Did I Just Buy a Mercedes G Wagon

Did I Just Buy a Mercedes G Wagon

rev up your engine today I’m gonna talk
about a very expensive SUV Mercedes G wagon now they’ve been making these things for a long time since 1979 people used to import them to the
United States and Germany because they didn’t sell them here but they have sold
them here and strangely enough from 2013 to 2015
they actually made 69 pickup versions of the things now they technically call them
SUVs now g wagon really means terrain car hey it’s all-wheel drive
it’s set to go through some serious terrain now the original list price but
a g550 was well over $100,000 the expensive vehicles is knowed on that but
look you get the chrome spare tire cover there it is you want easy access to the
back well doesn’t get much easier than this you can climb right in like
everything else the seats fold back if you want and this baby is tall you got a
lot of height in this thing now the original G wagons were handmade by Magna Steyr in Austria and guess what they still are now it’s kind of big v8 engine
we take some of this plastic crap out of the way fully loaded one is over 6600 pounds this is over a three ton vehicle with all this power and all this
way the combined rating 13 miles a gallon you’re lucky if you get 10 in one
of these things in town you do not buy these things forgets mileage now this
one has recently purchased use the fourth owner of this vehicle they come
they go if we look at the odometer got almost 148 thousand miles on it and it
sold for less than 20% of its original list price which is totally illogical
with any Mercedes but especially with these they don’t sell that many I’m
between three and four thousand a year the parts aren’t cheap so Mercedes are
not cheap and on a lower production model it tend to be even more expensive
now this particular one from what the new owner tells me came from New York
State doesn’t surprise me I can see the corrosion now this is just superficial
rust but when we go further down even the structural bolts they’re starting to
show rust on them here we go to the other
side hey you see the ABS got quite a bit of corrosion there down here and the
lines coming off the brake master cylinder you can see they’re really
getting corroded that’s why if you’re buying a used G Wagon or really any
other car it’s a better idea to do the opposite of this vehicle you don’t want
to buy a vehicle that started out in New York State and ended up in Texas you
wouldn’t want to buy a vehicle that started out in Texas and then you were
imported it to New York State that’s a smarter move but on the positive side of
this whole thing look everything’s still metal you know in 2012 there’s a bunch
of plastic rim all these parts are made out of metal the oil cooler everything’s
made out of metal it’s not plastic even the oil filter that’s hiding in here
that cap comes off the cap is plastic on all the new cars not on is it still
metal its Austrian to put this thing together hey they did build a solid
vehicle there’s no arguing that and when we go on or Neath this is one solid
vehicle you can see it doesn’t have modern CV joints it’s got the
old-fashioned ones made out of steel these things are solid and of course
when we go to the back side the big solid rear end these are hefty vehicles
they’re not little toys they are very solid built but again since I lived in
New York State check this out some of these components on the frame and stuff
hey they’re riding away they got some rust on them they kind of amazes me
about the Germans they’re like corrosion stuff yeah it isn’t what it should be my
mother was a buffalo she’s got a Toyota Corolla six years older than s doesn’t
have any of that rust on it they actually did the rust proofing better
than the Germans did so if you’re looking at a used German car
you really got a check for rust really they just don’t do the corrosion
inhibitors in the past at least companies like Toyota and Honda did that don’t have the rusting problem but now it comes the real test the electronics
test got the old scan so hooked up we’re gonna see what’s really inside this
thing I think it’d be alphabetical but it’s not there Mercedes is first look at
thatmy we’ll do a little diagnosis here it’s gonna take a while because there’s
a lot of stuff that these things scan as you can see it’s only nine percent done
now well it’s getting there it’s at ninety three percent so far it’s finding
a lot of codes we’re gonna count on up when it’s done lots of fall code so
we’re I call them all 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 41 42
43 44 45 separate trouble codes now granted some of them are related to each
other but this is typical when I get any of these German cars when they get to be
the age of this thing they’re gonna have problems up the wazoo
some of them you’ll live with and some of them you can’t live with you look at
a few of the more serious ones here such as the electronic transmission control
it’s got a code for the voltage on the terminals low can communication with
other control modules as impossible meaning there’s a problem with either
the wiring or the computer modules to the transmission the electronic
stabilization which is a big deal has problems signal is implausible or loss
steering ankle sensors is initialized now these are big tall vehicles they put
all that off in them so they don’t tip over well this system obviously is not
