Cyberpunk 2077 News – Censorship, Vehicle & Weapon Customization!

Cyberpunk 2077 News – Censorship, Vehicle & Weapon Customization!

Welcome back to The Neon Arcade, today we
have a brand new Cyberpunk 2077 news video. In today’s video we will be talking about
new details on Vehicle and weapon customization, Just how many hand crafted details will be
in Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City, A Festival CD Projekt Red has backed out of, for a Cyberpunk
2077 related reason, Acid rain and equipment for combatting Night Cities elements, as well
as some potential trouble for consoles based on new censorship rules when it comes to sexuality
in games. Before we get into it, the official Cyberpunk
2077 page tweeted for the first time in a while, and whilst it wasn’t anything substantial,
we did get hit with a pretty insane Jackie Welles cosplay by a fan. CD Projekt Red has stated that they are opening
up their twitter to start re-tweeting worthy pieces of fan art, so if you are inclined
at creating anything of the sort, try your luck and tweet out your designs to the official
page @CyberpunkGame. Next we have some brand new Vehicle and weapon
customization details via a French publication who sat down with a CD PROJKET RED Employee
to get the scoop on Cyberpunk 2077 and the world of Night City. In this interview with Maciej Pietras which
was further translated by Rawls + friends on the Cyberpunk 2077 discord, it was mentioned
by Pietras that “Every time you see a vehicle in the game, it will be possible for you to
take control, and you can start the fight from there. It’s typically things player find cool to
do. Although I can’t give details about current
vehicles in the game, customization of cars are in the game”. Now vehicle customization is an incredible
thing for Cyberpunk 2077, but the first part is kind of vague. Does this actually mean we can control fyling
cars to a certain degree, after they’ve said that flying cars wont be controllable? Does this mean we can sit in the cabin of
a tank and pop off some shells, or can we also drive it around town? Now Pietras also mentions two other details. He states that in relation to the source material
of the pen and paper RPG game Cyberpunk 2020, that they were nervous about deviating too
much from Mike Pondsmith’s original vision. He says “To be honest we were afraid of
putting too much of us in this game, and that personal touch, would overshadow the original
boardgame.” “For example during the creation of the
character, you will have elements to customize and choose from, including the look, physical
skills, which hand you hold your weapon in, and more. We took the elements from the board game,
and extrapolated them for Cyberpunk 2077” This is good news for the old school Cyberpunk
2020 players, who want Cyberpunk 2077 to be as true to its roots as possible. Obviously it’s a different medium all together,
but the mechanics are more tranferrable and apparent when your source material is a pen
and paper RPG, VS A BOOK OR MOVIE. This is also good news for lefties and people who like to customize their shooting experience. Being able to choose which hand you hold your
weapon in as a customizable feature, is definetley something LUQ former Counter Strike professional,
has helped with. IF you guys are unaware, he’s on board with
the CD PROJEKT RED team to help with testing the feel of the gunplay and to offer suggestions. Now worry not, this doesn’t mean the game
will play like CSGO, its purely to have someone there who knows their stuff about gunplay
and it’s mechanics. Pietras also mentions in this interview that
the only animals in night city will be dogs and cats and you can interact with most NPCs. We see a cat outside the ripperdoc clinic
during the gameplay demo, and in E3 and Gamescom demos, you could potentially shoot at it,
but we’ve seen nothing else in that department. Seems kind of weird to me we wont be seeing
birds either, but maybe pollution has killed them off or something of that sort. In regards to interacting with all NPC’s
this might be something that is very similar to The Witcher 3. You walk by an NPC, and they say a blurb or
two to you about something going on in their lives and mosey along on their way. If it’s something more immersive than that,
this could be something revolutionary and interacting with the people of the world with
an increased dialogue system could be a huge storytelling feat. As a final point from this article is was
noted by Sardukhar from again the Cyberpunk 2077 discord that Pietras mentioned how V
would undergo issues and choices stemming from a Cornelian Dilemma. A cornelian dilemma according to Wikipedia
is a dilemma in which someone is obliged to choose between two courses of action, either
of which will have a detrimental effect on themselves or on someone near them. The best example from Wikipedia was a choice
Batman had to make in the the movie the Dark Knight, at the hands of the Joker. He could either save his lover Rachel, or
the future of anti corruption in gotham city Harvey dent. He chooses to save Rachel, but again in another
twist, he is led to Harvey through the manipulation of the joker and Rachel ends up dying. This has the potential in Cyberpunk 2077,
to lead to emotional narrative driven decisions. I love this philosophy and I think it only
makes sense that decisions we are making in the dark and treacherous future of 2077, will
be cornelian in nature. Next we have information regarding the development
of Cyberpunk 2077 and how CD PRojekt red has built the future Californian dystopia of Night
City. In an interview again with Maciej Pietras,
it was mentioned by him that “the game will allow you to enter many buildings, knowing
that everything was done by hand, because we believe that quality comes first through
manual creation. Nothing is procedural in the world.” Now in computing, procedural generation is
a method of creating assets using an algorithm versus doing it manually and by hand. This will give the world a touch of detail
that will make it feel more authentic, and lively. Now there IS a contrast between this interview
and what CD Projekt Red has stated in the past. This interview almost seems like everyhtin
in the world is manually created, or at the very least everything inside buildings is
hand made. Going back however, we’ve heard interviews
stating MOST things are done by hand, not ALL. In my opinion I think everything within megabuildings
will be hand crafted, and most of the outside world will be hand crafted as well, but as
you step onto the streets there will be inevitably some procedural content
If you want a TLDR version is, there is going to be a lot of hand crafted elements to CD
Projekt Red’s new title. Next we have interesting little details via
a Countdown to the dark future post. As you know these are posted by RTalsorian
Games to help us learn the lore and history of Cyberpunk 2020 and 2013 which are the source
materials for Cyberpunk 2077. In episode #9 regarding Night City, its mentioned
that when visiting Night City, you should wear medium weight clothing, with a light
armor jacket or a ballistic-cloth overcoat. A filter mask and supplemental oxygen are
highly recommended due to acid rain and inversion smogs. As we know acid rain and dynamic weather will
play a part in Cyberpunk 2077, and we even see this guy walking through a bazaar with
a smog or acid rain mask of his own. This is another potential equipment option
which may boost your personal stats. Acid rain and detrimental weather could play
out similarly to toxic gas from the witcher 3. In episode 12, child care agencies are mentioned
in Night City. Now we’ve had some questions to if kids
are present the world of Cyberpunk, and I’m assuming so since we see one in the E3 trailer
and the fact that they are in the lore. Child crèche is one of these agencies, that
actually plug kids into braindance chips of their parents choice for pacification purposes. Seems a little extreme to me as braindances
are debilitatingly addictive VR experiences on steroids. Now this could be a big reason why people
are so addicted to tech in the future. At a young age, your mind is malleable and
this is the Cyberpunk equivalent of seeing young kids and toddlers today staring at their
ipAds all day. It just cant be good for their brains. Next we have potential problems for consoles
specifically playstation with new censorship laws from Sony. These New policies will affect game releases
in both the west and Japan, in an attempt to meet “new global standards” will target
sexual themes in games. As we know Cyberpunk 2077 is an overtly sexualized
game, with prostitutes, red light districts and full frontal nudity. With these new rules and regulations for sexual
content in games becoming much more strict, their releases will also be held to this new
standard. For example, a game called Senran Kagura where
plaeyers could interact with other characters using something called Intimacy Mode, caused
it to be delayed. Another title Omega Labyrinth Z, was canceled
entirely. Now this can be telling for 2077, in either
being delayed of heavily censored. Ironic due to how the whole genre of Cyberpunk
pokes fun at censorship with its overtly anti-censorship themes. I’m not sure how this will play into the
release of Cyberpunk 2077, but CD PROJEKT RED might have to jump through some loop-holes
here with consoles especially Playstation. I hope this isn’t the case, and I think
the best approach would to obviously be not censoring anything and have 2077 be fluid
and quote unquote the same game across all platforms
Next we have news of a CD Projekt Festival and it’s relationship to Cyberpunk 2077. Promised Land 2019, whose main organizer is
CD PROJEKT RED has been put on hold to focus on development of CDPR’s titles. In a statement it was said “What we need
now is undivided attention and full focus on our current development projects. We think quality is the most important aspect
of creation and that extends to everything we do. Without time and necessary attention to detail,
we cant guarantee quality” This is good news for Cyberpunk 2077 fans, as this means
they are taking the developmental process as seriously as ever before, and I think the
final product will be a reflection of this. Next we some homework the CD Projekt Red team
had to do before starting development. According to a COGconnected article, The team
received a list of workds to study in the Cyberpunk genre including Bladerrunner, Ghost
in the shell and Neuromancer. These are largely touted as the fathers of
modern Cyberpunk. With their acumen for telling compelking stories
in their games, they took this very seriously, and it was made easier by the fact that much
of the team was enthused by the genre to begin with. This seems like an obvious pre-developmental
process studying the biggest Cyberpunk works of the past, but its nice to see just how
seriously they took this with learning the works inside out. Thanks for watching guys and for everything
and anything Cyberpunk 2077, subscribe to The Neon Arcade.

