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  1. You need to do the… Tryhard Olympics. Deluxo vs oppressor, competitive cargo griefing, passive popping. Orbital cannon, etc. you get the idea. Make a mockery of them. Ridicule works.

  2. I always feel that it’s the PILOT or DRIVER that makes the vehicle better!😁 Plus it depends on the need. Every vehicle has it’s good points… somewhere!👍🏽😁🤪

  3. A little tip for you guys, make a solo public session for yourself to do your business in peace. If y'all have a question on how to make it, just respond and I'll explain.

  4. I just got both today and honestly there fun to use and if u have a fight with a friend then were fun to

    Shame people have to kill people doing supply stuff so they get a bad rep 🙁

  5. I'm sure the oppressor is much better than hte deluxo, cos deluxo just have a accurate missiles and u can't kill peopel if they are not in a vehicle, But with the oppressor you can move much faster and kill peopel on the ground.
    and if u want see what i mean u can watch the video in my channel.

  6. I have both deluxo and oppressor but I don’t grief/tryhard, if anything I hunt down ppl who do. Call me a hero idc

  7. Oppressor is definitely more fun for everything but if you're serious about anti-griefing get the stromberg

  8. The best vehicle for all occasions is the one and only Rancher XL. Cheap pricing ($9,000), very durable , great off-roader and great speed for a vehicle of its size.

    I have 1.8 mil on my account and I could buy a sports car if I wanted but I still choose the Rancher.

  9. If you're able to shoot a missle in a Deluxo first you'll kill them they likely won't be able to kill you on an oppressor if you shoot first

  10. I just want the deluxo for mission I have oppressor for missions but Because stupid tryhards whenever I approach some one with the oppressor they instantly kill me even tho I wanted to ask them if they wanted to join my ceo because Seincrtryhards probably killed them with it they thought I was

  11. i think word "Tryhard" is overused – if both sides are having fun fighting (that is online mode about) i dont see reason for calling anybody tryhard – tryhard is only when somebody suicide middle of battle, overuse passive mode, and teleport to his facility just to nuke you, cuz u beat him 10-2

  12. The oppressor mk2 is the best purchase you can make if you are a grinder, espiecially if you are a biker grinder as you can spawn it instantly with the MC interaction menu. That is, if you use the speed glitch, which makes it so fast that the game cant even render properly. For a griefer the jets are better for you dickheads.

  13. Everyone crying about the game being so bad with flying stuff, get off the game no one wants your negativity. Saying ”THIS GAME SUCKS IT ONLY HAS FLYING MISSILE LAUCHERS” just dont make any sense, go to gta vice city or IV then

  14. The original try hards back in days didn't wear rebreathers and they thought they were cool with there adder and there griefing tool was rhino tank and lazer

  15. I know somebody els commented something like this but do you also remember the times where the only things you needed where an akula for against bullets and a insurgent against explosives

  16. Do not buy the oppressor mk1 it can’t get back to land of you make a mistake over the water. If your looking for a flying bike with weapons buy the oppressor mk2 just don’t go in a public session YOU WILL GET BLOWN UP ALL THE TIME

  17. The oppressor is probably better because it is much faster than the deluxo and when you are in a session you are not often gonna run into a deluxo with the oppressor and if you do you can smoke the deluxo so i think the oppressor is a better choice

  18. Fuck i just realiser my favorite vehicle (the oppressor) is a vehice for sweaty tryhards flying around in the city killing everybody…

  19. I know that this is too long bu may I ask what is the theme starting from 4:00?
    By the way, very fun video about them fighting.

  20. Maths?
    Facility or Bunker for MoC or Avenger: 1.000.000
    Workshop for the Avenger or MoC: 755.000 – 955.000
    Deluxo: 3.5 millions + missiles (180.000 > 3.7 mil.)
    Avenger: 3mil + vehicle workshop > 4mill +.
    MoC + Vehicle workshop: 2.5 mil
    Oppressor: 2.6 mill + missile upgrade.

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