working right they cost a fortune to repair these things you have to realize
you buy one of these old things a lot of those systems aren’t gonna work
correctly anymore it has a problem with a signal activation module and it’s got
a lot of kinds of problems with the wiring for the beams realize on this
thing even the headlights are controlled by computers these things just will
drive you nuts if you want a perfect car you live in texas like me the automatic air
conditioning has problems too and that’s a big deal here so you have to realize
buying any use Mercedes it’s a big gamble to begin with but one of these g
wagons you are looking at an electronic rat’s nest as they age just to take a
perfect example I’d show you some corrosion on the vehicle all that wiring
has wiring connectors on it you get a little bit of corrosion on any of those
wires it’ll start giving weird feedback to the computer and you can get a lot of
codes like that so if you want a vehicle that’s perfectly operating you would
spend the same amount of money paid for the car in order to fix all those things
but if you can live without that stuff if it runs good enough so people don’t
mind cuz these big v8 they can keep rolling even with a lot of stuff isn’t
working for her i older will like this I don’t know it wants not so much because
everything is even more computer control but this all things don’t runs pretty
good I mean it’s a tremendous gas hog there’s no arguing that but you gotta
realize before you buy one have a guy like me hook up a fancy machine
and give you the real skinny on the vehicle because I’ve got a previous
owner even has no idea all the things that are going on with it
they can’t hide it from the machine so realize if you’re gonna buy a G Wagon
especially a used one you can’t have it to impress people about how rich you are
because you probably be spending a bunch of your money fixing it if you keep it
for years and put some serious mileage on them these are not cheap to repair or
maintain vehicles but I do have to say I saw one that was three years old in
Houston the other day got it all fixed up he’s trying to sell it used for over
two hundred thousand dollars so I guess if you buy one for 30 you got a lot of
wiggle room to put money into repairs and here’s some bonus questions and
answers Martin Lewis says hey Scotty Greene’s from Australia we didn’t have a
Subaru Impreza WRX 1997 150,000 miles that’s a standard transmission
that’s what you want the autos are garbage but it’s got a lot of miles on
it it could still be a decent vehicle it’s old it’s a 97 but if it still works
pretty good hey don’t pay much but it could be a
good vehicle I know for my friend Australia a lot of people like those
things in Australia especially with the standard transmission so don’t pay too
much but it could be a fun car but you do want to check out the engine have the
head guest to check put in a block leak test to see if it’s leaking because if the head gasket is leaking don’t buy it because you’d have to rebuild the engine John Brown says what
do you think about a Cadillac Escalade coming out 2021 I’m not been a fan of
those things since they came out because guess what Scotty has to work on those
things I live in Houston Texas big city big oil money and there’s a lot of guys
driving around Cadillac Escalades a lot of the rapper guys like driving around
them too as they age they become endless endless endless money pits and they are
also tremendous gas hogs don’t believe any of the gas mileage ratings that you
read you drive those things in the city you’re gonna get below 10 miles a gallon
that’s just how those things are they’re big they’re heavy I personally wouldn’t
buy one you want a big heavy thing like that get a Toyota Sequoia or
something a Ford Expedition or something but I wouldn’t buy a Cadillac Koval says
2013 Hyundai Elantra is even worth looking at why not do you wanna pay much for one if you drive it a ride smooth the engine goes good after your test you
look under the car you don’t see oil dripping down water dripping down can’t
get to a mechanic if a mechanic says decent vehicles you get a good price hey I’ve had customers buy used ones they had low enough miles I wouldn’t touch one of those things than one hundred twenty
hundred forty thousand huh you buy one the general will make it to 100 hundred
twenty thousand without any real problems look at it the mechanic says
okay you can get it cheap enough go ahead, rabble rouser says should not by 2020 Civic Si or type r
well it depends on how much money you have to spend you know fast little cars get
the Civic type-r you’re gonna pay a whole bunch more money for it but man
those things are screamers plus they’re gonna hold their resale value because
they’re basically tiny race cars so if you can afford it it’s gonna keep its
value up just make sure you keep insurance on it cuz it gets wrecked you
lose an awful lot of money get full coverage on overtime
well probably become collectors items of some sort where the Civic Si won’t but
on the other hand Civic that’s like cost a lot less yeah that gave you the speed
and handling but it’s a great little knock around car for standard
transportation, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. The civic type R is a neat little car but why did they have to put that hideous boy racer wing on it? Deal breaker for me.