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  2. I swear if Sony ruins this im gonne get mad. Do NOT censore this! Ps Nudety never harmed anyone.

  3. If I want to see boobies, I'll watch porn… that being said if Sony censors the game I will throw my PlayStation in the trash and never buy Sony products again. Censorship is never a good thing…

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    Because I have been doing research and found out that alot more people buy ps4 but at the same time Xbox one really is better at everything.

  5. I totally agree with other posts here. Censorship must be left alone especially as it will be an 18 rated game. Let's face it, if you play a lot of RPG games on a PC fans often create mods and loads of these mods allow for better bodies and a lack of clothing.  I'm also wondering about sexuality here. Will women be able to have sex with women and men on men?  I've not heard anything on that question so far. Certainly these options are totally available in Fallout 4 but definitely not in Witcher 3. The best I could do in the latter was refuse the advances of both women! Cyberpunk 2077, being set so far into the future cannot possibly expect us to adopt a puritanical, narrow-minded attitude to sexuality allowing only for heterosexual attitudes and solutions, can it???

  6. So fare the only games that have bin canserd are Japanese porn games so let's hope Sony donse not fuck this up cos people will not be buying a ps5 to play a canserd veshon of cyberpunk 2077 so be carful Sony or no one will buy a ps5

  7. I don't think Sony will won't to explain why grafic violence and drugs and alcohol are OK but nudity is not in cyberpunk 2077 so I hilly dout that cyberpunk 2077 will be canserd by Sony and if it is it shood only be in the east not the wast

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