Custom 2009 Ford F-150 Walk Around | Vlog #2

Custom 2009 Ford F-150 Walk Around | Vlog #2

What’s up Legends! soyLEGEND here again! Vlog number two. Today’s a new day and just like I said in the last vlog, if you
tuned in, today we’re gonna go for a ride in the truck. We’re gonna do a walk
around on my 2009 F-150. I refer to her as Bessy and shortly you’ll see her! So,
without further ado..let’s go for a ride! We’ve got to say bye to the dogs though. Bye Kilo! Skylar… Bye dogs. Alright so that took me forever to figure out where to mount my stupid
GoPro, but I finally figured it out and it works over here. Which kind of sucks,
because I usually drive like this, but I guess I’ll drive ten and two or whatever.
Let’s go for a drive! Alright, so first thing off in this
vlog. I really want to thank all of the subscribers that I’ve gained since my
first vlog. I’m very thankful for you guys. And all the views. I think I gained
like 20 subscribers and I had like a total of 150 views or so. And that’s pretty good for
what I was expecting from my very first vlog and me YouTubing in a really
long time. So, thank you very much and welcome to being a Legend! I know you guys probably don’t find super exciting yet, but it’s very exciting for me! I’m gonna
have to figure out how to get this camera to not shake so much, but it’s big
truck, lift kit, and big rumbly tires on it. So, I might be out of luck on that one!
So, yeah so this is my 2009 F-150 XLT SuperCrew. It’s got a big backseat. That y’all see later. Extended cab. Short bed though. Which I don’t mind. I’ve
been able to fit like motorcycles, like my buddy’s motorcycles, in there and a
bunch of other stuff. What may surprise you guys that it is only
two-wheel drive. It is lifted however! What you have to remember is when I bought this truck I lived in California and there’s not really a need for four-wheel
drive out there. And a lot of them just drive two-wheel drive Tacomas with
like long travel suspension kits on them and stuff. Come on lady. So, I opted for the 4-door instead of the four-wheel drive so that I could you,
know, keep this car longer. So like have it for a family truck later on. But when I
get to this kind of secluded area so I could do this video. I’ll show you all the
upgrades I’ve done to her and then in a few other videos, I’ll do like
product reviews on everything. Today will just be like a walk around. Introducing
you guys to the truck and probably where I’m going to be doing some of my
vlogging. So, that’s why I thought I’d introduce you to the truck and why I
introduced you to the office in the first vlog. Which yes, was my bedroom, but you got to do what you got to do sometimes and I hope more of you subscribe to my channel. So, if you could hit that subscribe button or like or comment. That’d be very
much appreciated. From me to you, I thank you very much for joining the Legend
family and helping me grow on YouTube. So, like I said in the first video..I am
from Indiana and this is pretty much all there is. Cornfields. Cornfields for days. That’s
all. Some of you from different regions might be wondering why I’m wearing a
hoodie underneath my jacket. It is only 44 here. So it’s not super chilly, but I
am gonna be like standing outside doing this walk around. So, I thought I’d double up. For those of you who’ve never really experienced winter..I guess you’re lucky. I’ve kind of missed it. I’ve been in California for the last
five years. So this will be my first winter home and I’m pretty excited for
it. And it will also be Kilo, my German Shepherd’s, first winter as well! Very
first time seeing snow and everything. So that’ll be exciting and you guys will be
able to see that on the vlogs and maybe I’ll go wrestle the dogs in the snow,
because we love wrestling so. So for those of you who came here just to see a
walk around of a custom F-150. This is the part in the video that you’ve been
waiting for. And for those of my local supporters, you might recognize this
location as the pool fields, but it is secluded so I could do this walk around.
So, here we go! Again, this is my 2009 F-150 XLT SuperCrew and I’ve done a
whole bunch of stuff to it and I’ll show you that. So, I’ll just go ahead and start with
the front here. These are my Open Country Toyo MT tires, 35 inch. Used to have 33’s on here, but you know when you have a #BuiltNotBought truck..sometimes
you have to go bigger. So, I upgraded to the 35’s and I actually used to
have a 4 inch lift on here, but now I have a 6 inch lift. So, attached to these
meaty tires I got some Moto Metal wheels that came with my 33’s. I swapped them
over onto my 35’s. They probably need repowder-coated. They’re a little beat
up from off-roading. Behind here I have some Power Stop Performance brakes and
drilled and slotted rotor discs as you can maybe see. And like I said, I will be doing a review
on all of my upgrades. So even further back in here, I have a Halo Lifts
coilover. Which is made by F-150 Lifts, I guess, and they actually custom wrapped
the cylinder black just for me. I actually blew out an older pair and they
had actually never seen that happen before and I actually don’t know how I
did it. Super great customer service. Again, product review videos will be
coming. And then I have some Total Chaos upper control arms with the extended
uniball. Which, I had to do, because of the way that my lift worked with the
Halo Lifts. Which was a little janky, but got it to work in my favor. I actually
have the 4 inch strut extension up here off of my 4 inch lift, but I do have a 6
inch lift on this truck. With the knuckles and this doohickey is all from
Rough Country. So, here’s my Rough Country 6 inch lift.
