CRAZY VIDEO: Woman smahes Greyhound bus window, tries to run over man

CRAZY VIDEO: Woman smahes Greyhound bus window, tries to run over man

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    $2 you can have her name. Unless she stole that car.

  2. KUDOS for the concerned folks… I can feel how much he cared about the bus drivers life and well being. It makes me kinda emotional tbh.

  3. I need to know why that guy says it's okay for this woman to flee a crime scene. Also using a car as lethal deadly force?

  4. She's not getting arrested she can get away with it you heard the police cars behind her did you see one police car go after work no you didn't

  5. Im not trying to say the woman was in the complete wrong but you can clearly tell the bus driver is one of those people who likes to antagonize others and continue altercations. There was no need for him to stand in front of her car let alone ride on it while she was CLEARLY trying to run him over. And the when he jumped on the car when she accelerated at 1:28-I mean-what was that? He looks almost as dumb as her.

  6. She may be crazy for attacking the bus, but he's crazy for standing in front of a crazy driver. I'm thankful for the people around videotaping and collecting evidence.

  7. The guy in the blue shirt is so over dramatic, this is the type of person that you have to look out for in the workplace. he's so over dramatic if you notice he's just really acting. I guess he's just looking for some kind of sympathy, this guy is a real idiot. and the young lady is wrong but the guy is just so mr I want to save the day you watch out for people like blue shirt and watch out for the crazy woman to.

  8. That bus dose not belong on that residential area #period coming off thee high or not especially not with passengers, maybe off diffienly NOT with passengers 😂😂

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