Did I Just Buy a $100 Subaru

Did I Just Buy a $100 Subaru

rev up your engines, no I just didn’t buy
a Subaru Outback if you’ve been following me you know I’m not a big
Subaru fan but I have customers of Subarus got a pretty happy with them so
I’m gonna show you what they like about them and why they bought them now this
is a 14 year old not bad the fancy LL Bean Edition the customer though this is
the University professor he doesn’t drive all that much it’s 14 years old
but he’s only got 60,000 miles on it it’s rather roomy inside this has the
leather seats set up pretty good back has got a reasonable lot of room
and so does the trunk it’s got the cool hider so people can’t see what you
have hiding in the trunk and this particular one has a 6-cylinder boxer
engine like a Porsche 911 now this is a normally aspirated boxer engine three
cylinders on each side and it puts on pretty good 250 horsepower no as such
it’s pretty much a gas hog in town it gets about 16 miles a gallon this
particular one in town but as I said my customer he’s a professor he doesn’t
drive much he doesn’t really carry that much about gas mileage since he’s only
average about 4,000 miles a year the gas mileage isn’t that big of a deal to him
that’s another reason that he’s mainly happy with this vehicle
you put low mileage on one they can last quite some time sure the boxer engines
are notorious for blowing head gaskets but they generally don’t do that till
they get older hundred something thousand miles
he’s only got 60,000 miles on it so you’re not driving that many miles
subaru may not be a bad idea to get in the same thing goes for his choice of
transmission it’s got an automatic I advise people they want to buy a Subaru
get a standard because they last a lot longer they have relatively weak
automatic transmissions he doesn’t drive like a maniac
he hasn’t burned the transmission out it still shifts quite fine I’ll give you an
example for my costumers of where it’s the wrong car I had a customer it came
from Africa he claimed that he was the son of some senator and he came to
Houston to go to school cost they have problems with people taking their
kids so they won’t run for reelection so he was hearing houston it’s father
giving him $5,000 to buy a used car and he bought one of these six cylinder
engines with an automatic transmission he bought it from elderly man
obviously drove it slow well in nine months
that guy destroyed both the engine and the transmission realize the top speed
of this baby is 140 miles an hour so I asked the kid are you driving this
thing fast he says oh yeah I’m always driving over 100 miles an hour when I’m
driving up to Dallas but he had diplomat tags on the things so he got away with a
lot of that stuff but he didn’t get away with destroying the engine and a
transmission when he came back nine months later the engine was clanging
like mad the transmission was slipping like mad so he destroyed it you can’t
beat one of these things when I get old because being a Japanese build vehicle
it’s still pretty well built even though I don’t like Subarus so even if you get
an old one it’s 14 years old it may still go 140 miles an hour but I’ll only
do it for a short period of time until something then blows up
now being a subaru this baby’s all wheel drive all the wheels drive it so
they’re fantastic vehicles in the snow or the sand there’s a rear differential
you got your CV shafts going to both sides left and right oh we got in the
front of the car we got the drive shafts back in there on the right on the left
too so all four wheels are driven wheels and as much as I’m not a big Subaru fan
they really do make good all-wheel drive systems they’ve been basically making
them longer than most people have to have them pretty much perfect in if
you’ve really got having all-wheel drive vehicle you might think Subaru
but these boxer engine specially the six-cylinder ones the others are for
like a Volkswagen this is six like a Porsche 911
they are cows to work on let me tell you clucking this there’s a little arcing on
between the side and the fender on the engine on both sides you can barely get
your hands in there do any work now he’s been lucky with this one but a lot of my
costumers the Subarus I got to replace the air conditioning compressor stay put
relatively weak air conditioning compressors now if you live up north in
Detroit or something you may not care all that much about it but down here in
Texas people want good air conditioning systems when I moved out here in 1979
there were quite a few Subaru dealerships around this time went on
they dwindled in run away there was only a couple of them left they’re not bad
popular in hot areas where doesn’t snow but they’re real popular Colorado Alaska
Canada places where there’s a lot of snow the four-wheel drive does come in
handy and this particular one being the LL Bean fancy package it really handles
quite well especially if it’s rain or something with the all-wheel drive
you’re not gonna have any slipping I rented one of these things years ago
when I went to Yosemite and they’re having all kinds of rain storm I’m
driving through the mountains and I thought man this thing really doesn’t
slip on these went mountain roads and I looked and of course it was all-wheel
drive and then all-wheel drive made a big difference they do handle quite well
the beef that most of my other customers have with the Subarus is that they
wouldn’t get out of their own way with a little bitty 4-cylinder boxer engines
one of the reasons they put these six-cylinder ones and I put out a ton
more horsepower have a bunch more torque they’re actually pretty zippy vehicles
but at the same time they’re pretty much gas hogs in town and on a highway
this guy gets like 22 miles a gallon which is really no great thing either
and it too has a big luggage rack on the top if you can’t fit all your stuff and
all the space inside you’re gonna throw it on the top not sure there’s no way
one of these Subarus is gonna last as long as a Toyota 4runner but you’re
gonna have these Subarus a lot cheaper new and tons cheaper used and really
just like Volvo’s the newer ones there are a lot more stylish than the old ugly
ones were and with front and rear disc brakes and fancy rims these things stop
quite well and this is no lightweight vehicle this baby weighs thirty five
hundred pounds so it’s a solid built vehicle it’s another reason it doesn’t
get such hot gas mileage but if you want a safe solid built vehicle hey if you
don’t drive there many miles this could be a good choice for you so now you know a
little bit more about a Subaru Outback wagon so why it might not be a bad idea
for you to buy one especially you can get a used one like this with low mileage at a decent price, so if you never want to miss another one of my new
car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. The 6 cyl NEVER had an issue with the HG. Only a few years (99-03) of the 2.5's had it due to them using a laminated gasket which over time, de-laminates and causes a leak either oil or coolant. Simply pull the old one out, swap in a turbo MLS and you'll never blow one again unless you overheat it. Between myself, my wife and daughters we've put over 500k mi on Subaru's and we live in Wisconsin where we NEED the AWD and it's hands down the best AWD on the market. Absolutely zero need for one where it doesn't snow.

