Designer Workshop: Bucket Wheel Excavator – LEGO Technic

Designer Workshop: Bucket Wheel Excavator – LEGO Technic

Hi, and welcome to the Lego technic Designer workshop today. I’m going to show you the biggest technic model We ever developed and with me today. I also have marcus the designer of the Bucket-wheel excavator So Marcus tell me Why is it so big? Hello reason in real lives are also quite big because it’s it’s about physics You know you have to scoop something up from here and put it on a conveyor belt Through the machine drop it down on the other conveyor belt and get all the machine again, so it it’s about physics You know because it has to go up and fall down and go out [again] So this is why it’s so big and you say in real life It’s also really big you actually you’re from germany yes, and you actually grew up in an area where they have these machines How do you remember that exactly when I was a little kid there was always a happening when they tried to move them from one? Gravel pit to the other one so that it’s a big happening a lot of 10,000 people [aren’t] watching these and they’re actually over 200 [metres] [long] and almost 80 90 [Metres] high and It’s a spectacular to see them. It’s really amazing What do you use a machine like this for? It’s a form mining in the soft soil, so everything which is soft I can scoop up with with the buckets and then Put it on a big actually they have a big system of conveyor belts and they can use a lot of soil from one place to another so What was the biggest [challenge] with this machine? I think the biggest challenging is actually balancing machine because it’s so big you know like it you have a very heavy part in the front and Then you have to counter this and this why the machines build up like this the whole arm swings onto The Turntables here so and then you have the battery box and the motor in the back as a counterweight So that’s the machine is in balance [this] actually was the biggest problem with all the machine to actually have the balance So this machine also comes with [build] [and] power function which actually makes it run and pick, but they’re also extra stuff Exactly to actually to have a nice experience doing it we [edits] [a] few bricks So you can actually instantly start playing with it And you get a truck where you can actually take these breaks and through the [machine] and pull it the truck up that Actually runs index for real it runs the big story. Oh, yeah quite a while to actually make it to it so you [could] actually show me how it works because I brought something extra because I Actually built myself a mine, and I just wondered if you could show me how it works Of course and first of all we have to start the motor like here, and now nothing is happening because you can choose on the function, so I start the Bucket wheel at the end of the Other conveyor belt I put my small truck. So actually the stuff falls into the truck like this and Then I start lowering the Bucket Wheel into the soil and house testing and Then you can see it actually starts then after a while the first bricks start falling into the machine here And they wore up here the conveyor belt [pull] on the small slats there and then on this conveyor belt and Then [they] actually can start turning the [machines] so like in the real life is actually a start turning machine in here and then there’s also picked the other soil and then I put the thing here that is actually synchronized, so it’s a key space with machine here and when you turn the machine The Bricks will go still fall into the truck here I have to stop it now before we run into the all mine here, but it’s how it works Now you’re done. We’re sitting there. [I] [just] Raise the Arm a little bit and you have one to go in new position Then you can go in in position drive is the drive position and you want to go Backwards then go like this, and then she will drive away from the dignified. There is ready for a new place today exactly So this machine you can rebuild this machine into an alternative model. Yes, and that is this one The mobile aggregate processing plant what does that actually do it’s actually it’s kind of a sorting machine Yeah, actually you can fill your breaks in here you can see you have two kinds of bricks you have the large one and the small ones and this is actually shorting this work, so if I take these bricks into the scoop here like this and then start the machine which a little here like this and You can see while sorting it then the small bricks will fall out here and the big bricks will come out here So it’s a quite clever mechanism. We did there actually for sorting it out Now that we sorted that out you can actually go and buy your own pocket [Waleska] vader and if you wish to you can rebuild it into this sewing machine [to] Amazing machines so until next time happy building and take care you

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