Defender Decal Removal – How To Remove Vehicle Decals From Your 4WD

Defender Decal Removal – How To Remove Vehicle Decals From Your 4WD

As my Defender decals were old and faded I
decided to remove them. Start by heating up the decals with a hair
dryer or a hot air gun on low heat. Once warm enough the decals can be peeled
off. I used methylated spirits to remove the remaining
glue residue although other products are available. This process can take a couple days if you’re
unlucky enough for the glue residue to separate from the vinyl when removing. Now that I’ve removed all the glue residue
you can see there’s a difference in the colour, from the faded to the unfaded so I’m going to give it a quick cut and polish
on the rest of the door just to mask some of the variation in colour. Takes 20 years off its age.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. This works really well on the Saverin/alpine white defenders, I barely had to wash the panels let alone polish to hide the color fading. Thanks for the idea Brett 🙂

  2. I wasn't so lucky… I cut myself three times, found out just how painful isopropyl alcohol is when it finds those cuts and then promptly burnt myself with the hot air gun. Those decal's wanted to hang around… It did knock a few years off… It also showed a lazy paint match repair and there was a fair bit of dried blood that needed polishing off… Good fun 😀

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