Dexter – Killing liar (CZ Titulky) – HD

Dexter – Killing liar (CZ Titulky) – HD

where am i looks different under plastic but you spent an evening here and Cohen took her last breath from a right over there you remember no you’re wrong I wouldn’t know you would and you did and you’re about to do it again this over here no this is crazy you got the wrong guy I I still cars for God’s sake I’ve never heard anyone in my life definitely not a woman why can’t I do that do what lie like that when I thought I was good but yous oh I don’t lie okay that one was a week Hey look in any car in the lot it’s yours t-bird Town Car you name it if yours free I’ll call it in right now Lots closed I’ll have him open it up on the manager they do what I say manager’s name is Rick Buxton well yeah but I’ve been there longer than he has you’ve been there three months at the other lot it’s like watching someone ski moguls you just hop from one lie to the next no shame no embarrassment you just don’t give a shit that’s the key right not to care about anyone or anything I care I care a lot no it was a compliment I don’t care either yes you do like about your wife not married girlfriend then thought the minute you walked on a lot what did you say tell me look most guys your age they beeline right for the horsepower you know some flashy sexy but you you’re there all alone no one there to nag you and you don’t even glance at the coupes the only thing you look at is the minivan like you can see her in the passenger seat and the kids in the back leave the kids out see you’re lying to yourself if you think you don’t care she’s just a companion really started that way anyway someone who looked good normal they wormed their way in yeah they do when they shut you up that’s what this is about they’d shut you out oh man okay I get it sir I’ve been there but you can’t let her get to you like this this is because they’re all the same fucking bitches you do everything for him and then they fuck you I jerk he’s not worth it all right you’re better off without that cunt talk that way about my girlfriend I’m Dexter and I’m not sure what I am

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  1. Best exchange Dexter ever had with a victim. I love how Dexter is curious, after failing to get an admission, then has something of a real conversation. Until… the salesman misreads Dex, and goes too far. The change on Dexter's face is chilling. His curiosity turning to evil leer. As Dexter offers his best line for the kill; "Don't… talk that way about my girlfriend."

  2. I knew someone like this car salesman, except he sold furniture. He lied constantly and showed no guilt or shame when he did it.

  3. So did this salesman have a relationship with someone? He was happy until this woman dumped him and took his stuff or scammed him? And he began to kill woman out of anger and resentment? Then he went to far and Dexter caught him, and we know what happens next.

  4. But Dexter, he does give a shit…
    That's why liars can be called shit-talkers.
    And man his breath STANK! Take a tic tac of truth you 2nd rate care salesman!

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