Customer Service – Dealers Take Note :)

Customer Service – Dealers Take Note :)

WARNING – COMPUTER GENERATED SUBTITLES I got a good story for you so several years ago I I got addicted
that’s a – to sub things to an ample an audio amplifier called a crown k2 and
the k2 was a legendary amplifier it delivered I think seven or eight hundred
watts per channel at 8 ohms and probably double that at 4 ohms well you could
bridge it and get 2400 watts and it would superb sub woofer driver I had
seven of these the lightning strike actually took them all out unfortunate
well no no they ones are upstairs now I think the ones down the workshop we’re
okay I’d three dusty ones so still got one down here which drives the subs I’ve
got not the main subs but these subs here and I’ve stored one upstairs so I
got two left there we are but you can see on a picture here that I had little
handles for rack mounting and and one the grubs I bought it and the grub screw
was loose and it snapped actually now I dropped an email – is it harmony anyway
crowned USA whatever is said look can you tell me the spec of these grub
screws because so they won’t be metric because they’re American and I need I
need to buy some and I’ve got an email back from from a lady in parts to say
give me your address and we’ll just put some on the post for you that’s amazing customer service right I thought wow
that’s oh sure I told everybody back the story particularly when I had a roland
electronic vie drum kit and one of the bolts had come loose disappeared now it
was probably a metric bolt and I probably had one in my workshop but
learning from the crown experience I thought I’ll get the original part so
email to roll and you please tell me what the specter
this bolt is that’s fits in here like to get hold of another one oh yes it’s an
m6 20 mil it’s 65 P for the bolt and 13 pound 50 admin charge that company must
be run by a finance team not by marketing or a sales management or a
customer service team needless to say when I did have the lightning strike
what amplifiers did I buy to replace the k2s crown I had to all for the sake of
pennies yeah now I just want to expand on this customer service thing and I’ll
it all come clear in a bit this is quite good fun so
Oh quick ditty nor Tarvin yachts now ten years ago just two weeks before the
crash the heads of terms agreement came through on a fax me to sign which would
delivered to me four and a quarter million pounds UK pounds and at the time
would have been six and seven million dollars and I got interested in buy a
yacht the money never turned up by the way we nearly went bankrupt and the rest
is history but I got very close to north of and
actually started there it’s called North Island dreamers massive group now and in
fact I’ve solved it back to the north of and that’s why I got us dollars in the
bank at the moment but damn streets the president nor hovels got saying to his
staff that if they ask themselves all customers on the phone wants to know
what to do about it he’s got a stock saying apparently which is you just do
the right thing he placed a long game he should own
crown shouldn’t he it’s just the same are you and the right place there I’ve
normally got normally got the little YouTube cushion it overnight I just saw
you out of place it’s so and I like that and I think you
know this is just sort of pit that’s it’s the sort of person I want to be you
know anyway great story um oh yeah just before I come on to that you’ll
know that I make these I’d sit here actually glue them up and everything hot
glue its remelt either the hot air gonna burn my fingers the other day but Martin
a a Custer of mine email me saying it the one you supply it kind of just fits
but oh it’s a bit of a stretch could I buy a couple of ones with longer
tails but with no crimp ends just what the longer tails and I saw will just
give me at rest man I don’t want the money for it what’s the right thing you
see so um so we did where say Yandex gum I haven’t ever picture of it there it is
there so I just I was knocking 20 up I thought oh I’ll just send him to a fax
Ted said them to the wrong person Steve Nelson he’s on the channel he’ll
come into this probably so Steve had to send them to Martin but anyway I think I
did the right thing you see but there’s there’s the yeah as Sir Rowland a kid
partying again another one don’t tell anybody 20 30 years ago this
car the XJ are came out XJS sorry oh I just thought they looked lovely I
couldn’t afford I was miles away from it and I happened to be on YouTube one
night and there was a guy here and he’s talking about this particular film talks
about how this fella walks into a dealership and he was treated like
bloodshed basically and it just reminded me if the jag story because thirty years
ago I think she said it here that’s a young man I walked into a dealership and it was a real old gentleman he served me
and I said oh they just look lovely and I bought the book on jag you er and I
dad’s got a Jag and and all this stuff and I said would you be able to go
around the block in it I mean I didn’t look old enough to buy this thing you
know I mean when I was 25 whatever I looked about 10 honestly and so we went
least test drive I couldn’t believe he went got the keys and he says it there
we off we go which I was very gentle you know very
very and what’s the word respectful and a half way around it remember the
traffic lights not far from Solihull said you know sir I can’t afford this
car and he said ah I know you can’t but I’m a very patient man and I just
thought my goodness there’s someone else playing the long game now if I just exit
out of this Oh actually I’ll keep this on this is
hilarious this has been some great great comments so yeah years later the thing
is I will come at some of these funny comments years later I wanted to buy an
ex junior are jeez they’d there was a 408 break I was into cars at the time
408 I mean that’s not it same year same wheels the lovely metal
grille layered out and the inside was it was the dark but it wasn’t the old man
he would said it was I think that car basically but a right-hand drive cuz I
was learning a bloody fortune at the time and I went to the local right Brook
it was called in Hockley eath which is now a Bentley and McLaren dealership but
it got in the world I still got bought it hey I went in and there was an older
fella there and I inquired about the old man who used to work at the original
Jaguar dealership and I think the manager came down on us said it easier
Allen County had retired the year before because I wanted to buy the car from him
I mean wouldn’t but it just made a great story I made the right song and dance
about this good get hold of him can we tell him I bought
a Jag and I bought this car and it was good
there’s the inside there look anyway you got to look at some of these comments
here there is one guy actually said or oops you’re white touching story very
nice awesome story you know they need to make a movie they need to make a movie
about it hello I said I’ll do a vlog so that’s it
here somebody thinks I’m a knob but a lot of people do my friends so you’re
not the odd one out and then miss flamingo 2008 she’s actually on the
channel now she’s the one that said oh I hope you find him when you do please
share it could be dead by now sweetheart I really don’t know reason for the film
is play the long game have it in your heart to play the long game because I
could have sold Martin a couple of so2 three nines for eight quid or something
what we’re gonna do with eight quid what good is that gonna do me in business and
in my heart one I’ve made a mistake apparently it was a millimeter too short
and too I’ve already made my money out of it I don’t need another eight quid
you know the mean so customer service is lacking but if you take this story away
from you think about it do the right thing and play the long game
whether that is you know your ham radio dealership the way you deal with other
people the way you buy and sell on eBay do whatever is right enjoy your radio
enjoy your deals enjoy your customer service I’ll see you
all next on the pike for now