As you can see a little bit behind the tire better there with the Power Stop
Performance brakes. All my stuff, primarily, is Line-X’d. As you will see as
we go around here. I just I fell in love with Line-X the first time I got it
done and I actually do want to have the whole truck Line-X’d eventually, but it
is rather pricey so. So, we’ll get up here and this is my Road Armor Lonestar
bumper with some hooks attached and light bars obviously. My Recon halo projector headlights right
here. And again over here. You know, a little brand marketing plug up there and
more light bars right here. Light bar. Even my leaf guard has Line-X on it. So, keep walking to the back. Back here same tire setup, obviously. Power Stop brakes
back there. Then, I’ll show you a little bit of how the lift kit works back here. And I forgot up front..I actually have a
rebuilt transmission with some shift kit performance upgrades done and also a
deep well tranny cover. Which is made from aFe Power and then I also have my
rear diff cover is also from aFe Power. Both Line-X’d, obviously. As you can see here. So I’ll show you the rear diff now. Lift kit with the Power Stop Performance
brakes on the back here. Yes. I still have the like 27 inch original spare tire on
here and I don’t know why. I guess just for like weight, because it is gonna be
snowing here soon so I need my bed weighed down a little bit, because it is
two-wheel drive. Then I have the Recon taillights as well and a Fab Four rear
bumper. Line-X’d. Obviously. More light bars, custom brackets that I’ve made. Hitch ball is Line-X’d.
Hitch Mount is Line-X’d. Bumper is Line-X’d. Bed caps are Line-X’d. Everything is Line-X’d. And then I have the DeeZee tailgate assist. Which I’ll show you as I pull down the
tailgate here. Which is actually extremely nice and convenient when you have like something heavy in your hands or you’re carrying a box or something.
So, in my bed I have two DeeZee wheel-well tool boxes with flagpole mounts attached
to them. My whole bed is Line-X’d. Then I have a Fab Four headache rack with more
light bars and as I’ll show you here.. and of course brand marketing on the
window.. @soylegendofficial Go subscribe! Links are in the description
below as always. Then I have my fire sticks here.
Nothing’s hooked up to them yet, but I do have a CB radio that I need to hook up
and I’m gonna reroute the antenna from the front back to this one and then get
rid of the hole up front. Make it nice and smooth.
I like symmetry. So everything’s gotta be even and like match. So then I guess we’ll
go to the interior and then I’ll pop the hood. So I do have BeStop
automatic steps and they are extremely nice. Line-X’d of course as I’ll show you
here. So convenient. They even have little lights to help you see at night which is
also very convenient and then here is my big back seat. As you can see I’ll flip
up the seats here, that one flips up, too. I have Rough Country floor mats, rubber
floor mats, and these things have seriously saved my carpets a few times.
And I was getting really tired of cleaning out dirt for my carpet so I got
these puppies and they are really nice, but as you can see I’ve mounted a second
battery for all the light bars that you’ve previously seen. Which was kind of
a pain in the butt. And then also I have some fire
extinguishers in here. So, on to the front! Again, Rough Country floor mats. My dirty
feet have been here. And then I have this switchboard right here that I made.
Again custom. They’re not hooked up right now just because I have a little bit of
a wiring issue going on with all the light bars.
Sometimes they all turn on at once if I flip one of the switches, but I can take
care of that no problem. I just haven’t had the time to do it to be honest. Upgraded dome lights to LEDs. I don’t know if you guys can really tell that, but it
is an upgrade. And that’s all there is pretty much to do on the inside, but this
truck is extremely nice. I have loved it. I’ve had it for about four years now
I’ve beat the crap out of this thing for how much I paid for it. You’d be pretty
surprised what I’ve done to it. Almost totaled it a few times, but she’s turned
out with just a few scratches, blown coilover, and I’ve gotten a few nails in my tires,
but nothing we couldn’t fix, right? So, let’s pop the hood! So, what’s super
convenient about this Road Armor bumper is it actually acts as a little
step stool for me to work inside of my engine. As I’ll show you here. So, like I
said, the light bar with these custom brackets that I made. Super easy. Anyone
could do it. So I have another Optima red top as you saw in the back seat. So this
would be my second one, that my truck is ran off of and my steps, but other than that
all the light bars are ran off of the back one. My stereo system and CB radio will
also be ran off with a back one once they get put in obviously and then I’ll show
you here with the step stool like I was talking about. Super nice, because I can just sit here all day and talk
to you guys about my engine bay or do work or whatever I need to do. So as you
can see, K&N cold air intake, with a big ol’ filter. She’s really dirty right now,
so I actually need to clean it. Probably today. And then actually a little trick.
The 2011 has a bigger like bellmouth intake. Which actually sucks air in from
the road into this. And the 2009 and 2008 models are really small. So for like ten
bucks you can swap that out and, I don’t know, gain like whatever..three horsepower?
