Devinci Wilson Carbon Bike Check | Jordan Boostmaster

Devinci Wilson Carbon Bike Check | Jordan Boostmaster

I think it’s time I update you guys on what I’m actually riding on my bike, as you all know I have a 2013 carbon Devinci Wilson. I’ve been upgrading and swapping parts ever since I got it one year ago Let’s start with the suspension I got a fox DHX RC4 with some fun adjustments like a low and high speed compression, bottom out control and rebound I have a 350 pound spring on here, which seems to fit me perfectly The fork I got on here is a 2015 RockShox boxxer World Cup solo air I just got new lowers as well as a rebuild before filming this so it feels like brand new I got Shimano brakes xt deore rear caliper with a 180 millimeter rotor And a saint front caliper with a 203 millimeter rotor But the front lever is actually an XT Deore which is kind of weird. That’s just how it came So I’ll probably switch that out at some point I’ve got a ‘marsh guard’ on the rear, but a ‘Mud guard’ on the front because they are cheaper and exactly the same! I got a cane creek headset, but I’ve got a nukeproof top cap Just because that was the headset that was on the blue frame I used to have and when I swapped the front triangles of these bikes, we just kept the original headset in the frame The stem you’re looking at is a FSA gradient stem It’s sitting on a six millimeter spacer from North Shore billet I got a package of three sizes so I can raise them even higher if I like It’s a great simple way of raising your direct mount stem The handlebar is the race face atlas in the classic Kash Money Gold color that you’ve all come to know and love This one has a 30 millimeter rise, and it’s a four degree up sweep with an eight degree back sweep ODI ruffian grips with custom-made rings from lizard skins Let’s take a look at the drivetrain, I have saint cranks I custom painted them black but I will be redoing them with a better kind of paint soon enough And I’ve got some old beat-up Kore pedals that will be replaced soon So I put on a 32 tooth chain ring on the front from one up components I put on an e-13 LG 1+ chain guide with bash guard combo I put on the biggest size for the bash guard because I don’t want the chainstay to hit on anything that one chainstay link is pretty low on this bike. Speaking of chainstays I painted it myself and put on a little boostmaster sticker on there as well. I have a 10 speed SRAM GX derailleur and an old tube wrapped around the frame to protect against chain slap This is my favorite way of protecting the frame. It works the best and it looks great in my opinion For the rear wheel. I have an intense mag 30 rim laced to a Hope Pro 4 hub I painted the rim black and put on another custom made sticker to pimp it out The rear tire I have on right now is a Maxxis high roller super tacky This is my first time trying this tire out and I am quite happy with its performance I’ll definitely be running more of these tires in the future. The front tire is a magic mary ultra soft version The front wheel is an Alex rims supra BH Topping it off with a chromag overture seat It’s the Dirt Jump saddle and I think it looks and feels really good and it’s sitting on a Nukeproof Horizon seat post So I’m pretty stoked in a lot of my parts But some of them I’m gonna be replacing soon like those rear brakes and I’m also gonna get a different rear derailleur This was filmed back in August right before crankworx So what I got for you right now is a bunch of footage riding at Crankworx Shredding with the boys and even though Crankworx never really has that great of conditions to ride because it’s so dry It was still a lot of fun because my bike was feeling mint This was also the time when we were first able to ride the new portion of dirt merchant But I’m reserving that for next week’s video I’m making a whole video dedicated to what the new dirt merchant is like and how it rides stay tuned for that Yeah, there was someone else up there yeah Yeah, that’s that’s gnarly Send it bro This is like my second time ever riding this Oh and thats the end already, that’s pretty cool, I like that! All right party laps on dirt merchant A-Line is so mint because they water this Thank you guys for watching I want to give a huge thanks to all my Patrons If you love downhill and freeride or just love riding mountain bikes then consider subscribing And if you like to see more content and keep me rolling on two wheels, then check out my patreon page

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  1. Could you all help me get to 1000 subs on my YouTube @ j.h biking

  2. You should have a theme colour of some sort just to make it even cooler! Just a suggestion your bike your decision hehe nice bike check by the way!

  3. Such a great looking bike! I’ve also got a 2013 mtb, Giant Reign, which I just purchased, and it rides good! 26ers ain’t dead 🤙

  4. 🙁 wanted cane creek for my Devinci Spartan but they didn’t have big enough bottom bearing
    Or at least according to their site

  5. Ace vid Jordan!, I’ve been watching your channel since the Norco day’s I’ve seen what you’ve done and been through with this bike, always great footage and great content keep it up Jordan thanks bud ✌️.

  6. Is good to see some 26" wheels bike check . I love my 26 "dh bike and is so frustrating doesn't find wheels in my local bike store.

  7. Jordan, awesome that you posted this bike check. Been waiting for this…how wide are your atlas bars? Do you like wider bars or do you chop a little off? I have the same bars and finally made the decision to take 12mm off each side, they came 785mm stock, and i am soo happy with the result. Just curious how you like your bar width? As always, keep up the amazing work that you do!!!!!

  8. Been looking at acquiring a "previously owned" one of these myself, based on your positive commentary in the past. Just hope this doesn't drive the prices of used ones

  9. Would be fun to see you expand your pack of have the boost and the whip, whats next ? manuals, backflip, …?

  10. You should try these remove those green seat,mud guard,chainring and replace it with yellow parts if you can afford
    get some Custom decals for your fork (red and yellow)
    renthal bars are good looking cockpit try to put some renthal handlebar,grips,and stem
    This is just my opinion

  11. wtf he is jumping and stuff w 26" wheels. my LBS told me it wasnt possible thats why i had to upgrade bike to 29"

  12. Funny you say 26 wheels ain’t dead. I’m still resisting 27.5. I rode back when Gary fisher tried pushing 29” ages ago and still don’t see it as a good idea. I have ridden 27.5 of the frame I currently ride and oddly am happier with the 26. But I’m not a extremely large person either so that might have something to do with it.

  13. Dude your bike is really all over the place i mean i looks like u just found parts here and there and just slapped em one. The brakes mind gobble me the most i mean wtf is going on there.

  14. How is the wear with the Ultra Soft Magic Mary? I trying to decide between Soft and Ultra Soft. I thought that Ultra Soft might wear out too fast…

  15. with the amount of upgrades you spend on this bike, you can buy a new bike? there is literally no point of upgrading this bike, its so old

  16. Thanks for keeping these videos clean. I am trying to raise the next generation of MTB/BMXers and I can show & share your footage without fear. 💯

  17. Hey I still haven't got my fist pump bro shirt yet?? But the money is already been taken from my account??. I do live in Australia

  18. Great bike! I've bought the same handlebar after you mentioned about it in your previous videos) it's so sick and matches perfectly with my Canyon Spectral 2017 in green/gold color scheme!)

  19. Ex-Devinci and Santa Cruz… now I’m with EVIL! Toughest front structure! Smooth ride! Idk if u have ever ride one. Try LB park bike. Very smooth and fast and great jumping and berm!

  20. What if you put yellow or red chromag seat and go buy some decals at slik graphics or fanatik bike and change the blue and green things to red orange and yellow

  21. Love it bro. I bought last year a Scott Gambler 10 2013 (26") aswell. My fav bike of all time as well. 26" ain't dead!!!!

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