Deportation bus is latest stunt to win votes in Georgia’s governor race

Deportation bus is latest stunt to win votes in Georgia’s governor race

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  1. Its sad really that this country is slowly and slowly becoming a shitful country to the point something bad happens.

  2. of course the democrats want them to talk about something else. how dare we ship ILLEGALS back to where they came from……..

  3. My name is Richard, I am a Brown, Veteran Nationalist 🇺🇸, I want to help you as much as I can, I want them all gone, Antonio needs to be an American or leave I will help pay for his ticket, one way! God bless America and no one else!

  4. Ok ok… , let's do a P0LL..
    All comments welcomed.. please be discreet. Folks is it fair for illegal aliens to get all free paid tuition in college

  5. Let's take AMERICA BACK..
    Your vote will make a change
    Republicans won ,and we can
    Do it again. HELL YEAH..

  6. Republican party people.. should illegal aliens get free full paid tuition in colleges..please reply
    Old comments are welcomed please use discretion.

  7. Hahahaha another retarded that thinks all illegals are mexicans.what a bunch of dumb stupid mother fuckers.

  8. "What about all the white men committing mass murder?" What about them, what's your point? Are they US citizens, that's a problem we have to face. How does allowing more illegal immigrants with murderers among them justify your question? Exactly, we have our own problems, why take on more?

  9. Yes!! Republicans politicians will send them back to Mexico and then Republican industrialist will send their manufacturing plants over to Mexico–Making Mexico great again!!! 🇲🇽

  10. This guy fucking dumbass without brain !! you need to Tell the Orange clown Buffoon build the Wall first! !!

  11. liberals hate this country, say Trump is a dictator and our government is fascist, but they want immigrants to come here. Why would they want to subject those poor immigrants to such a tyrannical government. Also, they want the tyrannical fascist dictator to take away everyone's guns too, so only the evil government will have guns. Liberals are Insane!

  12. What a lot of people don’t understand is that illegal immigration is the cause of the United States. The Banana Republics and corporations who control Latin American countries have been doing so for the past 100 years. The US has intervened in every Latin American country and has made sure to place people who will support US interests, whether it benefits the people or not. The US has been responsible for the puppet presidents in most of Latin America. Perhaps the solution isn’t to accept all illegal immigrants, but to start programs that will help Latin America get back on its feet so people won’t flood the country.
    This is fact. You can’t deny the CIA’s involvement in Latin America.

    Edit: And no I’m not some far left ideologue or Democrat, I actually fall in the libertarian conservative side of the spectrum but we have to acknowledge the facts and embrace the truths.
    Anyone feel free to comment so we can have a civil discussion.

  13. If we just get serious about keeping illegals from crossing over to the U.S. and concentrate more on getting legals in and processed problem solved. If they sneak in- bus them back.

  14. I wanna know why this Demorat (<–Misspelled on purpose) thinks it's disgusting to ship illegals back to Mexico? Doesn't he believe in the laws of this land?

  15. Yeah lest take America back my grandpa is a Native American so you white people dont even belongs to here!! So you'll should ride the bus too back where you belongs

  16. Another sensational phony politician competing for the chance to leach off the hard working tax payers.

    It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it!

    Bought and paid for by Banking Elite.

    Divide and Conquer.

  17. "What about all the white men who are committing mass murders?" are you fucking kidding me. This is not a journalist this is a liberal operative. Is this smug self-hating liberal actually suggesting that we shouldn't make any effort to catch illegals who murder/rape/kill because 'white males' have also done these things? What a dumb fucking asshole,

  18. Come into the country illegally then you're breaking the law I have no sympathy for people that break the law come here legally get in line like people I know and like family members knew that I had come here Generations ago my father-in-law, his name is in the book at Ellis Island in New York so yes he came over on a boat and yes he agrees to do it legal the way it used to be done and not illegal and for people that is doing it illegal is wrong and is wrong and for anyone that assist them including any government officials state or local cities or towns they should be locked up charged with felonies and never be able to become a political opponent ever again for any government atmosphere or pull any type of city state or federal pension ever and I agree 100% with that. All should lose all benefits and anything the states or towns have put in to their 401K plans or anything should be taking away from them right away from them including their lifetime insurance and only thing they can get is what they paid into it themselves only. If they fall on the sword and try to get any food stamps, automatic denial and if you become homeless oh well you are homeless end of story no sympathy for you at all for helping illegals and making cities or states safe places for illegal immigrants sorry.

  19. terrible dorky white guy, that awfuk country shit talk , mexican are actully the native americans , whites are the illegals

  20. But isn't he an the Webster dictionary it says American are Aboriginal Cooper people of the Western Hemisphere and South America was the first place to be called Las Americas. He looks Hispanic and Hispanic are Roman People. So be International law he should be on the back of that bus. Cherokee Nation….

  21. I will pay 💰 for the Ride Ese and I will help pack your shit back to Alemania 🇩🇪 jiji 😜 loser

  22. I'm not pro illegal because that is a violation of the law but the reality in this we need to be more human!! Some need to be godless !!!

  23. Illegals illegals we are all illegals unless your Native American. Interesting how people want to forget where they or their ancestors came from. Even your doofus Presidents wife is not born in the USA. I’m not saying USA should have open borders but it should give people a chance who truly deserve one ! I can understand the ones getting deported doing wrong that’s understandable, but there’s good and bad people in every race! Thanks to your ignorance, hate and morons like this governor. It is forcing people to stand up and fight for justice or else nothing would ever change. So please keep the hate and ignorance coming 🙂 it’s like that kid in school bullying others, he’ll stop as soon as you start fighting back.

  24. Republicans ..folks..
    As much as the news media
    Critics target the g o p not to
    Worry, the conservative
    Movement clearly got full
    Control. They are in panic mode.
    We got rhythm Trump is the man and let's give him our support America is for Americans not for illegals

  25. You realize we should not even be talking about illegals they shouldn't even be here that's why they call them illegals. Not Undocumented illegals get them all rounded up and get them the hell out of here if you want them here deep down inside your for slave labor

  26. “And Justice for ALL” pathetic how Americans think every immigrant is the same when someone of them aren’t we are all human we all have feelings we all stand together and united not divided I have nothing against Immigrants nor Americans who have different believes but sometimes we got to use BOTH our hearts and our head .

  27. We are ALL illegal and funny how people don’t realize that and they call themselves a Proud US Citizen

  28. They want to deport illegals back . But they dont realize that they stole a shit load of land from Mexico. What kind shit is that . Yall a bunch of hypocrites.

  29. Para pendejos como este guey solo marque ala cada blanca y trump personalmete te da opcione depende que tipo de pendejo busquen asi o tipo trump

  30. Here's my story I like to comment on my personal opinion but always someone has to throw fight against me I'm not the fighting type nothing wrong with commentating or any subjects of YouTube

  31. This bus needs to re-decaled to be the white supremacist execution express bus. America need to be rid of white supremacist worse than England needed to be rid of puritans, which means the same thing.

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