit as you’re racing against him,
but then you unlock him, so you feel this
extra connection. And if you’re
playing Nitro Fueled, that Adventure Mode, then
you can switch over to him and play with him
right away if you want. THOMAS: So in the original game,
you couldn’t play as Ripper Roo until the end of
the Adventure Mode. Here we made a slight change
so when you beat the boss, you’ll get to unlock it, which
we thought was making sense. We thought it was more rewarding in the way the progression
system was working. Now we’re in Ripper Roo’s
levels, Roo’s Tubes. This is a boss fight. And it’s a totally unfair race. KRISTEN: I was about to say. TIM: He’s just dropping TNT
crates like they’re free. THOMAS: Exactly. So he’s got unlimited
supplies of TNT crates. And every boss will throw
something different at you whether it’s beakers or boxes. Oxide throws everything. So, here, what you
need to do is win, although it’s an unfair race. So you got to make sure
that you stay in the front, otherwise you need to dodge all
those boxes and complete — and pass first
at the finish line. TIM: So dish out enough damage
so he can’t get ahead of you and drop those crates, and then
eventually secure first place because that’s
what it’s all about. THOMAS: Exactly. So you need to
make smart use of the power-ups you collect, missiles
or bombs and everything. And, you know, it
can take a few shots. KRISTEN: You definitely want
to hop around a little bit. THOMAS: Definitely
not an easy race. TIM: Yeah. The TNT crates, like
you were saying, Kristen — KRISTEN: You
can hop and get ’em off. THOMAS: — like five or six
hops, you can shake ’em off, which seems
pivotal for this race. THOMAS: And Ripper Roo, talking
about the way we decided to set dress the environments, we definitely wanted to push the
underground aquatic quality. So we added a lot of fish
and whales and the mines are floating, a lot of,
you know, plants, underwater plants. And now we won, so
that’s a good thing. And now we’ll have a
brand-new cinematic as well. A little bit different
from the original game. TIM: Because the ultimate
goal is to take on Oxide, right? That’s the final objective. So you gotta take out
these guys along the way. Coco is just like,
“What’s going on here?” KRISTEN: She like, “Ugh. Woof.” THOMAS: Looks like you
had the key all along. So these are the things we
wanted to do a little bit differently, present the bosses
in a context that would just set their personality. So the original one
was a great game, but it was just, like, kind of a static image
of the character in its cart. Now we have this opportunity to really push the
cinematic qualities. And, here, something different
in the way we present the Adventure Mode. Now we have a key
opening up the door. You understand you just
opened up a new area. KRISTEN: Nice. TIM: That’s great. More places to explore,
more races to take on and bosses to battle. Excellent. THOMAS: Like I was
saying, we unlocked Ripper Roo, but not only Ripper Roo, we’ve
also unlocked his color scheme because he was
driving an orange cart. And then we will also unlock a
Ripper Roo sticker which you can put on your cart if you
like Ripper Roo a lot. TIM: How could you not? KRISTEN: How could you not?
Look at that face. TIM: A face, you know,
only a mother could love, but I love it too, so. Okay.
There’s the paint job. THOMAS: So there’s a
lot of things to unlock. And you can go right to the
customization menu if you really wanted to start racing
with Ripper Roo right way. And now it opened up
all kinds of challenges. Now we’re going
through Gem Stone Valley. It was called Gem Stone
Valley, so why not add gems? They were kind of missing. We also changed the podiums. We made them unique-looking
for every hub that exists. And we’ve also added
Oxide’s spaceship, his hologram
looking at you madly just like Oxide
does all the time. TIM: Wow.