  3. Most of those codes are because the battery was low at one point and it stored all those codes. If you clear them all most of them wouldnt return.

  4. Check for body ground terminals! My L405 Range Rover had 1 of i think 9 that rusted and the whole ABS, suspension, transmission, 4×4 etc where throwing codes. Until my mechanic found the loose ground terminal and everything went away!!

  5. If I’m buying any nice car like the BMW I hope to buy soon enough I’ll buy one from the south with low mileage and no rust to worry about in Ohio everything is ate out underneath idk if people just don’t know what a car wash is or even how to simply hose the bottom and everything else before it starts eating through hell even leaves eat your paint I learned it the hard way had most my trunk’s clear coat peel off from wet leaves sitting for barely a day.

  6. Hey SK. My wife hates my new car..how can I trade her in so I get a woman who actually fits in this little number 🏎💨

  7. Northern cars go to Texas to retire… Texas cars go to North to die….. and 94 Celicas just keep running and running no matter what.

  8. Scotty, do you know if is there a decent and most importantly affordable by us (normal people, not mechanics) diagnostic computer that would actually read the European car spesific codes like Mercedes, BMW, AUDI, exct…???

  9. Have it detailed, new rims, tiny the windows. And drive it in the hood with a for sale sign in a window. I assure you that it will sell.

  10. RHINO LINER ON THE BODY panels is big in the South. Covering up those defective paint jobs on those multi -international mfgs., ehem' cough cough, meh. Raaam, GeelyMC, Fird.

  11. I have been driving Toyotas for 35 years (a Corolla, 3 Camrys, a Sienna, and a Highlander). However, I absolutely love GM cars even though they are often total crap. I think they are beautiful cars. I briefly owned a 1980 Camaro. I loved it, but it had too many problems. I'm hoping that one day (after my children graduate college) I will have enough money to afford to buy and MAINTAIN another Chevrolet Camaro or GMC Truck. Incidentally, the Toyota Highlander is a FANTASTIC car.

  12. My old man had one years ago. ..mid 90s Don't remember him keeping it all that long. Was silver as well with orange indicator assembly. Seen a two door swb model kicking around locally.

  13. What happened to Germany? Mercedes used to be THE most reliable car make. If something did break, parts were about what you'd expect to pay for other cars in their price range. They kept a higher percentage of their new purchase price after three years (resale value) than any other car in the world. And they were easy to work on, literally designed to make a mechanic's life easier. Even the cheap Volkswagens lasted longer than most other cheap cars, and were easy and cheap to fix when things started to wear out. German cars were very practical. Economically sound. As Japanese cars became more reliable, German cars became less reliable, harder to diagnose and much more expensive to fix. Everything that made them practical and a good buy was abandoned in favor of much more complex technology in attempts to tweak performance miles past what 99.5% of consumers would use. I believe the trend started around the 1980s. Don't get me wrong, they are very advanced, fun to drive and all that but for someone to whom operating cost, mid- to long-term reliability and resale value are important factors, poor choices. The Germans used to design their cars for people like that, but don't seem to care about those consumers anymore.

  14. Mercedese engineers can not produce reliability in 3 things. 1- Fule system 2- suspension system and leveling system 3- Brake system. And electronic on top. Why still people buy I guess just want to show I can throw money on junk. Like strip model….lol. use like expensive date and then left over bought by other and rest of owner feel proud that one time that was very expensive date by a rich guy now I own it cheap. I do not know what 2nd and 3rd owner try to prove

  15. The Japanese had so many rusting problems with their cars in the 60's and 70's. They learned their lesson and worked on the problem. Mercedes not so much.

  16. When you get a new vehicle… should you take the plastic engine guard off and leave it off to show the actual motor??

  17. U buy a g-wagon, put it in the garage and drive it on the beach a few times a year. Its a toy… not a daily. Only a dummy would drive this everyday.

  18. Im having hard thoughts of which car to get 2016 altima or a 2006 which is more reliable. I heard the 2006 was the last solid altima built what you think scotty. You should talk about them 2006 altimas

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  20. In the ‘70’s Porsche had a major recall of the 911’s and 914’s. They weren’t rusting fast enough so they had to apply the factory rust. 🤣

  21. Just realized that if you get rid of whats left of Scotty's 1977 Sean Cassidy feathered hair, he becomes Larry David.

  22. A local company here in central oregon has a product for a stylish spare tire mount for the vehicles. Check out 911 Motorsports!

  23. Scotty, thanks so much for poping my dream bubble to buy useless vehicles. Thanks…I really love you mate..you are really a good dude.

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