CWC vs BEST FRIEND BATTLE ROYALE Challenge to Learn if Hacker PZ9 is Justin – Hide and Seek 24 Hours

(intense music) (group members shouting) – [Chad] Hey, hey, you guys
get off of him! (shouting) – Oh, my gosh. Oh, I got tased! – Ow!
– Vy, you’re here. – Chad are you okay? – Oh, here’s our camera. What the heck, PZ9 was just here. – Yeah, where is he? – But those guys tased us! Wait a second, is that PZ9 right there? Is that him? – Oh my gosh! – [Chad] Where’s he going? (intense music) Wait, I’m
not sure if that is him. I don’t, I can’t see. He’s too far away. – Let me get my binoculars
out from my spy essential kit. – [Chad] Yes, spy
essential kit link below. Binoculars! Whoo! What do you see, Vy? – Okay, I can’t tell if that’s PZ9 or not. He’s in, like, normal clothes. He’s not in hacker clothes. – Oh, wait, that would make sense because I saw the
hackers take his mask off and take all of his clothes. So, he probably does just have
normal clothes underneath. – Whoa, so he doesn’t
have a mask on either? – No, he’s just in normal
street clothes now. – So it’s got to be him. He was just here. – Okay, let’s follow him
but let’s not let him know that we’re on his trail. – Okay. – Let’s go. Look right here. Okay, yeah, he’s right up there. I can’t see his face yet. Take a look, Vy. – Okay, let me see. – Alright, maybe come up a
little closer. (stick cracking) – Oh, shoot, oh! Oh, Vy, you stepped on a branch! He’s turning around! He’s turning around! – [Vy] (gasps) That’s Justin! It’s definitely Justin! – [Chad] Oh, it definitely is! – [Vy] His face! That’s his face! – [Chad] Confirmed! He is PZ9! I knew it was Justin! – All along, you guys were right! It’s Justin! His face is confirmed! – I can’t believe he would do
this that he would become PZ9. – [Chad] Let’s run up to this tree! Go, go, go, go, go!
– [Vy] Yah, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! – [Chad] Oh my gosh, what
is he doing right now? – [Vy] Is he tying his shoe? – [Chad] I think so! Wait, now where is he going? Are those hackers? – [Vy] He’s walking towards them! – [Chad] What is he gonna
do to those hackers? – [Vy] What are they going to do to him? – What those hackers — – Oh, Daniel, D! Regina!
– Me and Regina just got back. What’s going on? Oh my gosh, is that Justin? (gasps)
– [Chad] Yeah! – What is he doing here? – That’s PZ9! The hackers shocked me and then they took all his stuff! – Oh, so that’s why he’s wearing just normal clothes right now? – [Chad] Yeah! – So, PZ9 was Justin all along! – [Chad] Yeah! – He’s walking away, guys! – [Chad] Oh no!
– How do we get closer? – We shouldn’t get too close. – Yeah, we shouldn’t! – We might have the Battle
Royale or something! – [Chad] I’m ready. – I can fly my drone or something. I can hover it around. Sound good? – Great idea, Daniel! – Let’s do it. (intense music) – [Hacker] Look who it is (laughs). – Yeah, oh my gosh, guys.
We should split up right now and just hide behind a bunch of trees so we can keep an eye on Justin. – Okay, let’s go! Let’s do it!
– [Chad] Go, go, go, go, go! – [Tall Hacker] You look
so goofy without your mask. (laughter) – [Lead Hacker] Yeah, wow! That’s PZ9 without a mask? – I need your masks, your
hoodies, and your motor scooter. (laughter) – Look at this guy! What is he, the terminator? – (laughs) You forgot to say, please! (bones snapping)
(hacker groaning) (shouting) (intense music) (snapping) (intense music) (hacker shouting) – Your mask. Now. – All your stuff is in the bag, PZ9! Please, no more! Just take the bag! (intense music) – He just pulled out of
the backpack the PZ9 mask and the PZ9 clothing! That must be what he was after! (intense music) – Hey, I can’t let you leave
with that man’s motor scooter. – Why? – It’s not yours. – Why? – Just get off before I put you down! – Oh, that hacker’s not
going to let him leave. He’s got a bo staff with him. (intense music) – Justin just got on the scooter! Daniel, follow on the drone! (intense music) – Oh my gosh! That’s definitely Justin! He just rolled by on the scooter. He went that way. I can’t believe he just
beat up all those hackers. He took the PZ9 mask back, he
took the pants and the hoodie! He’s turned back into PZ9. Okay, I have to meet back