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. You should have a word with MARTIN LYNCH ref customer service, I spent over Β£ 300 on a vertical antenna got no service at all. would not reply to my letter or phone call, glad to here that you do have good customer service well done.

  2. Truly one of your best videos ever Cal! Very meaningful for me. Play the long game…..that's what it's all about. I couldn't agree more and I appreciate that you took the time to make this video. 73 George K2WO

  3. Similar story, my watch strap broke, that long pin thing. I went to a new jewellery shop near me for a repair. He took it in and was told to collect in half hour. I went back and he said one pound. I only had a fiver pound note in cash so he said when passing again drop it in. I was out shopp another day and dropped the pound in. For that reason he can have my future business. Was a real nice thing to do.

  4. customer service the way i learnt in the motor trade was to treat every customer with respect and do what they want .
    ie if it was all they could afford to have done then that was it.
    if they came back with a problem then it was sorted as quick as possible . i was the one that did that it was my job
    to make sure they was happy and got a good customer service .
    respect the customer and they will look after you.

  5. I would rather do the right thing and make someone's day rather than milk small profit Callum. it proves you have the right mindset and i personally always recommend people that put other people 1st its called trust and respect well done pal.

  6. I lived for 10 years in France where customer service is a swear word. It is non existent. If you ever have a few hours to spare then I could bore you with tales about it. Now back in the UK where I can sent back meals in a restaurant without getting the Gallic shrug and that "You must be bloody joking" look. Still a long way to go here but not too bad ….Stay well and keep the vids comin

  7. .. words to live by.. the long game .. do the right thing.. will do .. from California 73sπŸ‘πŸ€ πŸŽ™πŸΊ

  8. My customer service skills rock ! πŸ™‚ I even sent you and martin a pic of the envelope !! LOL Great stuff… don't forget my longer tails when you ship the lite…!

  9. Thank you for this you are what you are, Back in 1964 I was 12, I was playing on a penny arcade machine I only had a 6d piece left so I asked this gentleman if he had change in pennies for me, I was so polite that he thanked me and gave me the 6d in pennies and because I was so polite he gave me my 6d back, I am 66 now and I try to still live like that it dose pay. Keep up the good work Callum I enjoy listening to your talks.

  10. If only everyone had your ethos ,Heil AND w2ihy also pretty good just thought I would through that in there ,in my view anyway
    cheers and beers on st Patrick's Day mi0gtm

  11. Brilliant Cal….!!……All the way through from start to end I had a big grin on my face !!…..Simply brilliant !! πŸ–’…..Mark ( m0mco)

  12. Great vid Cal. It's always nice to do the right thing. Rare to see it these days, but when we do it's an indication that the person doing it was brought up proper. Lol at the guy calling you a knob. I think I'm a knob half the time rofl. Any way, happy Saint Paddy's day from EI. Slainte

  13. I have a interesting story how a managed to get a Class A license some 20yrs ago, At this time a bought a set of Rapid Results College, Course workbooks for Β£10, i used these to pass the RAE, sat the exam at local college, then sold them on to some 1 for Β£10, who also passed the exam the same way, i tried to keep the idea going but the RSGB changed the exam system.

