Deep Cleaning a DIRTY Honda Odyssey || Complete Disaster Interior Exterior Car Detailing Ep. 17

Deep Cleaning a DIRTY Honda Odyssey || Complete Disaster Interior Exterior Car Detailing Ep. 17

alright guys so today’s detail on Stauffer Garage if you
can’t tell already is of a 2017 Honda Odyssey minivan that has been completely
kid trashed and you guys can tell from these before shots how bad it truly is
the whole inside is gonna need to be gutted we’re gonna have to shampoo and
wipe down everything I mean this thing is gonna need a ton of work on the
inside not only you’re gonna do the inside of the car but we’re gonna start
first with the outside of the car and we’re gonna do a deep clean of the
entire exterior and we’re gonna also use a spray-on ceramic coating to protect
the paint make it shine because this actual red maroon color that’s on this
paint is actually brilliant it looks beautiful in the Sun so we’re gonna
protect paint we’re gonna get the tires coated we’re gonna do a full car
transformation today for you guys so if you like these sort of videos put a
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you haven’t already and let’s go ahead and get started because this one is
gonna take some time alright so for the exterior of the car I’m starting with
using the foam cannon and the two bucket method to wash the exterior paint the
foam cannon does a really good job with kind of saturating the entire paint with
a layer of foam and a layer of soap so that way when you go back with your
sponge it does give you that extra lubricity but honestly it’s more for
effect and it looks awesome so that’s why I enjoy using it when I get the
opportunity if you’ve ever used a foam can and you
know that you can actually probably just use the wash mitt directly on the car at
that point but for me I like to use a separate two bucket method as well just
to be precautious to make sure that I have enough lubricity and soap on my
wash mitt before I let it touch the paint now if you’ve never heard of the
two bucket method essentially you’re just using two buckets one has fresh
clean water one is your soapy water and you’re making sure that after you wash a
panel down you’re dunking it first in your clean water to rinse it off so that
way you don’t carry contaminants over to your clean bucket and then I also have a
third bucket that I specifically use just for rims and tires so that way the
brake dust and everything else that gets on those do not get on the paint now when you’re washing your car always
try to start from the top and work your way down to the bottom now on this
Odyssey the front bumper had all those different grilles and everything that
make it really difficult to wash so having those detailing brushes
definitely help with getting into those nooks and crannies to make sure you get
all those spots cleaned as well now in this video I made sure I hired my
twin several times so you know make sure you guys stand look out for him he pops
in and out every once in a while now for the wheels and tires I have
several different tools that I like to use I use a harder bristle brush to
actually scrub the tire itself and then I have this softer brush that I use on
the face of the rim that’s very gentle make sure it doesn’t scratch or Mar any
of the finishes whether it’s Chrome or a painted or a powder coated wheel and
then for the inside of the drums I have this special brush that actually allows
me to get inside the drum get that clean but then it also does Bend so I can get
behind the spokes of the wheel as well and into some of those harder to reach
spots but now that we’re completely done with
washing the car I’m going to rinse down one last time with a pressure washer
before we jump into the hybrid ceramic coating now there’s many different ways
that you get ceramic coat and protect your car but I’ve been really keen on
using this spray-on ceramic coatings lately there was super easy to use they
make it really really quick for a detailer to get the job done as well and
they do last a decent bit of time between each wash for this one I’m using
the 303 ceramic spray and for this one you need to rinse your car panel off
make sure it’s wet after you’ve washed it and then you just lightly mist it on
and spray it back off again and you’ll get that glossy beaded finish and it
does leave a really really nice shine on the paint as you can see here in the
slo-mo shot when I’m done with washing the car and I’m done applying the
ceramic coating I like to use a plain hose so that way you can make a really
big sheet of water and a lot of that water drips right off the car
immediately before you use your drying towel to finish the job the drying towel
that I use is actually super super thick ply and when I drop it on the car and
literally just can drag it across the surface that is probably the most
satisfying thing for me when you’re trying to dry your car
it just it literally soaks up any remaining water that’s on the surface
after you put on that coating now that the outside is completely done
we’re going to start moving in the interior and since this is a super trash
car everything has to come out including the seats from the front and the back
everything comes out of this thing because there is a lot of work to do as
you guys can see from these shots once I pull the seats out the damage was 10
times worse than I initially thought one thing I always bring with me on
these details is these black plastic bins that I use and I I just literally
throw everything into them that’s not straight up trash but it allows them to
then sort through all their stuff and make sure that I don’t throw anything
away accidentally now when I was clearing everything out
of the car I could definitely tell that there’s a lot of debris underneath the
seats in between the armrest and the seats in the center console so those
seats had to come out and I definitely I’m glad I picked up those star bits