up with the Spy Ninjas. I think they should be up here somewhere. Oh, Daniel, Daniel! Regina! Okay! – That was crazy! Did you see that? – [Everyone] Yeah! – He beat up, like, five hackers! – Guys, he’s on the move with the scooter. We need to track him down. – Okay, well how are we going to do that? The scooter is so fast and
he’s such a good fighter! – All right, guys, let’s split up and try to surround him and corner him. – [Daniel] Alright, I’ll
keep flying my drone. – Great! All right, let’s go, let’s go! – Where is he? Where is that punk, Justin? Oh, there he is! – [Justin] Get back here, you little mama’s boy! Little mama’s boy! (shouting) – He just kicked that
hacker for no reason! Why is he so angry all the time? Maybe Justin is mad because Project Zorgo. They stole his clothes, his
mask, his gloves, everything! They kicked him out, not once, but twice! So, that’s like really bad rejection. He keeps getting rejected! – [Chad] All right, I think I
see, is that him down there? Is that a hacker? Is that Justin? Oh, that’s got to be him! (heavy breathing) (intense music) What is he doing? Why is Justin going after this hacker? He’s sneaking up on this
hacker on the bench. Oh my gosh. – [Justin] I want to know where it is! You tell me where it is right now! I know you know where it is! Ah, you’re wasting my time. Get out of here. – [Chad] Oh my gosh! Where’s he going? – [Justin] One of these
hackers knows where it is! I’m going to find him! (intense music) – Okay, guys, I’m trailing
Justin right now, PZ9. He’s right up there. I don’t know what he’s doing. He already has his mask and his hoodie. So, I don’t know why he’s
trailing these hackers. He must want something from them. Oh my God! (shouting) Get that away from me! No! (screaming) (taser buzzing) – [Hacker] Yes, we got him. It’s time to eat. – Oh, what the heck? They shocked me with those batons. Let’s go. Oh no! They handcuffed me to the fence! Ah, you’re still here! (laughing) – [Chad] Hey that’s my backpack! – [Hacker] Look what we got! – [Chad] Give that back to me! And my hat! (taser buzzing) What do you guys want? – PZ9 is going to be so happy
with us that we caught Chad. – $10,000 in our pockets! – [Chad] Oh, that’s why you’re doing this? – That’s right! Okay, let’s go get PZ9
and tell him to come here! – [Chad] Oh no! Let me off of this! Let me out!
(handcuffs rattling) Oh, shoot! So, those guys handcuffed me here because they wanted to
just collect $10,000. Okay, PZ9’s going to be here soon. I got to get out of here. I can’t defend myself when
I’m wearing these handcuffs. He could easily, like, defeat
me and do anything he wanted. I’m kind of just a sitting duck here. Guys, I don’t know what’s
going to happen to me. Just to be safe, you guys better click that
subscribe button right now. If it’s red, make sure to
click it and turn it gray so it says “subscribed” and make sure the bell’s
ringing, ding, ding. I hope that helps, I don’t know. – Oh my gosh, guys, I
think I lost Justin, PZ9! I don’t know where he is. He went, oh! Oh, Regina! – Hey! I lost Justin! – Wait, you lost–
– I don’t know where he went! – You lost him, too? No! – Guys! – Justin, I mean, Daniel! – Don’t call me Justin! – It’s Daniel! – Guys, I lost sight of Justin! He was on a scooter and
I just lost sight of him. – Wait!
– You too! – Wait, where’s Chad? – Where is Chad? – Chad?
– I hope he’s okay. I’ve had my drone up in
the air this whole time. Let me see if I can find him. Yeah, I’ve been flying
the drone the whole time. I’ve been getting some really good footage of all the fights and all the crazy stuff that Justin’s been doing. – Yeah, I cannot believe
he took five hackers out. – I know! – And he was all like, “Boom! Boom!” Ooh! – Whoa, geez. I’m not a hacker, Regina! – Okay, sorry. – Oh guys! – What what?
– Whoa! – Is that Chad right there sitting? – [Vy] That is him!
– [Daniel] He’s on the ground! – [Regina] That’s his blonde hair! – [Daniel] Yeah, he’s handcuffed. He must’ve got trapped! – [Vy] Oh, no, PZ9 got him? – [Daniel] Oh, maybe! – Oh, is Chad okay? – I don’t think so, guys. – Vy, we got to go save him! – We got to go save Chad!
– Come on, you too, Daniel. – Okay, I’m going to stay here
and fly the drone, though. Okay? You girls go.