But I mean it, but it’s clean air and it’s better for your cold air intake. So
for ten dollars at the dealership, you might as well just do it. It only takes
like ten minutes to do. So, I suggest doing it. And then we have a Powermaster, 200amp, alternator that I swapped out. This allows me to run my two batteries a lot
more smoothly. The higher amperage, it’s just easier and allows my truck to be a
truck, while running extra accessories and not having to worry about it.
Then also I have the MSD coil packs. They’re kind of inexpensive for the
upgrade that they allow you to have. And then, I can’t really show you guys, but I do have a BBK
80 millimeter throttle body back there. And it just allows the induction of air
to happen a lot more quickly. I’ll try and get a little view on it for you guys.
It’s silver so you can kind of see it right here, but not really. So I’m sorry I
can’t really show you that one, but it is what it is. And I feel like I’m missing a
lot more upgrades that I’m not telling you guys about, but to be honest I can’t
really think of what they are off the top my head. So maybe they were just what
I want to do! Which is a lot! So, we’ll hop down here..again nice little
step here. And I don’t know if you guys could tell
or not, but you guys probably couldn’t see any wires really and that’s because
I’m a huge stickler on wire tucking. I mean, I spent like extra hours to days
just trying to get like a perfect wire tuck on some of these things that only
take like three hours to install. Or like on my light bars and such. Just to make
it look a little more professional. As I am actually super anal about all
that stuff, but that’s pretty much all there is to the walk around of my 2009
F-150. So, if you guys have any further questions on products or anything. I do actually have links to basically every single product on my truck in the
description below. If you do want to go check them out and do your own research
on them, see prices, or whatever. But do feel free to comment if you have any
questions, troubles that I ran into installing certain things, but like I
said I will be doing product reviews on every single upgrade that I’ve done to
this truck. So, if you want to see those, make sure you subscribe and turn on your
notifications. That way you get alerted when I add new videos and pretty soon
here I will be pushing out those product reviews so that they don’t fade away too
far away from this walk around on my truck. But as far as vlogging goes, I definitely have to
figure out a way to mount this better in my truck. If you guys have any
suggestions, that would be great! Leave a comment below! I was using a GoPro
suction mount, but it just wasn’t staying and maybe that’s because I have too much
going on right here. I have an LED light, my GoPro, and a mic going on.
So, maybe it is too heavy for the suction So, I’ll have to play around with that a
little bit. This was my first time vlogging in a car or even like kind of
GoProing in a car. Although I do have some off-road videos that I’ll
probably post later on, but they’re kind of crappy footage. So, maybe not, but that
about does it for the walk-around of the truck. So, if you only came for that part
of this video, then this is about where I’m gonna end it for that. But please feel
free to stay for the rest of this vlog! it’d be much appreciated on my part and
I’m just gonna drive on home and play with the dogs a little bit. I’ll
videotape a little bit of it for you guys. Since I know some of you guys just
want to see the dogs. So, let’s head back home! For those of you guys in big cities who
have no idea what a small little country town is, like a one-stoplight town is, I’ll
give you a little camera pan around so you can kind of see. I’m not even really
used to this stuff. I’m from a bigger town and then I lived in California for
five years while I was in the Marine Corps obviously. Now I’m living in this smaller
town and it is new to me, but I like it a lot actually. So, I’ll give you a little,
I’ll give you a little show around. So, coming up here may look like just
another residential road, but it is actually the main strip. No joke! But for
those local supporters of mine, I am not hating on this town! I actually do enjoy
it a lot, but I know some of you guys don’t like it, because you did go to high
school here and I did not. I do like it though! I also like hitting this little
water puddle right here that usually fills up a lot more. And that wasn’t that exciting. It usually
feels up a lot more and it’s a lot more fun, but speaking of off-roading! I
actually have not been off-roading since I got back home to Indiana! Which was one
of the first things I said I was gonna do! S,o I’m a little disappointed with
myself, but I honestly don’t really know where to go.
So again, local supporters who know where to off-road, comment below please! Because I
really want to know! Alright, so we’re home! We’ll go hang out the dogs for a
little bit, how about that? Alright they’re really excited! See! She’s already
at the door. Hi babies! Hi! Oh my goodness! Hi! Do we wanna go outside? Do we wanna go outside!? Let’s go! I think there’s been a rabbit in our backyard for the past few days, because they’ve been going crazy when they come out here in the morning.
But they haven’t caught it yet! Although, Skylar has got quite a few. Hi! What’s this? I know, I missed you guys! I missed you! I was only gone for like a hour though. Alright guys. I’m sorry, but that’s about all I got time for in this
first vlog. So, please make sure to subscribe, like, comment, share this video
around. I love when you guys join the Legend family and I’m looking forward to
growing with you guys. Getting to know each other. And for that to be a little
easier..make sure to follow all my social media. Which again, is linked below. As
well as links to all of the upgrades I’ve done on Bessy. And thank you so
much for watching this second vlog! I appreciate it and until next time!

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