that you guys recommend I pick up from all the different details in the past
that I’ve done where I haven’t had the star bits available to me and they came
in handy for this Honda and I got both the front seats out as well there’s so
much more room for activities in here honestly the good news though was when I
got all the seats out and inspected just the carpet besides finding bacon was
that there wasn’t a lot of staining and this is being a black carpet there
probably is some that I could have extracted but the good news was is there
wasn’t anything like roach motel where he had like milkshake caked into the
fibers and it was just a complete crap show when it came to removing the dog here
any fibers from the carpet I use the lily brush quite a bit in this detail
but if you have a lot of flat surface area you can just use a regular squeegee
as well to kind of speed up some of those bigger areas honestly I haven’t worked on a newer
Honda Odyssey but all these different sliders and panels and stuff for this
middle row actually drove me crazy because I just felt they were so
unnecessary to have all of these different adjustments because literally
you just typically have pilot seats or you have a three row seat I just I
didn’t get it but literally it made a little bit more difficult to clean it I
didn’t want to unbolt it completely just from a complexity standpoint in time but
every panel that I could remove I did remove to vacuum and get underneath
before clipping it back on this back third-row area you can see
here how much debris the lily brush brought up and how much dog hair it
removed and honestly just transformed the carpet itself just by vacuuming and
using that brush as always guys I tried to leave all of the links to every tool
that I use in the description box below for you guys so if you want to check
those out and pick them up they’re listed down there for you I filled three times the gym so now the inside is completely vacuumed
and all the dog hair is completely removed from the car it is time to move
on to the floor mats and when it comes to floor mats or any kind of carpet
cleaning I always follow the same process of starting with vacuuming then
moving on to using a lily brush or spot treating spraying on some spot treatment
with folic and then I have my spray bottle that I use to completely saturate
the entire top surface of the floor mat before using my drill brush to agitate
and you guys know I love to agitate my carpets after that’s done I’m using my
extractor which my extractor I just use plain hot water because I want to
extract all of the dirt along with all of the soap and chemicals and all the
product that I applied to the surface out of the fibers to get it completely
clean one thing I do recommend for you guys if
you are doing this on your own if you have some sort of folding table or some
sort of elevated surface it does make it a lot easier to keep the bottom of the
floor mat clean without having to put it on the ground but also makes it a little
bit easier on your back when you’re doing the job buzzing dies in their dreams but we
still wake up when it comes to applying any of your
cleaner vacuuming or using your drill brush or even your extractor I always
try to do a slightly overlap past every single time because on the outsides of
every one of those tools it’s usually the weaker end of the actual scrubbing
power or vacuuming or extraction phase and by overlapping to make sure you
don’t miss any spots now this back third row floor mat was
probably the best one of all because of the amount of dog hair and just how when
I sped this up it looked like it just it literally looked like the lily brush was
just floating across the surface when I got it all out as you can see in this back third row
floor mat I had a lot of overspray from the drill brush and when that usually
happens I try to wipe down the surface before I move on to the extraction phase
because if you start moving the floor around around all of that soap and stuff
that gets on the outside of it will kind of soak back into the fibers so I always
try to keep my work area clean when I’m working so that way I don’t cross
contaminate anything how dirty this car was on the inside in
certain spots I was really surprised with some of the floor mats with how
little dirt was actually extracted from them I mean that they were actually kept
fairly pretty clean and there wasn’t any huge spills which was nice to see but I
still have the bucket shot and the money shot for you guys here and how much dirt
was literally extracted even though I couldn’t see it in my extraction nozzle now moving back into the interior and
with all of the caked on stuff and the cup holders in the center console area
and several spots around the car I definitely busted out the steam cleaner
to do this job the best part about using the steam
cleaner is it not only helps saturate any of that caked on stuff but because
it is steam it can heat up and loosen up and melt some of that you know sticky
residue or whatever it is on the surfaces of those parts and I’m only
using my shop back here because one it kind of sucks up any of the water that
kind of condenses after it hits the surface but also makes it a little bit
easier for you guys to see on camera without the steam completely just
engulfed in the entire inside of the car now for the dashboard and the steering
wheel I’m using an all-purpose cleaner and my bristle brush in a microfiber
towel to get them to all those different nooks and crannies to get those
completely cleaned also make sure you don’t forget the mir visor and the
little sub window visor thing that they have on Honda Odysseys and the sunroof
as well those are commonly missed parts especially if you’re just focusing on
that center area and the lower parts of the car now for the inside of the car any panels
or any plastic trims the process for me is I always use my all-purpose cleaner
and my bristle brush to get those areas clean and wipe down and then I follow up
