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  1. Humans are sickening and are killing everything in nature. Call me when they open a safari in Africa where i can hunt the poacher and hunters. Call me when they open up season in America to fish and kill humans until then humans are in the wrong and one day their gonna realize that all the people they called crazy and tree huggers were right!

  2. I have questions galore: Q1 – How much does each fish dome cost to manufacture? Q2 – How many hours of weekly maintenance do these involve? Q3 – What are you feeding these fish, especially if you want them to follow the Gulf Stream on their own? Q4 – About how many scuba divers does each fish dome need to operate? Q5 – How hard is it to remove the fish in these large devices? Some criticisms: C1 – These look high maintenance, high expense and too high tech for most fishermen to bother with when they can haul way more fish use net fishing techniques. C2 – With 200,000 fish per dome, there's a very good chance a rival company sabotage or steal your product.

  3. At time 6.00 the fuu with the glasses and beard he looked at the old man with white dress shirt locked at his cock

  4. Well shii this should have been the way of farming fish 😂Illuminati wants to control you’re food supply

  5. Man keeps messing with nature , greed and mismanagement are at its core. Stop exploiting resources, man can do without eating so much fish. Consumption needs change , look at beyond meat! Soon I hope they create beyond fish! As long as it is healthier than FARMED fish. Change eating habits so these Lucrative destructive industrial practices don't continue. Your just moving the problem off shore.

  6. only way to make fish farming sustainable is to move off shore and to deep water… AND TO OTHER COUNTRIES APPARENTLY

  7. FISH'N CHIP'S used to be so cheap in 70s NOW its cost $20 same packet you can buy a small computer for ! wtf

  8. I found a solution, no more meat .. and all those guys that do not respect living creatures .. will not make money on my back ever again.

  9. This type of breeding raises toxins in fish and it looses its omega 3 values .. All because they are not raised properly

  10. I must say anything we can do in the future to save this plant must done. With out fish Most of us are going to die. It is essential we start new ways of sustainable fishing. It's like building the first computer and expecting it to the end of all computer design.

  11. Too bad the pods are made out of plastic which will be found in the fish as it deteriorates. Not good

  12. There is nothing worse than farmed fish. They feed them an unnatural diet. Look at the diseases coming out of cows because of the unnatural diet. I never consume farmed fish. Simply revolt by not buying it, they will stop

  13. the dome made from recycled plastic is a great thought but plastic breaks down in the ocean so these domes are putting micro plastics into the ocean they are trying to "save"

  14. This cage needs regular high pressure gun clean. Otherwise she’ll fishes will grow fully on the surface.

  15. Aquaponics! No waste, closed system, works well plus vegetables make more profit than the fish even. Black soldier fly food, local smaller sustainable systems for local consumption, along with vermiculture and ap drip systems for some plants. Its an excellent natural symbiotic closed loop system that occurs everywhere in nature already. We just have to finish all our loops, manufacturing anything that produces true waste is unsustainable, and most often it can be accomplished by "finishing the job" and closing the loop, instead of our past tendencies to pilfer and dump. Everything that ANY process produces must be accounted for and addressed before any manufacturing of anything is done. Imho.

  16. Everything worked as planned until it is time to clean the barnacles next year….. then the farm will go bankrupt or deploy poisonous chemicals to kill the barnacles.

  17. Save the BS. You're spreading disease to the wild populations and destroying the planet. Mandatory human birth control and a reduced population is the only answer to sustaining healthy food sources for our species and the rest to survive.

  18. The future of fish farming is small decentralized aquaponics in fly over America as well as it's big cities. And you get vegetables to boot.

  19. The "global economy" is destroying the ECO System at an exponential rate. In the last 100 to 150 years, we went from a local economy for our food and goods to a global exhaustion of global food sources and other natural resources such as forestry. We must change ourselves first before coming up with more ways to exploit the remaining natural resources. Thus far, fish farming seems to do a lot of environmental harm to increase the wealth of a few.

  20. There is a saying you can catch a fish by its mouth your lying youre documentary lies salmon fish died because the really die naturally after spawning !!!

  21. This dome is a great idea if it wasn't centered around consumption. We are constantly trying to change earth for OUR lifestyles when earth was here before us. I do like the fact that it is eco friendly and essentially is pushing for life, but there is nothing about this process natural. Fishing of the sea is killing off species, doing more damage to earth and humans as well. We as humans often think of ourselves first than to think of repercussions the footprint of farming in general is an outdated technology. We are taking more than we are giving. I get the concept

  22. If these were built to encourage wild growth, they would be doing more good than harm while also providing loads of food. That's really good news.

  23. Fuck farmed fish! Goddamn Pacific Ocean has atlantic salmon now thanks to the BC fish farms and the shit from the fish is contaminating native species. Alaska has banned the sale and farming of farmed fish. Good! Keep your dirty shitty tasting dyed meat salmon out of my state. Wild salmon or nothing. Want to convserve? Stop sending Japan all that fish. It’s not theirs anyway. Not to mention the demand fucks the local fisherman who now get maybe 1.70$ a lb out of the 15$ a lbs they are selling those fish for.

  24. Do you have to feed these farms? How do you feed them?
    If not, what do the fish eat? The mesh is so small, nothing much could get through.

  25. Commenters find one image of salmon and immediately reason why the whole video should be disregarded. Bad practices are bad practices.. resources can not be mistreated and profit should never be a reason to continue doing wrong.


  27. 👏😭I like it .I'm so happy about that idea. Maybe in the near future we could have this type of fish production instead of common fish farms. I will not eat common farmed fish .it's either wild fish and I'm considering the radical design that spawned out of concern for the fish ,environment and people.
    I sincerely wish you success.

  28. To help curb overpopulation and to stifle the need to mass produce food for the world a 3rd world war would do the trick……………….

    J/k it’s not that bad. 😅

  29. I use to work as a seafood manager and your be surprise how consumers don’t know they are eating farm fish. Our place always advertiser it to be wild that’s why I quit my job

  30. There are 2.2k comments, so maybe someone has already touched on this. Was that a dolphin (not mahi-mahi) they tossed on ice at 1:04?

  31. if we didnt have certain counties raping and destroying every land and water they touch we would be much more successful as humans. Sink those boats with the crew on it, they are worthless and only will cause more damage.

  32. That is just not going to work long term. Don't people understand, we are overpopulated. Stop the stupid from breeding.

  33. I've always wondered why they cant dig holes in some deserts that are on the shore of an ocean or sea and pump water in and out. I see this working extremely well almost to the point of zero maintenance

  34. Totally insane, to keep animals in a cage. Fish should be free. The thing is, that the cage fish, are feed with antibiotics and catched wild fish.
    Fish are already endangered by eating them, for human food.
    The ocean needs a lot of fish, to be healthy, catching them away, will destroy all sealife.

  35. I love the idea, because I love eating fish, but it also worries me heavily, he said that it used a lot of plastic, and fun fact literally everything you use with plastic gets micro plastics on it/ in it and more and more of them as the plastic ages and slowly starts to breakdown…I would love to find a different material for it because we already have a huge problem with plastic, and micro plastics have been shown to destroy the immune systems slowly over time, not only for the animal, but also anything that eats it. Plastic is ok for certain things but not good for something that is going to be food, or be in contact with you water/life for long periods of time, we're not only killing fish with the plastic but also slowly killing us as well.

  36. this doesnt actually solve a problem but just makes it less worse

    the food industrialization industry is destroying the planet

    capitalism creates more problems than it solves

  37. why dont we just send the contaminated fish to california, chicago, oregon, state of washington. they wont mind eating these contaminated fish, garbage eating garbage

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