Cycling and Coffee – How to use an Aeropress to fuel your ride.

Cycling and Coffee – How to use an Aeropress to fuel your ride.

get the absolute cheapest beans. buy the
cheapest grinder. try to be in a rush coffee and bikes they just go together
before during after a ride whatever the case is it’s a perfect match so I’m
setting about making better coffee and apparently I succeeded my wife gave me a
compliment on todays coffee’s. hey everybody Brian Davis, Brian Davis Races
today I’m gonna run through three tips on making a reasonably good espresso
using the Aeropress this has been a personal challenge of
mine for years ever since I got an aeropress I tried to make espresso in
reality aeropresses are really good at making one single cup of coffee that’s
really pretty good but I could never figure out how to make a reasonable
espresso so I think I finally cracked the code this morning. three tips on
making a reasonably good espresso using an aeropress. tip number one is to
get reasonable beans something decent not junk and then you’re gonna want to
use a burr grinder to really release the flavors and oils from the coffee now a
burr grinder is very different than a blade grinder that most people have in
their houses so it’s a little bit more expensive but totally worth it a burr
grinder like this one gives you the option to choose course which is what we
use on our day to day coffee when we use the French press that’s our everyday
blends and then when I make the Aeropress espresso or any type of aeropress I move it over to extra fine and then I dial up my number. tip number two
while your water is boiling, you’ve got your ground coffee over here
give that a little shake to loosen up the clumps got your scooper got your
plunger got your little cavity so here’s what we’re gonna do Oh first we’re gonna
get the paper filter just a little wet gently put that in there I’m gonna smash
that closed this is the stirrer this is really important and then the big secret
the tamper smasher smusher they make a one of these with the tamper on the
bottom but that cost money so just grab a bottle that fits inside this chamber
and you should be good to go the other big secret is to use a little
bit more coffee than they would normally recommend so I don’t have a food scale
so I’m not gonna get that excited about it but one two and maybe two and three
quarters scoops should yield us a pretty reasonable espresso alright so the way
this works is we can put this right on the top of the glass that we’re going to
espresso in and we’ve got our plunger in our tamper alright now we’ve got our
water that just came off oil oh sorry now we’re going to tamp not super hard
but we’re just going to smash it you like downside of using a bottle
instead of the actual tamper is it’s not quite a flush flat bottom but you know
good enough for what we’re trying to accomplish so another key secret is to
pour the water into the spoon first so you don’t smash the water doesn’t break
up you’re tamping so we’re gonna just baffle the hot water a little bit alright now we’ve got our water up to
number two let’s go a little bit more water so that’s just past the number two
on the measuring line and we’re going to wait maybe ten or fifteen seconds alright then we’re gonna stir it in this
case we don’t want to stir the puck or the coffee grounds we’re just going to
stir up the water a little bit and then let that settle down in the past I
always pushed it down really slow but what I’ve learned recently is you really
need to smash it down fast and that’ll get you some good air in your espresso
which will lead to the crema alright let’s try it here we go
smash okay now that doesn’t look like a ton of
crema but for an aeropress that’s pretty reasonable I can assure you that
is significantly more than I have ever gotten in the past and the taste is
fantastic. Thanks for checking out the channel today if you’d like what I had to say give me
that thumbie give me a subscribe give me a comment what’s your best practices for
using an aeropress or what other method do you have for an espresso oh yeah that’s really good. if you don’t
like what I had to say buh bye.

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