  3. I picked up an 02 Legacy wagon with 94k for $100 with frame damage mainly to help me move. Fell in love and ended up buying an 02 Outback wagon with a blown head gasket for $150 Spent a day swapping the motor, trans and suspension. Its been a year and I've only replaced an axle and went to a pull yard and picked up leather seats. Its been a great experience.

  4. Hey scotty
    I moved to northern Ontario few months back and they got a lot of snow here. Looking to replace my 2008 Hyundai accent with something reliable and less expensive
    What would you suggest

  5. agreed, AC sucks. I noted the AC relay would overheat a lot, strangely enough the window stopped from rolling down. Swapped the relay and problem solved.

  6. Just buy a Tesla model 3, no blown gasket and no expensive engine rebuilds. Only have to worry about a 20,000 USD battery replacement.

  7. 2008 Forester here, over 200k and kicking with original engine 🙂 I believe the auto trans has had some work tho . Still a great vehicle

  8. The only aftermarket part that Scotty needs for the Subaru is a big sock to plug that hole which keeps blowing hot waste gases into our precious atmosphere and auditory canals

  9. Not sure where the blown head gaskets come from ,but in the northeast it's not uncommon for people to get 200 to 300k on a Suburu without many issues

  10. Love my Subaru! 3rd one. Mine have never died in the manner you described. But I also don’t drive like a diplomat…..

  11. Only Subaru would buy is one to flip to snowy states to people who don't know Subaru are junk… get a toyota, lexus or volvo awd.

  12. Your a putz lol, 93 forester everything works yep she starts and run and drive great 171k i have had to put this in so far new to now oil changes you should do more research, also its automatic

  13. the 5eat should on use approved atf-hp from dealer or Idemitsu. Same transmission as Nissan Pahtfinder. Using alternate spec 10w-30 oil in Texas heat
    makes sense.

  14. I brought a 2001 Forester for 300$ had a bad rear wheel bearing and the wrong water pump and air conditioning was shot and has 195000 on it I live in the desert
    I fixed the bearing and pump I did away with air conditioning
    Seems to run fine and I get 30 mpg average
    By the way parts are dirt cheap a 60000 mile engine is around 700$ and tranny is about the same
    My is a 4 cylinder and I drive it no faster than 60 mph and now I am looking at getting a hitch to tow a small utility trailer
    May not be the fastest thing but I have had other Subarus and found if you know how to work on them they are cheap to run and easy to work on I must admit never seen a 6 cylinder

  15. 7 Subarus, none had head gasket issues. My current 2007 Outback has 180k miles and has no issues at all. I've driven it cross country, in the mountains, in the city, lived in the hot dry central California central valley and now in Louisiana. No A/C issues or automatic tranny issues and acceleration was never a concern.

  16. The Outback is the most sold Subaru on the Marked
    I sold my 1999 last year with 275tkm
    Head gaskets were replaced once

    If Toyota would make a descent AWD wagon with a bit of ground clearance
    I’d look into it.

  17. I bet that the diplomat's son pulled the Nigerian check scam on the guy- and after he got the car the old guy paid him three-thousand dollars.

  18. I've got a 95 legacy wagon (used Japanese import to New Zealand) they arnt bad but they are bad on fuel and gas is $7+/gal here

  19. My Mother won’t let go of her 2007 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE with the CVT. It’s in Mint Condition because she operates it like that Subaru owner. I keep telling her she’s playing with Fire! 😂

  20. I like the look and feel of the Subaru product. As a mechanic, however, I would never buy one. Doing basic maintenance on most of them is an absolute chore. Most work performed on those cars involves high labour time. I have worked on a few before, and hope to not work on anymore. Finally, in the salt belt areas of North America, these cars are extremely suceptable to corrosion- especially towards the rear of the vehicle. I have seen eight year old Subaru vehicles just itching to go to Subaru heaven due to structural rot.