– Oh okay. – All right, let’s go Vy. – Okay, let’s go save Chad! – Oh my gosh, guys, Chad
is definitely in trouble! Who handcuffed him there? – [Chad] Ah, this dang handcuff. Wait, who’s this? Who’s this yahoo? Who is this guy pulling up on a scooter? Whoa, he’s got a bo staff. – Oh gosh, oh gosh! A hacker just showed
up, guys, on a scooter! He parked it and he’s,
he’s walking towards Chad. – Oh, shoot. Who’s this guy? Oh, shoot, he’s got a bo staff! What do you want? – Chad’s defenseless! He’s handcuffed! He’s an excellent Spy Ninja and he can battle his
way through anything, but when he’s handcuffed,
he’s defenseless! – [Chad] Is he coming for me? Oh, no! Oh, shoot! Wait, wait, wait! Oh, who’s this? Oh, no! That’s PZ9! – Wait, is that… Another hacker is approaching
Chad from the other side! Oh, no! He’s going to be surrounded! – [Chad] Justin, oh shoot! I’m stuck to the fence! No! (intense music) – That’s Justin, PZ9! Oh, no! Check this out, guys! Look, on this side is that random hacker, and on this side is Justin! They’re headed right towards Chad. (intense music) – [Chad] Oh, that’s no, no, no, no! Don’t do it, man, don’t do it! I’m handcuffed! (intense music) – Come on, Chad! Break
out of there or something! They’re around you on both sides! Come on, man! (shouting) – Come with me if you want to live. – I can’t, I’m handcuffed! – Oh, my bad. (shouting) – [Chad] Whoa, yes! You did it! You got it free! Wooh, yeah! Justin, yes! Wooh! See ya later, weird hacker! I’ll take your scooter, though! Let’s go! – All right, Chad, it’s safe! Let’s go! – [Chad] Justin, you saved me, man! I can’t believe it! – We got to go! – What the heck? Justin saved Chad? PZ9 always fights Chad. Why would, all of a
sudden, he change his mind and just rescue Chad like that? – [Chad] Woo hoo! Hey Justin. Justin, wait up! Does this mean you’re not PZ9? All this time, I thought you were PZ9! Oh, he’s got us! Who is this guy? He’s a fast runner! – [Hacker] Justin, Chad! Come back here! (shouting) (intense music) – Ah, I give up! Run while you can! – Yeah, he gave up! Ha, ha, ha! – Maybe Justin isn’t PZ9? Or else, yeah, it doesn’t make any sense! PZ9 hates Chad and right now it seems like he cares for him. – I think we lost him.
– Yeah, we lost him. – All right!
– Whoo! – All right! – Yeah, all right, let’s
go meet up with Daniel, Vy, and Regina, and tell
them that you’re not PZ9! – [Together] Whoo! – Okay, let’s park our
scooters right here. – Justin, why’d you beat
up all those hackers? – I’m trying to find
this one called “PZ9”. – PZ9? – Yeah, he wanted me to join this club and he stole my phone. Can you believe that? – Really?
– Yeah, I need to get my phone back. I’ve got valuable stuff on there. – Oh, that all makes sense now! – Girls, girls, girls! – Justin, what are you doing here? – [Chad] Oh! Regina, no, no, no! – That’s what he gets!
– [Vy] Justin! – Regina no, Justin’s a good guy now! Justin, come on Justin! – [Justin] Ow!
– No, no! He’s not PZ9! – Wait!
– We all thought Justin was PZ9, but he’s not!
– [Vy] Are you sure, Chad? – He’s just our buddy, Justin! That’s all! – We’re best friends! – PZ9 was impersonating,
pretending to be Justin! – What, this whole entire time? – So I just punched a random Justin? – [Chad] Yeah, a random Justin. Just any old Justin that comes along, you just punch him in the jaw? – [Chad] Oh, Regina!
– I’m so sorry! – That’s all right. It was a mistake anybody
could make, honestly. – [Chad] Yeah, that’s true, that’s true. What are you smiling about? You think it’s funny? You think it’s funny that
Justin got punched in the face? (laughing)
– My pain is funny, Vy? – Well, I think, yeah, as PZ9
yeah, you kind of deserve it. But you’re not, right? So, you don’t. Sorry, sorry.
– [Chad] Exactly you don’t deserve it.
– Darn right I’m not PZ9. – Wait a second, where’s Daniel at? – Oh, he’s still flying his drone. – Okay, we’ve got to find him! Daniel, where are you? – Oh hey, I’m just flying
my drone all around. Hey, what the heck
happened back there, Chad? Justin rescued you! Why would he rescue you? – It turns out, Justin is not PZ9! Justin rescued me. There was some other
hacker coming towards me wearing like a blue vest or
a gray vest or something, but Justin like rescued me. – Who the heck was that other hacker then, wearing the blue vest? – I have no idea who that was. I heard his voice. It kind of sounded like PZ9. It would totally make sense if it was him because he put out the
$10,000 reward for my capture. Two hackers caught me,
handcuffed me and they said, “We’re going to go get PZ9 “and get our $10,000.” – Oh, wait, wait, wait a second, Chad. On my drone footage, I think I see the hacker in the blue vest! – You see him on your drone?
– Yeah yeah yeah! Okay, I’m going to
follow him a little bit. He’s approaching this
big group of hackers. – PZ9? – Yeah. – (gasps) Yeah, that’s PZ9! – I knew it! I knew that sounded like PZ9! – So, we were wrong all along! Justin really is your best friend! – Right, right. I’m so surprised. PZ9 fooled everybody. He made us all think that he was Justin. – Where’s our reward? – [PZ9] Where’s Chad? – We handcuffed him over there. – No, you’re a liar! He escaped, and because of Justin! – [Hackers] Justin? – Yeah, so, now that
there’s five Spy Ninjas, $10,000 per every Spy
Ninja that you bring to me. – [Hackers] Whoa! $10,000? – Okay, you got it PZ9. We’re going to capture them. – [PZ9] All right, do
that Project Zorgo thing. All right, disperse. – Oh, my gosh, Chad, PZ9 just told the other
hackers that he’s going to give $10,000 for the
capture of each Spy Ninja! They’re after all of us now! – $10,000 on everybody? I’ve got to go warn them right now! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! – Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! (intense music)
(crackling static)

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