  14. Ok here goes….
    Working title : "Master and DX Commander: The Far Side of Customer Care.
    Crowe plays you, and I am willing to do my own cameo….. just some foreigner with more time than sense, who keeps writing inane reviews, always with a sneer towards Brexit. The side story is that Theresa Dismay starts reading those reviews (We'll get Stephanie Cole for that role) and starts making secret plans to role back Brexit out of guilt (if we portray a Tory with feelings of guilt, we can also advertise as science fiction, you see… clever bit of marketing!) In the meanwhile we'll put Dustin Hoffman and his autistic brother as refugees in Canada, with a DX commender, but a short SO 249-stubby ! Our hero goes on a boat to bring a stubby with a longer lead to this distressed family. I still have to write in the scene with the Canadian Zombie-loggers, but that's coming together! We'll get that Bieber kid to do 'Staying alive' from the BeeGees as a title song… nice 70s' retro song, and that little tike goes down well with the kids today… The only thing we still need to figure out, is how we can get Mel Gibson in there to spout a bunch of racist stuff and shoot some zealots…. We'll get Hollywood to do the whole thing and it won't matter that it isn't coherent… they haven't made a movie in the last few decades that is coherent anyway ….
    We'll be coining it man…. Jags and boats will be ours !

    (can't talk, screenplays to write !)


  16. Bloody good philosophy there Callum and one we need to spread across all aspects of our lives. On a similar track, one thing that pains me about us humans is that we all seem to have the milk of human kindness, whatever that is but put us in a motor car and we would kill each other.

  17. Seven Crowns ? Ha sounds like a bottle and a party πŸ˜‰
    As for bridging..that bolt I think, came from higher up and I truly believe was a message of who really has more power !!
    Be well Callum
    Gary in USA

  18. Hi Callum. You'r not a knob mate, You'r Nuts Mate, Gold Plated 10mm Nuts. Love the story of the old guy who let you take the Jag out for a test drive. He knew that one day you would get one. Shame he had retired when that day came. I made some very good friends in my business days working for" Newman Tonks" as a sales engineer. I knew what I was talking about and could get my overalls out from the back of the car and demonstrate what was needed to do the job. No bullshite or rubbish. I was a sales Engineer and I was appreciated for that and usually got the contract for the job and more. whether it was a engineer or the managing director I was talking to, that did not matter to me. They were not charged any different for the work. Carry on the good job Callum. 73 de John – G0WXU.

  19. Hi Cal, i totally agree. I work for a family run tool hire / plant hire store "Long story short" couple come in, been on holiday, long drive / plane flight home, young child asleep in the car, got home and double door lock on which takes twin keys. His wife has 1 key, hes forgotten to take the other, but window upstairs just about open. Can they hire a ladder. No history , never met them . The ladder is over 22 ft long and in 2 sections and the family car is about a 3rd the size and full of stuff. We made the choice to take the ladder to their home, set it up and watch this geezer squeeze into his house and unlock the door…the relief of seeing this very tired and stressed family be able to put their child into his bed..and the the kettle switched on was worth that trip…we didn't charge them , and since that day have had 20 new customers come and hire from us based on our actions. What goes around comes around my friend..

  20. Well Cal I just completed your entire library of Videos. What a good vid to end the catch up on. Now all I can do is wait with baited breath for the next one.

  21. Callum, you sold me a rig via EBay for Β£999 many years ago, I handed over Β£1000 and we had a waffle, but you did chase after me to give me my change, it hasn’t changed my life but it was the RIGHT thing to do. Something very trivial but people remember the small things.

  22. Cal you are the kind of people I look for on YouTube!! This has been a problem for me for years. I used to be in a field of work where everyone who did it played the short game. Quick easy fast money. Forget the costumer service. I've always wanted to treat others as I would like to be treated and when I told anyone I'd get belittled for it and many times over the customer would come back to the shop and tell my boss and the owner great things. Then they would go the shop for services based on the job I did. The owner asked "How did I do it?" and I told him I helped them out and did it how I would like to be treated. I would even risk my job to go out of my way to help costumers. I used to drive tow trucks. I love the way you think!! Integrity and Moral. Great video as usual. 73 KB1MDH

  23. I'm totally with you there Callum. Do un to others as you would have done un to you !! I bought a Fluke multimeter on gum tree and after a few texts back n forth he said he would drop it off at my works in Luton that didn't happen and after that there was no reply to any of my calls mugs etc 😑😑😑 no I had sent him the money into his bank and was very pi#%Β£d off….a few months later I was working not far from him with my mate a well known and quite large guy when I told said mate he just wanted to call him and buy anything he was selling as to get him out for a chat.. I chose to write off the money and took mate out for a beer keeping us both on the right side of the law…moral is never piss people off you don't know who they are 😎. Love the Jag story I had a XJ40 4.2 Sovereign in silver square head lights rather rare loved it πŸ‘

  24. Sorry Calum just came across this, realise its more than a year ago but your spot on. Here is my story but its Aug 2019, Bought an 8 band End fed half wave antenna from Hyend and 3 days in the air got a lightening strike in the village, it took out the capacitor on the wire. I contacted them and wanted to buy a replacement capacitor, no problem i'll put you one in the post no charge, where will i go next time, yes back to them. I bought a printed band plan from a UK dealer on ebay then realised when i got it, it was out of date and didn't have 60m on it, emailed them and got absolutely ignored, where won't i go again, you got it!!! Like you my memory is long. Thanks for your story and 100% on that.

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