CUPHEAD Was Supposed to Look Like THIS!?! | WHAT THEY GOT RIGHT

CUPHEAD Was Supposed to Look Like THIS!?! | WHAT THEY GOT RIGHT

– Hello gamers, I’m
your host Ruby Jay and today we’re going
to be talking about the only video game superhero
that can save the day and keep you hydrated, Cuphead! (guns fire)
(glass breaking) It was her. With the retro look
and a difficulty level that will make you scream, (man screaming) Cuphead became one of the
biggest games of last year. But it took two
Canadian brothers, Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, over five years to make it. Let’s look at some of the
changes that took place along the way on What They
Got Right with Cuphead. ♪ Don’t deal with the devil,
break out the house fight ♪ ♪ we’re talking Cuphead,
this is what they got right ♪ – From the beginning the
brothers knew that they wanted to make a game with the
feel of a 1930s cartoon, but they didn’t know who
their hero was gonna be. Early on in development,
their hero was a little green monster
with a top hat. That’s no good! I can’t drink out of a hat. (slurping) As they developed him further, he turned into a character
with a fork for a head. Forkhead would be
way too vulnerable to his arch-nemesis
Mr. Spaghetti. They also thought that
Platehead would be a good idea. But he would have
been easily defeated by his arch-nemesis
Doctor Dishrag. Finally, the brothers watched
an old cartoon from the 1930s where a character with a cup
for a head turns into a tank. That cartoon helped the brothers finally get a handle
on their hero. In the first
sketches of Cuphead, he was a little more dressed up. Why so fancy, Cuphead? Is there a swanky
party in the cupboard? The character of Cuphead
wasn’t the only thing that changed about the game. Cuphead is known for having
a crazy amount of bosses. 19 big bad guys in all. But originally, the game
was only going have eight. On the plus side, less bad
guys would give Cuphead and his sidekick brother,
Mugman, more time for tea. In the game, Cuphead and
Mugman are on a quest to free themselves
from the Devil, but that wasn’t the first idea. Originally, their
quest was going to be saving a damsel in distress. What kind of damsel
would they have saved? Princess Punchbowl, Lady Ladle, or maybe just a saucy saucer. After over five years of hard
work, changes, and revision, the brothers came
out with a game that was so good it left
us thirsty for more. (straw slurping) Cuphead, you hit the spot!

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Don’t drink mug man what ever is his liquid he could have liquid brains liquid brains and liquid heart so don’t drink mug man poor mug man

  2. Me: You are bad at jokes you can’t even make me laugh
    Girl: well how about this one will cup head survive a fork for a head drumbeats
    Me: still no

  3. Cuphead the character and the bosses have all been the same for the five years in been in the making so where did ya get all the information wikapidia

  4. Today I actually defeated 2 bosses .

    Djimmi the great and captain brineybeard (beat captain B on 2st day of trying to defeat him).

  5. Actually The brothers was not going to make cuphead save a princess because that was what all the 1980s and 90s 2Dphat form did (mario being a perfect example).

  6. Cuphead: wait so I've been replaced like 5 times
    me: boys calm down!
    King dice: … I UHH
    Devil: …

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