  21. Scotty, I have a 2008 Outback LL Bean with 217,000 miles on it. Original engine and trans with no major work done on it. I drive almost 500 miles/week commuting with this car, and it involves getting stuck in traffic as I approach and cross the George Washing Bridge between NY and NJ, I wish it got better mileage, but I am averaging 22 miles/gallon. Since I spend about 3 hours a day in it, I appreciate its fine quality interior and quiet ride. I change the oil every 3000 miles with synthetic and I think that really helps the longevity of the engine. I like this generation Outback, before they turned it into an SUV. If I could find another one in this good shape with low miles, I'd buy another one in a hearbeat.

  22. I'll say it….in the North East Subaru drivers are the worst, every snow storm I get passed by one doing 50mph in 2ft of snow. In the summer the tuners come out, not a fan since the SVX died.

  23. He he he… WRONG!!!!!!! There are 14 Subarus (2 of which are miine) in my development and I'm friends with all the owners here on Long Island. There are those with 200, 300, and one with just over 400,000 miles! My fiance's Forester XT (WRX motor) has 180,000 miles on it! ZERO PROBLEMS with 13 out of 14 of them and every last person who has one plans on buying another one whenever it decides to rot out – because it's obviously pretty damn tough get them to mechanically fail! Your African friend there probably ran it without oil or overheated it a few times and beat the everlasting piss out of it – only Toyota's can survive THAT type of abuse!

  24. I lived in Alaska for a while, and Subaru might as well be on the state flag. Maybe not the best, but they love them up there. Prob. best AWD system for the money?

  25. 60k miles on a Texas based H6 Outback, and that is probably closer to $10,000 not 100; Thats one bad thing about these vehicles and 4RunnerTacoma; They are overpriced. There is plenty of 30 year old Outbacks with nearly 300k miles and they still want almost $4000; Only if they are broke will they ever sell for $1000; 100 is for a rust bucket from rust belt

  26. 156k miles and counting on the original automatic in my 2007 Legacy, knock on wood. Will a CVT last as long though? The switch to CVTs is a big part of why I probably wouldn't buy a Subaru today.

    I am on my second set of head gaskets though!

  27. Unless you have a good mechanic, cheap used Subarus can be a money pit. I can change the plugs on any other car, but I paid to have those on my XT done by a mechanic.

  28. Buying these for 25 years. The 2.5 4 cyl from 1998 to 2001 blew gaskets. I got a 2003 LL Bean with 167K, zero issues.

  29. Man I have an 01 LL BEAN 389k on tranny. Yes have blown headgasket. Swapped engines with 150-210 k on them. Drove 100miles a day to work and over 100mph a day. It would only go 127mph.rust killed it here in upstate ny.

  30. Scotty my 14 year old Outback with 407k miles still has the original automatic and it does get driven properly. Guess I'm one of the few huh 😉

  31. Hi Scotty & thanks for the amazing vids. I've been working to eliminate my front steering brake shakes for over a year now. Just renewed the discs & pads and the calipers are definitely sliding smoothly. Front bottom arm bushes front&reat done; front hubs renewed (were droning); this is the 3rd set of discs that have been replaced. The OEM ones I removed seemed fine on my vernier calipers and there wasn't any bulging. The shakes were violent though and for the moment have gone but feel as though they'll be back again… Anything else you'd suggest I swao out?… the calipers were fully rebuilt by the way… Thanks again

  32. In the country that makes Scotty's beloved Hondas and Toyotas, Subaru in ranked #1 publicly in safety and reliability. I don't own one, I have a Honda Airwave, but I have been looking to buy one of these babies.

  33. When I drove my son to day care we used to read the names of cars backwards..to this day, we still call them Ur a bus and at o yot..hes 21, lol..the ones we remember most..

  34. Well it was a second hand car that the professor bought…see the decal from the used car dealer on the back driver side.

  35. Yes I am old. We purchase a 1986 used subaru with 80,000 miles with a salvage title from my brother for 800 bucks those were the poor people days. Just starting up. We ran that car till it had 481,000 miles and eventually donated it to the church. Boy I got 600 bucks credit on tax returns. Please note we love that car but got bored. Do they are long lasting they lose the sex appeal, like my old lady. 😉 LOL.

  36. Here in Florida is the same deal there is no Subaru dealerships there's only one that I know it's a really really small dealership

  37. Still better than the US/Euro Automakers. Though Subaru is tied with Mitsubishi/Nissan for my least favorite Japanese Automaker(s). I don't like boxer engines either, Honda, Toyota and Mazda make much faster and more efficient I4s, I6s, V6s & of course the legendary Lexus' V8s.

  38. This Subaru edition was branded so because of the late 80s hip hop star LL Cool Beans.

  39. The Subaru EJ20 engine has no head gasket issues.. only issue is the low HPs.. but for someone who isnt out to race all over the place.. its just fine and very fuel efficient too.

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