DeLorean Update 2nd of January 2015

DeLorean Update 2nd of January 2015

Hey Guys just wanted to give you all an update on how the DeLorean is going I’ve been updating the blog with heaps of pictures but pictures don’t always tell the whole story, So I thought I’d give you another bit of a tour around. It’s been a wee bit slow Things have been taking a lot longer Than I’ve expected, Just little jobs like undoing a couple of bolts takes hours when the bolts are rusted and then the rivnuts that they are rusted into start spinning. …And it sounds like its starting to rain again… So, I’ll go around the car and show you a couple of things that I’ve been working on. The first one… Is…. I’ve stripped the headliners out and I’ve also taken the door trims off. and started working on the doors. As you can see what’s left in the door is quite rusty. You can see up there the windscreen motor and all the wiring. That’s the next project, I’ve decided to stop on the interior until I finish with the fuel system. Start doing one thing at a time, rather than lots of things. You can see the VIN number and key number. Apparently it’s unusual for a car to have 2 numbers, normally they have the same numbers, but I’m told that That’s slightly unusual. I’ve also got a battery, just for testing with. I wasn’t aware that the DeLorean battery the terminals actually come out the back, Rather than out the top. it doesn’t fit in the battery box, but it’s fine for testing with. I pulled the fuel pan skid cover off. And also… Pulled the fuel tank out, cleaned it. There was a bit of effort involved in that. There is all sorts of interior bits around all over the show. Parts like this I’m gonna clean up. That’s the door lock button which needs replacing because it’s broken. But parts like this I’ll clean up sand it back down, prime it and re-paint it black. I do need another escutcheon this sits in here like that I may get this 3D printed, I’m not sure yet. I’m trying to import as little from the US as I can because it’s expensive. Apart from that… The fuel system is all in bits. That was the fuel pump which is, I can guarantee is shot. I’m not even going to try it. the seal is broken. so I’e got to get a new one of those. and this was the fuel sender. which just disintegrated as soon as I pulled it apart. you can see, nothing in there… I found bits of it in the fuel tank. Fuel filler has been sandblasted You probably remember that was very rusty My step father-in-law-to be…. I guess you call him did a really good job sandblasting that. As well as the stone grille which is has come up really nice nice. I’m quite surprised. So I’m going to paint this black, the same as it would have been from the factory So that’s pretty much what I have been working on. Now what I am working on is the wiring for the fuel system was well and truly shot It’s so brittle, if you bend the wire it just snaps. So I’ve decided to replace the whole loom throughout the car, front and back. and I’m just working on, at the moment, trying to get the wiring loom, the front wring loom out of the car. To do that, I’ve got to take this guard off to take this guard off I’ve go to take the front fascia off to take the front fascia off I’ve got to take off the front skirt and that’s where I’m at at the moment, because every bolt’s snapped and every rivnut is just spinning! I’ll give you a bit of a tour of what I’m working on right now. If we head down into where the wheel should be you can see here, I think this has been replaced the main hub bearing. because this looks new and it also has a very plasticy smell. whereas nothing else on the car has a new smell. I’ve got a feeling that has been replaced. Obviously the rotors are all going to need either machining or replacing. Brake calipers need to be rebuilt you can see the suspension struts too, the isolator is very perished. So I’m looking at probably new struts and springs. but apart from that… So here’s where I’m working at the moment right underneeth the car. That’s the windscreen washer bottle there. This is the cover That was over the top of that I’ve had to drop that down so I can get my spanners up under the skirt So what I’m going to do now is crawl under the car into my “spot” and I’ll show you where I’m working at the moment. Here I am under the car it’s incredibly cramped under here. Just to give you an idea, that’s the water washer bottle this is the skirt up to here and that is the pontoon of the body. There is these little clips that go though. now this bolt, on the underside (If I can get it under there) That’s one side, where it’s molded in and it goes up and through, then there is a bolt here. This is the one I’m working on at the moment it’s completly seized it’s not focusing very well but yo ucan see That’s covered in CRC to try and help loosen it. You may think “why don’t you just undo the other bolt” (this one here) Well… this one does turn… (with a spanner) But you can just see the bottom of the rivnut on the other side The rivnut is just spinning in the body so it’s not loosening. This one is going to have to come undone, but because it’s so tight in here I’ll get the camera back as far as I can There is the bolt, Windscreen washer bottle and the side of the body. As you can see there is not a lot of room to spin a spanner around in here. What I’ve ended up having to do, is use vice grips, Because this is so rusty I couldn’t get a spanner or a socket on to it. There is not enough height in here to fit a full ratchet anyway. So I ended up using vice grips and I’m turning it Just this small amount at a time One good thing, is it’s quite comfortable in here, you can see along the base that’s the frame of the car there. You can see right the way though to the other side. You can just see other rim, It’s quite a good view under here. Everything looks really good. Everything is in good condition, it’s tidy and clean. The body is looking good Radiator and fans all look fine It just needs a bit of a clean I did spot a tiny bit of frame rust here and there. but it is very minor surface rust that should be quit easily repairable. So that’s where I am at the moment I’ll try and do short videos now and then just to keep everyone updated. There is not really a lot to see though videos so I’ll be using more pictures. I’ll be updating the blog pretty much whenever I do anything. Hopefully by the end of this year I’m hoping to have her running & possibly road legal. But I’m budgeting about 3 years to get the whole thing fully restored. So we’ll see how it goes. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Looks like you have been very busy. Have you tried WD40 on the rusted nuts and bolts? I find it works a lot better but of course the price tag comes with it.

    Have you thought about creating a facebook page for the updates?

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