Look at this. THOMAS: Now we’re
in Citadel City. Just like in the original game, you have everything
you can collect, the trophies, the relics, the tokens because
we have challenges. So you can consult
everything you’ve unlocked, see how well you did. If you completed the
game at 100 percent, there are rewards for that. We can unlock
Oxide by beating him. TIM: I know the completionists
out there will be very happy to see the menus and get
everything collected there. THOMAS: And now we
are in Citadel City. But as you can see, Coco is
now wearing a different outfit. KRISTEN: I was gonna
say, her hair is different. THOMAS: So that’s
something you can unlock. So the more you
race with a character, the more races you
complete and you win, you can unlock exotic versions
of these characters as well. TIM: I love those
stained glass windows. This place look great. THOMAS: Talking
about customization, she’s wearing a
different outfit, but now she’s driving
Team Cortex’s cart. Now we’re in Lost Ruins,
and we’re racing through, again, one of the
hubs you can unlock. And we’re gonna take you
through some of the additional challenges that you can try out. We’re adding floating
monkeys in the fire. TIM: Of course. THOMAS: Why? Don’t ask me. TIM: What area would be
complete without them? THOMAS: So now you can either do
a CTR challenge or a Relic Race. And we’ll explain what that is. TIM: All right. Okay. So you want to get
as many of those so you can complete it in time. THOMAS: Yep. So these challenges become
available once you’ve collected all the trophies. And, of course, we attach
a reward with that item. So players are
constantly rewarded when they
complete the challenges. So in this case it’s, yeah, you smash through crates
in order to freeze time. And, of course,
there’s a time attached to that that you need to reach. So it’s a little bit different. Here we’re presenting Coco Park. KRISTEN: I love this map. TIM: It looks great. THOMAS: One thing I wanted is
I really challenged the team. I said, “You know what? This is going to be
a flower festival.” I challenged the team to put
as many flowers as they could before the frame rate dropped. Of course, it’s a racing game, so the frame rate
needs to be great. But the whole idea was we really
wanted to have petals on the ground covering the
floors and flowers falling. TIM: And it’s
running buttery smooth. It looks amazing. And, you know, Coco,
she seems like a really, I feel, humble Bandicoot. But then you see this beautiful
statue here and maybe she’s quietly got a little bit
more pride than I thought. KRISTEN: Listen, I
want one of those. THOMAS: It’s called
Coco Park, right? So when we were looking at
the names of the tracks, the idea was what could
we do to embrace the character for this
particular level. And so that’s why we added
all these statues of Coco. Of course it’s a
flower festival, but it’s also all about Coco. KRISTEN: It’s a Coco festival. THOMAS: We did the same thing
for Crash Cove where we sculpted out faces of Crash in
the walls and cliffside. So here we did the
same thing, you know, adding a lot of flowers. We have sprinklers that
create this magical rainbow. TIM: Butterflies flying around. KRISTEN: This massive rainbow. TIM: All the water needed
to irrigate said flowers. So they’re taking good
care of it. That’s great. THOMAS: So as you can see, these
boxes are difficult to get. So some of the boxes, depending
on where they’re placed, will definitely
challenge a player’s skills. If you want to
hit all the boxes, you need to master all the
techniques that there are, you know,
Hopping, Power Sliding, you know, jumping
at the same time, finding the
shortcuts because boxes will be placed in
different shortcuts. So sometimes you need to
plan ahead for every lap you go through, not going to
the same places twice. KRISTEN: Are they numbered by
difficulty of how to get them? THOMAS: No. Actually, they’re number by
the time you stop the clock. KRISTEN: Got it. THOMAS: So one is one
second, two is two seconds, three is three seconds. But, obviously, the three seconds ones
will be harder to find. TIM: And, you know,
getting all the boxes, is that sort of an
additional objective? THOMAS: It basically
helps to lower your score. So as you can see, we
haven’t hit all the boxes, but we still managed to
get a perfect timing. That being said,
that’s a Sapphire Relic, but you can also collect a Gold
Relic and an Platinum Relic. TIM: All right.
So that was an incredible look at Adventure Mode in
Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled. The game is out June 21st. THOMAS: Yes. TIM: That’s awesome. So not too much longer to wait
until you want to go and take on Nitrous Oxide and unlock all the
good cart customization options. Thomas, thanks so much for
joining us on this episode of PlayStation Underground. THOMAS: My pleasure. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]

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