with my surface protectant and that could be you know you have 303 aerospace
protectant or you have Chemical Guys silk shine but for me Chemical Guys silk
shine has been my kind of my go-to for a while because I really do like the
finish it really does give a nice shine it makes it look like new now if your car is as dirty as this car
was I do recommend if you can pop off your panels and work on them separately
it does make it a lot easier on your back and also with making sure that you
get every part of them clean they all usually typically just pop out and pop
back in really really easily and it’s nothing to worry about it’s really
pretty easy to do now when it comes to leather seats there’s several different
things to consider most if not all modern leather seats are not actually
pure leather like you would think they are they actually all have a protective
polymer coating on them that keeps them looking nice for a long period of time
compared to leather in the past whereas if you had plain leather seats and you
got slight water on them it would essentially stain whereas today that
doesn’t happen because of that when I clean leather seats I always try to use
all-purpose cleaner wipe the seats down and then I actually just used the
Chemical Guys soap and shine again to protect them from UV rays and gives them
some sort of you know glossy finish to them but there’s not any conditioning
that has to take place with modern seats now that the seats are done and wiped
down I’m moving on to the interior panels the car starting with the trunk
the trunk sill the inside of the trunk panels and inside of the car itself
around the cupholders and everything for that third row I think you guys have probably remember
me saying this in every single video is I always recommend if you have a super
dirty car get the seats pulled out it just makes your life so much easier when
it comes to getting everything clean and making sure you don’t miss any spots when it comes to cleaning glass I just
use invisible glass product and I spray that on the surface use a clean
microfiber towel to do a single pass fold it over to another dry site and
then buff it clean to make sure I don’t have any remaining residue now one trick like this car it had
stickers on the back window if you want to remove those I recommend picking up a
steam cleaner it’s also good if your kids color on anything with crayons on
any plastic panels the steam cleaner helps with getting it melted and gets
you know the the glue or residue or whatever’s on there lift it or at least
somewhat pliable so that way you can wipe it clean with a microfiber towel it also comes in handy for any doorframe
or door panel especially around some of the harder to reach spots with a
microfiber towel that have grease heating it up with steam and kind of
blowing it away and then wiping it clean I also utilized the steam cleaner for
this second third row plastic region to get it completely cleaned and then I
made sure that I followed up with another vacuuming on the inside because
sometimes you can blow like little pieces of debris Plus with getting him
out of the car cleaning all the surfaces doing a final vacuum is something I
highly recommend now when it comes to any seatbelts or
this pull strap on a rear throw using a steam cleaner makes it really easy to
get those clean because all you have to do is completely saturate it with steam
and then just use a microfiber towel to wipe it clean one thing everybody always asked me is
when it comes to reading in the seats do you use a torque wrench to torque them
down and I would say that I typically do and in this case I did use a torque
wrench to bolt down the front seats the other seats just clip back in if you are
trying to figure out what your torque specs are I would just search online
there’s usually some sort of form or message board that talks about it and
you can figure out that information and here are the before and after shots of
this transformation and I do want to say I am super happy that I did the outside
in the inside it’s been a while since I’ve done a full car transformation for
you guys and getting the opportunity to clean the outside use the foam cannon
and protect the paint and then bust out the steam cleaner kind of was nostalgic
to some of my first videos that I published for you guys I wasn’t able to
get the customers reaction but I will say they were super super happy with the
end results so thank you guys for watching today and
if you’ve made it this far in the video I want you to leave the comment meatloaf
down below because I will know what that means but everyone else will have no
idea and I think that would be awesome to do so thank you guys so much for
watching today if you’re not subscribed go ahead and subscribe hit the like
button as well and I will see you guys in the next video bye guys pressure
washer you know no pressure washers for you
never mind at their own anyways but we have our work cut out today for this
stop it we ever worked it out for us today guys to the interior and airplane
I had like a window silence there and I completely botched it hopefully one of
these before hopefully one of these previous intros

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  2. The thing i hated about detailing for people with children or who just didnt care for their vehicle is they would come back a month later in the exact same condition. Kind of a detailer groundhog day situation. Im curious to see how he deals with that.

  3. Meatloaf! The Lilly brushing and vacuuming was my favorite this time around. I was also very impressed with the spray ceramic. You seemed more ‘in the flow’ with this cleaning. Thanks, it was great!

  4. I hope that you charged them appropriately, you did such a great job. Too bad the same pigs will get right back in it and probs look just as trashed in a week 🙁

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