Credit Card and Payment Processing for Car Dealers | Automotive | Julie Douglas

Credit Card and Payment Processing for Car Dealers | Automotive | Julie Douglas

What’s going on everybody we are at Jim
Trenary Chevrolet, and it’s an exciting day! We get the opportunity to
interview Julie Douglas, who is the President and CEO of Dealer Pay.
interview with Dealer Pay. Take one! So Julie, what is Dealer Pay? Dealer Pay is a
payment solutions provider for the automotive industry. Okay. From credit
card processing, check, ACH, rewards loyalty and much more. What would you say
is the biggest differentiator of the service that you provide, that the other
typical banks or processing companies do not? We are 100% dealers specific, so a
bank for example, in direct comparison to Dealer Pay is still going to provide that
dealership the ability to accept payments, but all the little specific
criteria’s that we specialize in is something they just really don’t do. All
of our products and solutions are designed around the specific needs of
the dealership, and all the specific departments within the dealership. Of
all the transactions in dealership in the day, there are many. There
are many across to all those departments. There are some wonderful offices that
have to reconcile that on a daily basis. If there is not an organized report
that’s detailed with all the information they need. Guess what? They’re running
around looking for it. If the dealership took a $500 deposit on
$500 deposit on the vehicle and they don’t know who did it,
what car was associated with it, there’s no way they’re finishing their day. In fact
they’re not only unhappy but they’re wasting a ton of time trying to track it
down. Make sense. Give me an example of how Dealer Pay would be able to increase
someone’s profits and lower their fees. When we do the full cost and service
analysis initially, what we find is a lot of the dealerships have no idea what
they’re paying. They have no idea that there are these added fees here and
there within their statement. They have no idea how long they’ve been
paying them. Another thing I find is that they’re paying a much higher rate than
they initially contracted for. You know, who knows how long over time that
rate was increasing. You actually don’t raise rates, is that correct? Yes, that is correct.
One of the things that we decided or I decided when I started this business, was
I was never gonna raise rates. If I contracted the price with you based on
your volume and your average ticket, and you know we’re going to provide you a
competitive rate, there would be no reason I should increase it. There should
only be a reason that I would decrease it, based on
increased volume. What really impressed me about the organization was the
cutting-edge technological side of it as well, so individuals have the ability to
pay on multiple different platforms including mobile, Is that correct? Yes, that’s correct. You
know if you’re stuck at work or your a mom that’s picking up your kids or whatever
the case may be. Maybe you just don’t want to go into the dealer. We’ve basically given
the dealership ways where they can extend payment options to their
customers. Give me a little bit of insight or help me understand a little
bit of the different ways that a customer you know at a dealership would
be able to pay. Our Dealer Pay Plus solution, allows a dealership to
obviously accept payment in person via their point-to-point encrypted device.
The next is the ability for the dealership to send a text or email to
the customer with a secure link for them to make payment. And finally, we can
provide that same hosted link on their website for the customer to go online
and simply make a payment. That last piece that I spoke about is extremely
beneficial in finance, for folks that want to put a down payment or a deposit
on a vehicle. We make it so easy, a customer can walk in with their Apple Watch and make a
payment. Done! I walk out of the dealership with my car and I’m happy. Wow!
There’s a lot of things helping the dealership to reduce any lines, get that
customer in and out faster, because ultimately that customer had a great
experience paying, Hopefully they had a great experience in service or parts.
Whatever it is, so when they get their CSI survey at the end of the week or
month, they’re you know five stars all the way down. And ultimately that’s
what’s gonna matter to the dealers. I see a lot of rave reviews from your
customers that are out there, speaking very highly of you. I noticed one said
that you’ve improved their processing speed by twenty-five
percent. I saw another one where it said they’re spending less time you
know doing RO’s all these types of things and have actually
saved up to 20 hours a month. Right, using your solution. That’s huge! You
not only understand payment processing and credit card processing, but you
understand the automotive business. You’ve been in this business for 20
years and you understand what it takes to be successful. If I’m helping the dealership
increase their revenues and their profits, at the end of the day, it’s only
helping me improve my systems to make their systems even better. Right, so it’s
actually quite intriguing to me and I honestly, as you could probably tell, I
have a passion for it. Absolutely! I’ve done this for a long time and there’s
nothing more rewarding to me, than a happy dealerships! And for any additional information obviously anybody can go to
the website or you can email Julie Douglas, President
and CEO of Dealer Pay at [email protected] Thank you!

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